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    A Late Season Rose...

    I went to a local rose garden this morning, the light was so nice… The rose garden looked better this morning than I have seen it all summer, very strange. Maybe my eyes were just more 'open' today! :doh: :tongue: EX1 @ 24mm, 1/45th @ f3.9, ISO80, Handheld Just wanted to share this...
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    Fall at f1.4

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    The Old Part of Town

    New Westminster, BC, Canada this morning... I really like the juxtaposition of the old/new buildings here... Photographed with either Samsung EX1 or Panasonic G1 (w/ OM 50mm f1.8 MiJ)
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    Fall has Begun (EX1/TL500 Photos)

    My second day out with this wonderful camera. I am really enjoying using this camera, probably the best camera purchase (out of roughly 30) I have made since the Sony R1. My DSLR's don't get used to often anymore, these compacts are getting just to darn good! These were all taken at Deer...
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    A Day in the Garden

    I bought a Samsung EX1 yesterday and went to my local community garden to give it a try. So far I am extremely impressed with this camera. The colours are spot on and it has wonderful image qualities that I haven't seen in a P&S-type camera (and I have had a LOT over the years)...
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