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  1. Panut

    The Tenth Serious Compacts Salon Challenge -- A Sense of the Absurd - The Winner Is Announced!]

    Growing pinapple in a greenhouse Growing pinapple in a greenhouse (I know, we got a little excited... thanks to Ella for posing :) )
  2. Growing pinapple in a greenhouse

    Growing pinapple in a greenhouse

    Salon Challenge "A Sense of the Absurd"
  3. Panut

    Sony ISO vs Shutter Speed

    Hi, Sure, I can control camera shake at 1/30, often even at 1/10 if I can stabilize myself with a wall or something. At the widest zoom setting, I mean. For me, the dynamic range and gamut of lowest ISO is also often more important than sharpness, that's why I'll rather have a little bit of...
  4. Panut

    Sony RX100 owners: still loving it?

    Had it for two months now, and I love it. Still. I've stopped carrying my OM-D around unless I'm really going shooting on purpose. Pocketability is the thing. I can even have it in my jeans pockets without trouble and in many situations shoot indoors without a flash. And fast. I used to have...
  5. Panut

    How to cope with freezing temperatures

    That could be, but actually, I would advice the opposite. When shooting, the lens will cool down, no matter what. If you then put it under your jacket close to your body (warm, and humid), you'll get condensation on your lens, no doubt. Been there, done that. About temperature on general - I've...
  6. Panut

    Sony Lightroom 4.2RC Supports RX100 - Finally !

    Thanks for posting this. I was planning to give it a try myself, but sounds like waste of time. I'll waste that time with the camera or a pint of beer instead. ;)
  7. Panut

    WINNER ANNOUNCED ! - The 4th Serious Compacts Salon Challenge : Gritty Black & White

    Gritty Spotted this gritty creature today.
  8. Panut

    Sony Sony RX-100 User Thread

    I've had it for about a week now, and I'm very pleased. Generally, IQ is good enough for the uses I expected, even at high ISO. And it's fast to use, and well built. And truly pocketable, even jeans-pocketable. The downsides I've come across are the poor usability of the control ring around the...
  9. Panut

    Micro 4/3 OM-D E-M5 BLN-1 battery (alternative)

    Err... I ordered a "semi-copy" battery set online from bestbatt, and yes, it does have its separate charger, but the charger does charge also the original battery. Given that it's also a whole lot smaller than the original charger, works fine for me.
  10. Panut

    Comment by 'Panut' in media 'Stand R.E.M'

    Very well thought! It's standing, and it certainly has an REM mood in it!
  11. Panut

    Comment by 'Panut' in media 'Acts of Kindness'

    Really conveys the warmth of the actions. The warm colours, composition, the light, the mood you can sense... I like this a lot! Makes me wish I was there as well!
  12. Panut

    Comment by 'Panut' in media 'Simplicity'

    I like that!
  13. Panut

    Comment by 'Panut' in media 'Insects'

    Wow! That's Alfred Hitchcock!
  14. Panut

    Comment by 'Panut' in media 'stand'

    Very good catch, both mentally and photographically. It's standing on top of all of it - even on top of the clouds!
  15. Panut

    Comment by 'Panut' in media 'Negative Space'

    That's great!
  16. Panut

    May Prompts - So How's it Going? - Days 20-31

    Phew! Done! I'm surprised to see that I got as many as 12 worth uploading! On the way I felt I got almost none, but hey, that's a third anyway. Actually I did get something for about half of the prompts, but the others were just way too boring to share. Thanks again to Luke for the challenge...
  17. a high point

    a high point

    Thanks to Mr. P for this ;)
  18. signs


  19. light


  20. whatever


  21. in the kitchen

    in the kitchen

  22. black


    I was actually trying to make "air", but my idea failed. But on the spot, I realized that if I moved the camera facing the lights (my car headlights, actually), I would get "black"!
  23. time has passed

    time has passed

    I was just driving on a small lonely road as a spotted a car wreck by the road, about 50 meters into the forest. I hit the brakes.
  24. death


    Experimenting "how creatively you use your household items to imitate a lowest-of-all-quality studio"
  25. a worm's-eye view ... a worm-in-the-eye view

    a worm's-eye view ... a worm-in-the-eye view

  26. conspicuous absence of people

    conspicuous absence of people

  27. negative space

    negative space

  28. entropy


  29. Panut

    May Prompts - So How's it Going? - Days 20-31

    The last planned shot done today. And I dropped my idea of having the same "thing" in all my shots - it just took way too much into the way of good ideas. BTW, by when when are you supposed to upload the pictures?
  30. Panut

    May Prompts - So How's it Going? - Days 20-31

    So hopeful I was when starting out... I do have some done, but my "also include a thing" tweak has restricted me a bit, and I see that my plans were sometimes a bit too complex to realize in this limited time. Still the most restricting thing has been the lack of models. A couple of friends...
  31. Panut

    The Weekly Challenge 18 - 23 May.

    Sun! Ultra wide and upside down! :)
  32. challenge photos

    challenge photos

  33. Sun


  34. Panut

    Comment by 'Panut' in media 'Despair'

    An excellent interpretation on the prompt!
  35. Panut

    May Prompts Challenge begins

    Thanks Luke!
  36. Panut

    May Prompts Challenge begins

    I just wanted to drop a note - I just got onto SeriousCompacts this week and found this challenge - a great idea! I started this week and I doubt if I'll finish all prompts, but let's see. To push myself a bit more, and to link the photos of the challenge together, I came up with a ... thing...
  37. Panut

    The Weekly Challenge 4 - 9 May.

    Supposed light - and light This evening. Supposed light - and light. (click to enlarge, it seems that it puts such a small preview here)
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