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    Sony NEX + LA-EA1 + 2X teleconverter?

    Did anyone ever try this combo? I've just bought a 70-300mm macro that would become a 210mm-900mm using a 2x teleconverter over the the LA-EA1. One thing is for sure...this would probably be one tough combo to test your manual focusing skills.
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    Which ones for the blog?

    NEX5 + 70-300mm macro I'm looking to post around 4 of these on my blog. Any opinions on which? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
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    Expired NEX-5N body

    I'm looking for a NEX-5N body and it's important for me that it DOESN'T suffer from the clicking sound issue during video recording. I'm whiling to pay us$500 plus shipping. If you have an NEX-5N WITHOUT the clicking sound issue during video recording, PM me and please post the photos of...
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    Color or BW?

    NEX-5 with 70-300mm. What do you say, color or BW? bigger version bigger version
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    Expired Pen F 38mm 1.8

    I'm looking to buy a used Pen F 38mm 1.8. It can be a little beat up as long as functionality and image quality are not affected. If it comes with a NEX adapter it will be even better. PM me if you have one Cheers Rafa
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    Sony The Wonderful City

    The Wonderful City, AKA Rio de Janeiro.
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    Sony Urca (Rio de Janeiro)

    NEX5 with zoom kit lens
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    Best photography book?

    I've been browsing the web and amazon but I still cannot make up my mind about which book to get. What I'm looking for is a compilation of the the best photos made by the greatest digital photographers of our age accompanied by the photo it self and an explanation of how it was made, mentioning...
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    Best noise removal software?

    I´ve read a bunch of stuff about this matter but nothing like hearing from the users them selves. Which noise removal software obtains the best results? Speed is also a factor, but quality is the main thing.
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    Expired Samsung TL350/WB2000

    After considering the XZ-1, the TL500 and the LX5 as my pocket cameras when I'm not using the NEX5 I've sadly realized that none of these wonderful cameras fit comfortably on a jeans I'm looking for a Samsung TL350/WB2000. I've found a couple selling for 180us$ on ebay, amazon and...
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    43mm adapters?

    I just had a crazy idea...did anyone ever try putting a 43mm tele adapter or wide angle adapter over some M Mount lens? I've just bought a nokton 35mm 1.4 and I was thinking how cool it would to be able to shoot with this lens for everything. Want wider? Slap a quality x0.5 wide angle adapter on...
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    Expired Leica 135mm

    I´m selling a Leica Ernst Leitz Gmbh Wetzlar - Hektor 135mm 1:4.5 - 250us$ plus shipping and paypal fees. I´m new here but I have almos 1500 posts at the getdpiforum. 135mm
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    Sony Nokton 35mm/40mm 1.4 anyone?

    Hi, I´ve been toying with the idea of getting the Nokton 35mm 1.4 (or maybe the 40mm 1.4) to go with my NEX5. Is anybody shooting with this combo? thanks Rafa
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