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    Fuji SSD and Lightroom

    Lightroom NEEDS an SSD drive. Think about it - you never have to save your work in Lightroom, Why? Because Lightroom save to the hard drive every move you make. So writing to the hard drive 90% of the time. The faster the hard drive the faster the software. I have a 12" Macbook Air 1.6 GHz...
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    Fuji Showcase Fujinon XC 15-45mm 3.5-5.6 OIS PZ

    Interesting report. I just put one on back order that I believe will come in around the end of the month. I plan to put it on my back up XT-1 to carry with me when I don't want to carry the XT-2 with all my other lenses. It'll likely stay in the car for those last minute decisions to go...
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    Fuji Bracketing

    I believe the latest firmware update on the XT-2 increased bracketing to 9. I have mine currently set to 5.
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    Fuji New to me 60mm

    The 60 is a great lens. I use it all the time. At 1:2 instead of 1:1 like the 80, it is more a Close Up lens than Macro, but that has always been close enough for me. It is my go to lens for flowers and butterflies.
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    Fuji XF80mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro has some interesting properties

    Very good comments. This confirms my first thoughts when I saw the price. With the time Fuji took to develop this lens and changing from an original 120 mm to an 80 this lens was in development for quite some time. Without the chance to handle it I suspect it is a fantastic lens. I would...
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    Fuji Now where did I lay my checkbook?

    Yep, I'll definitely be keeping my 60 and my extension tubes. At $1399 what are they thinking? We are made of money!!!! Way over-priced for a Macro, all the competitors are priced less than $1000. That was my limit I made for my decision on that lens and they are $400 over. So I will just...
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    Fuji When shooting vertically...

    I rarely shot vertical until I bought the vertical grip for my XT-2. Now I would say most mt shots are vertical. When I am without the grip it is, right hand over top. That grip made a great improvement on my photographic skills.
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    I have found the hard drive makes a major difference. My system with the HHD drive can take hours to load, while the system with the SSD drive is almost instantaneous.
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    Fuji New Firmware for Fuji X cameras

    I heard the rumors, now it looks like I'll be busy when I get home from work today. I own an XT-2 and use an XT-1 as backup.
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    Fuji Any thinking of buying the GFX?

    It does strike me as a fantastic camera. I suspect it produces extremely sharp excellent photos but likely would not keep up with the AF of the XT-2 so likely outstanding for non-action shots and more suited for studio or Landscape style of shooting. With the larger sensor and up to date Fuji...
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    Fuji XT2 RAF files on iPad - Import works but without showing pictures

    My Apple systems can't show the RAW files either. I believe Apple just hasn't updated the O/S yet to handle it. My preference is Lightroom and Lightroom handles them very well, but without Lightroom likely the simplest solution is to shoot RAW + jPEG and view the jPegs until Apple updates or...
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    Fuji X-T2 ??? Where's the chatter?

    Well, I got my XT-2 out this morning chasing Butterflies. Mostly it reminded me of the best photography advice I ever received "Learn the equipment you have first". It is a little different than the XT-2 mostly in the menus. I kept putting it in boost mode when I wanted to change to zone...
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    Fuji X-T2 ??? Where's the chatter?

    I have my XT-2 in - had it in since Monday, but have not yet had much of a chance to play with it. I plan to take it out this afternoon and tomorrow to see what it really can do. So far In-House it is VERY nice. I like the new ergonomics and the one inside shot I took, I loaded into Lightroom...
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    Fuji Fuji X-T10 or X-e2s?

    Yep, I didn't want it on my XT-1, I felt it was just something I'd never use and just something to break. Then I started using the camera and getting older; It came in very handy. Now I love it and would never do without it! The additional direction is one of the reasons for my XT-2 pre-order.
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    Farnborough Air Show 2016

    You guys just have to keep doing this to me!!! Incredible great photos!! I keep telling myself "No" to the 100-400 as I want the XT-2 and yes it is pre-ordered and paid for so now I am just going to have to penny-pinch until I can get the 100-400.
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    Yep, I keep telling myself NO!!! and then I see awesome photos like these. I know I'm going to cave it's just a matter of time. I succeeded though, I didn't do it before pre-ordering the XT-2. Next Fuji sale though I know it's going to happen. Combined with the XT-2 it's gotta be something...
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    Fuji XT-2 threaded cable release

