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    Fuji Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

    Lovely images and a truly moving installation. You can buy the ceramic poppies from the installation here: Sent from my iPad using FujiXspot
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    Fuji X-t1 screen protector

    From my experience Expert Shield are pretty good too. Have them on my X100, X10, iPhones and iPad. Sent from my iPad using FujiXspot
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    Fuji Gone, baby.......gone. X100S

    Good luck with your new gear Peter. Thanks for posting some truly inspirational images from your x100s. I'll continue to follow your work on Flickr and I've no doubt it will continue to be an insipiration. Phil
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    Inline skating

    excellent! Love it!
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    X100s Eclectic

    Excellent images as always Peter.
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    Fuji 18h of Death Valley

    Great images! The cinematic road shots make me want to watch Electra Glide in Blue again.
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    Out with the X100s today

    Thanks for the info. It looks familiar but I can't think that I've been there.
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    Out with the X100s today

    Great stuff! Where's the location? Looks familiar to me but I can't quite place it - Chatsworth?
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    San Francisco with the XT1

    Lovely, inspirational images Ray
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    Fuji Please introduce yourselves!

    Looks good from here! Phil
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    Fuji Are fuji lenses overpriced?
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    Traveling in Texas

    Great stuff John. Love the colours in the first two.
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    Fuji X100s adapter and lens shade for black camera

    Fuji are right up there with Apple when it comes to accessory pricing (says the man with a house full of both!) I have the JJC copy hood and adapter for my silver X100 and it's pretty hard to tell the difference in quality from my 'official' X10 hood. Have JJC started doing a black X100 set yet?
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    Fuji New Blog Post on my Texas Travels

    Excellent read and photos John.
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    At Home He's a Tourist

    Thanks for your comments. I'll keep being a tourist!
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    LA Nights

    Great Images!
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    At Home He's a Tourist

    The JPEG's are pretty clean at the higher settings but couldn't say how they compare to the x100s. Phil
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    At Home He's a Tourist

    Thanks! However, I think I mislead you with the 'tripod' comment! These are all taken at low ISO with the help of a GorillaPod. What I meant was that the x100 and GorillaPod are pocketable and certainly a lot more discrete. Tower Bridge: ISO 200, F5.6, 3.1s, -1EV. The camera JPG was pretty...
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    My backyard and the rule of thirds.

    Wow! Great backyard and great shots.
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    X100s - Gloucester Docks and a couple of street

    Nice stuff - especially like dry dock and the ropes. Phil
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    Fuji Fuji X100 price advise

    In the UK mine was just over £400 - refurbished, direct from Fuji with a one year warranty and including 10% coupon discount. At that price I just had to have one! Used ones were going for the same or slightly more on eBay with most sellers not allowing returns. Experience so far has been good...
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    At Home He's a Tourist

    Thanks. It's interesting to see how many people are lugging around DSLR's, tripods, bags etc around these spots. BTW, I uploaded them from my iPad - they look a little degraded here. Phil
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    At Home He's a Tourist

    We'll not really. I frequently work in London and sometimes have the time to take some pictures. Here's some 'tourist' shots all with my X100.
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    Fuji X-Pro1 Screen Repairs?

    This may sound silly but before you do anything have you tried applying a screen protector? Sometimes they can mask small scratches and blotches on the screen - I have used the 'Expert Shield' brand on my X10, X100, iPad and iPhones. I'm not sure of the make up of these screens but it looks...
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    Fuji Fuji XT1 - Different design for camera back shown on Fuji Europe Site

    Good spot! When you 'Drag the Circle to See More Detail' the highlighted sealed areas show the 'production' back (with four way controller). Phil
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    X100S _ Brick Lane East London

    Excellent stuff Peter!
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    Fuji Burning Bright: Who was Garfield Peacock?

    Thanks John. A thought provoking story well told.
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    Fuji Raw or jpeg still confused...

    For the most part I shoot my X100 in RAW + JPG Fine. To be honest unless I'm shooting something that I know I'm going to use the Raw workflow for (some night shots, for example) then I don't end up using the Raw files that often - but there has been a couple of occasions where I have been able...
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    Fuji X100 - still an option?

    Are you in the UK? I bought a refurbished X100 for £404 (including promo voucher) in October. These come with a 12 month warranty. I have seen these come back into stock from time to time. Buying a refurb has it's own problems of course but as it came for about the same price as buying used...
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    Roman monochrome

    Lovely stuff!
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    Fuji X10 Focus Error

    Sorry to hear about that. My own X10 has been back to Fuji twice for repairs for this reason. Sometimes the 'Focus Error' was intermittent other times the camera would lock up completely. In the end Fuji replaced the lens unit. Of course the 'Focus Error' kicked in at the worst times - once on...
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    ...and yet more Lego
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    Fuji On my Blog: My Review of the Fuji X-System

    Great review and lovely images. Personally I love the idiosyncrasies of the X cameras - they're a great antidote to some other products that just work without having to think about them. BTW, having previously argued otherwise and now thought about it a little more, I think you're right that...
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    Down on the beach and back with the XF1

    Hi Darren, more good stuff!
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    Down on the beach and back with the XF1

    I'm confused now! Are you saying that if intend to use EXR DR expansion whilst choosing say ISO 100 then the camera will choose whether to use EXR DR or bump up the ISO?
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    Down on the beach and back with the XF1

    I've just seen your latest post now!
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    Down on the beach and back with the XF1

    Thanks for the Lightroom tip. I use aperture for casual stuff and Photoshop ACR for more 'serious' images - but my PS won't support the latest ACR. Apologies for sounding slightly confrontational but I still think that these EXR based cameras are good but just frustratingly difficult to get...
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    Down on the beach and back with the XF1

    Hey Rico, sorry either I or my iPhone messed that one up somehow putting the last paragraph first! Does it make more sense if you read it that way?
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    Down on the beach and back with the XF1

    Perhaps I didn't express myself correctly. Let me start again and say it differently. This is the other frustration that not many (if any) photo editors seem to handle the 6MP files. My compromise is to shoot JPEG and auto bracket and do minor corrections in Aperture. I One of the biggest...
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    Down on the beach and back with the XF1

    I'm aware of the 'rules' for setting up the EXR sensor and regularly use them with my X10. I was merely pointing out that a) given how difficult it is to use The RAW files and that B) the results from auto EXR are often more than acceptable then using Auto EXR is sometimes a good thing. If that...
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    Down on the beach and back with the XF1

    ...and their in lies one of the biggest frustrations with the X series cameras built around the EXR sensor. There's no exposure compensation or bracketing available on EXR auto either. However, EXR Auto does do remarkably well most of the time. On my X10 with 6MP files I often struggle to...
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    Down on the beach and back with the XF1

    Yes, looking good. Seems that the EXR Auto mode is working well for you here.
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    Fuji How much do you like your XF1?

    Given your last two images, I would be inclined to keep it. They look pretty good to me. It's a shame that the EXR raw files are not properly recognised because with that the XF-1 and X10 would be great instead of nearly great. I'd still like a small pocket camera and cost/performance ratio is...
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    Fuji How much do you like your XF1?

    Okay, well I guess the only options are to use face detection or spot metering or try another camera. I was originally looking for a jeans pocket camera and got thrown off track by the X10 and X100.
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    Fuji How much do you like your XF1?

    ...sorry forgot to mention - love the 'everyday Essentials' and 'Tree' images - good stuff!
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