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  1. nursenicole

    perhaps not a "serious" nor a "compact" - but what a cool idea!!

    check this out: a Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera // Jonas Pfeil
  2. nursenicole

    Compact XZ-1 digital zoom?

    I can't seem to access the digital zoom function- it's greyed out on the menu and I can't figure out how to un-grey it - anyone come across this issue? The manual says you can not access digital zoom if super-macro is selected, but even in AF or MF I still can't seem to access it. help!
  3. nursenicole

    a re-introduction, as i have been shamefully absent!

    hello again, SeriousCompact folk! I had originally joined both this forum and Mu-43 a few months back, after the purchase of my EPL1, and then quickly faded back into the it turns out even the Micro-four-thirds format is too large a camera/lens combo for my liking. the EPL1...
  4. nursenicole

    crossposted from Mu43... it's been 6 months, and an epiphany: m43 is not for me :(

    In short: I always think of that saying "the best camera is the one you have with you" - and over the last 6 months, I have rarely had my EPL1 with me, or I've had it with me and just felt it too cumbersome/slow/unwieldy for the moment at hand - either the entire outing became "Nicole's...
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