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    One year anniversary Bay Area travel

    For tea, there is a great place in the Ferry Building, Imperial Tea Court. I tend to buy my tea from Aroma Tea Shop - they have two locations in San Francisco. For food, they are so many restaurants to choose from. I'd probably start by reading the reviews on Yelp or at, a local...
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    Film Film Body Recommendation???

    I had an ME Super and didn't think the shutter was that loud, at least compared to a Nikon FM2n. I'd agree with KillRamsey that the XD shutter is pleasant. You can also pick up some nice Rokkor lenses for it for next to nothing. If you want quiet, consider going for a rangefinder. The...
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    A few days in Vienna

    Really great set of photos. Was in Vienna this past June and really wish I had spent more time there -it is a stunning city for sure.
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    Micro 4/3 Olympus 15mm f8 pancake lens for the street!!

    The focusing lever reminds me of the one on the XA.
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    Black & White, monotone and sepia

    A couple from our recent vacation. The first is an attempt to create a b&w conversion in Lightroom that I am happy with. Cochem Castle by Arachide, on Flickr The second is from film. I was happy to discover APX 100 is available again. Street Lamp by Arachide, on Flickr
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    Film Small film camera?

    There have been quite a few good suggestions already but I wanted to put in a word for my most recent camera, a Konica Big Mini. They can occasionally be found for next to nothing at second hand stores (I found mine yesterday at Goodwill). The lens is a bit slower at 3.5 but it is plenty sharp...
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    Film my first roll of film?

    Another vote for HP5+. I initially didn't care much for the film but the more I shoot it the more I love it. While I am still undecided what camera to bring with me on vacation, I do know I will be bringing along some HP5+. Freestyle recently had in on sale at $10 for a 3 roll pack.
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    Film Olympus Trip 35, my new toy!!

    Congrats on the Trip 35. One of my favorite cameras to shoot with. I look forward to your photos.
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    The Weekly Challenge 4 - 9 May.

    I went with one from my archives as I haven't been happy with the sky shots I tried to shoot this week. Octagonal Sunshine by Arachide, on Flickr
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    Street Street photography (Image thread)

    I had just gotten out of my car when I saw these pups in the lane next to me. Pups by Arachide, on Flickr
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    Congratulations to ...

    Incredible image. A very well deserving winner.
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    Congratulations to ...

    Thank you all. This was truly a case where having my camera with me all of the time paid off.
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    Fuji An open monologue, a rant, and a question

    Otse, If you are thinking about bringing a film camera, can I offer two suggestions? If you want something small, think about an Olympus XA or XA2. If you don't want to worry about batteries, think about an Olympus Trip 35. I'm taking a trip to Europe this June and haven't decided on a digital...
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    Pentax How do you like your Pentax K-5? And please show us some of your photos!

    I have the 35mm 2.4 on my k-x. It is a really nice lens, especially for the price. Here is a shot I took with it: coupez les cheveux by Arachide, on Flickr
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    Film Fun with film cameras (Image thread)

    Barrie, what scanner are you using? Your scans look great, much better than the results I am getting with my Epson 4490. Not that it is a good shot by any stretch, but Flickr included one of my photos on their blog post today. Last Saturday I participated in the Roll in a day project, in...
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    The Weekly Challenge 23 - 28 March.

    Parking spot in front of neighborhood market by Arachide, on Flickr
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    Micro 4/3 LR and the LX5

    Lightroom 3 definitely supports RAW conversion for the LX5. The one thing Lightroom 3 does not have is a built-in lens correction profile for the LX5.
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    Pentax This is just sad.

