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    Sigma Sigma lens hoods vs generic ones and filter sizes

    I am using the sigma lens hood on the DP2M and it seems very effective, now I am about to buy a ND filter set and I have the usual two options: 1) buy a filter in the 49mm size that fits the lens and use the sigma hood with it 2) buy the filter in the size that fits my largest lenses (58 and...
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    Sigma DP Merrill batteries duration info

    On my very recently acquired Sigma DP2 Merrill I am observing that each battery is lasting for about 60-75 RAW shots, with carefully turning the camera off after each shot. This is even lower than Sigma says. I would be curious to share your experiences about battery life and if you have any...
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    hello from Italy!

    Hello to all! I have just joined SC, I have followed the forum for some days and decided to join and become an active contributor! I am Massimiliano from Italy and beside the Rolleiflex medium format film cameras that I still enjoy using I love digital compact cameras with larger sensors, they...
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