    I got a bad copy of the RR-90 and ended up with a third party release also compatible with my Canon. Works well. Interesting to know though as I do own a mechanical (screw in) release from years ago. I may try it when my XT-2 gets here.
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    Castle Combe

    WOW! I keep convincing myself I don't need the 100-400 because of the cost, then I keep seeing awesome photos like these and the GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) kicks in again. Great job catching the vehicles in motion, by the way. It's not just the lens its the photographer as well.
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    Fuji Zeiss Touit 50mm f2.8 macro

    Out of town I don't have my tripod with me, but handheld can still do quite well with the Fuji 60 mm. Like you say some differences in Color rendering, but definitely OK. I believe I'm going to like this lens.
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    Fuji Zeiss Touit 50mm f2.8 macro

    OK, You've definitely sparked up the GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) again! LOL Those are awesome photos! I just picked up the Fuji 60mm Macro, but haven't had a chance to play with it - already I like the looks of what you do with the Touit and want to look at more gadgets. I have had...
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    Fuji MF Lenses vs Fujinon XF-Prime lenses

    Interesting, I can say the same here. All Fuji glass for my Fuji except I just picked up the Rokinon 12mm f/2. I picked it up for night photography. but I do find it also an excellent wide angle lens. I must agree with the comment - definitely not up to Fujinon Optics, but an excellent choice...
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    Fuji So.. X-T2...

    It's called fat fingers. The idea of being able to select the focus point by touch does sound good, if I could get the right one picked (within 5 tries). The Touchscreens I've used in the past have been just TOO small to pick anything. The back of a camera just isn't large enough for me to...
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    Fuji So.. X-T2...

    I can agree with "I want the sensor, the joystick, and the dual SD slots." I am not crazy about the tilt screen, but I do find it handy on the XT-1 occasionally. As for touchscreen I have owned cameras with touch screen. BELIEVE ME, if it has touch screen I will keep my XT-1 thank you. No...
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    Fuji Fuji Instant Savings Feb15th thru April 2

    I haven't recovered from the last "Big Savings" event !!! Need to get the savings back up quick!!
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    Bullfinch (with the cheapo 50-230)

    You must have the wrong Bill. I have never owned Leica or been on any of those forums. I am on a lot of Canon Forums and still own too much Canon equipment. It does a great job of collecting dust now that I use my Fuji equipment 99% of the time. I do need to start a large Garage sale so I...
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    Bullfinch (with the cheapo 50-230)

    Yes, a very nice pic, but alas, I also drool for the 100-400. :)
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    Fuji Anyone else do HDR

    I use HDR but carefully. I agree it can provide a very phony look to photos that turns me off. But when I come upon a scenario where I have two exposure settings I use HDR. By "Two Exposure" settings I am referring to the situation where half the view is dark and the other half light. I see...
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    Fuji Long telephoto lens

    I purchased an EF/EF-S to XF adapter that works OK with my Canon 100-400 - the problem is the loss of Autofocus. As long as your not trying to get the birds moving this might work with your 300. I also have a Canon 100 mm Macro that this adapter is fantastic for since for Macro I don't need...
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    Fuji XT-1 bag.. need suggestions

    I use a Tenba Mini - It carries my xt1 with 10-24, 18-55, and 55-200 plus 11 & 16 mm Extension tubes. It has a zipper on top for easy quick access. I can carry it with me fully loaded anywhere without a problem. If I want I can also throw my 11" Macbook Air in there and process at a coffee...
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    Walking about with the 35

    OK, knock it off!! You make me feel bad! I just ordered the 27mm :). I doubt I will be disappointed, but this thread does give me second thoughts.
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    Fuji XT1 AF update.

    OK, so I keep hearing about the new upgrade of firmware for the XT1 to be out this month and excitement about improvement in the AF department. I've only had my XT1 for about a month now so couldn't understand the problem with AF. I am loving my XT1 so far. I was thinking it had to do with...
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