    I guess this is a good time to share a photo of my none too subtle k-x. Orange by Arachide, on Flickr When I saw that the k-x was going to be offered in orange, I had to have one. I was a bit disappointed it wasn't as vivid as I had hoped. (less neon, more sherbert) While I do wish the...
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    Film Fun with film cameras (Image thread)

    Great street portraits, Antonio.
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    Film Source for Compact P&S cameras

    Thanks! I am embarrassed to admit this, but I can't find the R1. I think my daughter might have it in her room, like my Stylus that went missing for months. I'd also offer putting the word out to friends and family that you like to take photographs and still use film cameras. Many people...
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    Film A Bit Of Fun With A μ[mju:]-1

    I gave it it a friend, but I also had a Mju Panorama. It had plastic frames that would cover the film to make it look like a wide angle shot: bwmju263.jpg by Arachide, on Flickr
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    Film A Bit Of Fun With A μ[mju:]-1

    A late friend of our gave us a Stylus Infinity (as it was called here in the states) back in the early 90s. Being much lighter and smaller than our Nikon FG, it soon became our camera of choice and went with us everywhere. They are really wonderful cameras and I actually prefer using it to the...
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    The Weekly Challenge 9 - 14 March.

    Farallon Sunset by Arachide, on Flickr
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    Film Source for Compact P&S cameras

    Any particular models you are looking for? I have been able to score quite a few decent compacts at my local Goodwill. The Kiev and the XA were found on eBay but the rest of these were under $10 at Goodwill or garage sales. Cheap shots by Arachide, on Flickr
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    Film scratching that TLR camera itch

    As a Yashica Mat owner I just wanted to offer my two cents. I love my Mat EM, though the meter is flaky at best so I wind up doing sunny 16 or using a handheld meter (or iPhone). The 124G is a nice camera but the prices have been driven up quite a bit on the 'Bay. When my EM broke I wound up...
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    Show Bikes, Kick-Off with the Kawasaki ER6N

    Late to the party on this, but that is one nice looking CBX. They have such a sweet exhaust sound. I don't ride anymore, but here is my VX800 with my friend's XS1100 Midnight Special, circa 1998. We decided to ride up to Tahoe while our wives went up in the Suburban. Wound up getting snowed...
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    Film Fun with film cameras (Image thread)

    stillshunter, it looks like you are off to a great start. The Canonet is a great little camera and was what drew me back into film. In 2007 I had bought a Nikon D40 and was liking it, but then I picked up a Canonet at a thrift shop and I was hooked. I took it with me to Europe in 2009 and wound...
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    Pentax cant focus to infinity with helios 44-2

    Nikki, there should be a metal spring that locks the adapter into place. Some of the adapters come with a device that will depress the spring, enabling you to remove the twist the adapter off. Otherwise you can use the tip of a pen to press the spring in. In this photo it is right next to the...
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    Pentax cant focus to infinity with helios 44-2

    Nikki, I originally bought a cheap M42 to K-mount adapter on eBay. I wound up buying a Pentax one instead because when I threaded an M42 lens onto my k-x, the lens would wind up being upside down, which made focusing a pain. I don't remember there being an issue with focusing to infinity but I...
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    The Weekly Challenge 24 - 29 Feb.

    Drawing by Arachide, on Flickr
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    Stroll Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

    There are some really great photos in this thread! Most of my photography is strolling and shooting. I usually get teased by my coworkers as I am usually spotted at lunchtime walking through the city where I work, looking for things to photograph. I've also recently started taking German classes...
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    Canon Thinking about what's next -- carry two cameras?

    TOP is a great blog. There is currently an article on the front page about a new book, Mastering the Fuji X100. Perhaps if I buy the book I have justification for buying an x100.
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    Film What Film Cameras do you use?

    That is one fine looking setup. Congratulations on the early birthday celebration.
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    Film What Film Cameras do you use?

    That is really nice looking camera, Penny. Some of my most favorite photos were taken with a Trip.
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    Film What Film Cameras do you use?

    There are some great looking cameras in this thread! I shoot quite a bit of film, mostly b&w. My favorites cameras at the moment are a Pentax ME Super with the 40mm pancake lens and a Contax TVS II a friend gave me. For medium format I really like shooting with my Yashica Mat EM, though it is...
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