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    Samsung NX300 vs NX3000

    Nx3000 omits some interesting options, if you live happy without that ausences and a good price nobrain option. But if you need a remote trigger connected by NX cable the 300 or 300M is your choice!!! And the price of course!!! I bought the nx3000 at 218€ (included Europe transport by...
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    Samsung Why dead this forum?

    When I had purchase my primer samsung kit I don't search forum, but when I buy more gear a year ago I see forums with samsung nx and suscribe it but little activity, in my third intend to dig information on forums, find some, on here in Spain and this whith activity. The NX's forum of Steve's...
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    Samsung Samsung NX 85mm ƒ/1.4 lens review

    I found in The shopper's page in marketplace: I buy mine at 450€ in
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    Samsung Nx ED OIS 60mm Macro Lens

    The little manual of this lens you can download from, you can register the product and all abouth that product appears on My Samsung section.
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    Samsung Samsung NX image thread

    Yes, I also use the grid as usual. :thumbup:
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    Samsung Samsung NX series questions

    In the Galaxy NX, 3D works fine. When slide the switch to 3D change the current mode to 3D with no raws and other options. When switch to 2D go back to the previous mode.
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    Samsung Auto ISO logic, done logically

    I found it but with other menu distribution and no icon. W hen I put ISO in automatic mode few lines down apeared as 'Personalizar ISO' 'customice ISO' in english I supose. And with no complete manual is an adventure.
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    Samsung Auto ISO logic, done logically

    In the galaxyNX menus I'm not found it, but it's possible lost in the multiple configuration modes, but in the iso menu no. And the prospects included are merely a quick start guide and a beguinner's guide to photography. Online it's the same pamphlets to go nowhere.
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    Samsung Samsung Galaxy NX user interface

    In Galaxy NX the interface at first is annoying, but with some time you become familiarice with it. Some system functions is mixed with the Android OS, by example make a formatting of the microsd card you going to the android side. The shooting modes have some differents names and options. A...
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    Samsung Samsung NX image thread

    The camera with an easy level control is the Galaxy NX. With the NX20 and the same lens it's more difficult to see the green level and maintain it. The lens in use is the 45mm 2D/3D.
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    Samsung Samsung NX 85mm ƒ/1.4 lens review

    I have the 85mm/1.8 an I love it!!!, and mi extense experience is with the nx 1000 and a SD card Sony 64Gb 90Mb/s. I have to prepare the photos to post it. I have the opportunity to take a 450€ bargain!!!
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