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  1. ChangshaNotes

    The Fuji X100T Goes Clubbing

  2. ChangshaNotes

    A Walk After Work

    All taken with the Fuji X100T
  3. ChangshaNotes

    ChangshaNotes SiJ 2015

    Day 1
  4. ChangshaNotes

    Fuji Fuji Camera Remote app

    My preferred form of photography is street photography and living in China, there are always people on the streets and culturally different or unusual (from my perspective) things to shoot. However, I have one problem. I stick out like a sore thumb. Stealth is near impossible as I live in a...
  5. ChangshaNotes

    Fuji OP/Tech Soft Pouch for X100/S/T

    I’ve been looking for a simple and light, easy access bag/pouch to carry my X100 (now upgraded to X100T) in non-camera bags. I have several (all right, more than several) camera bags and inserts that I use with my other gear, but for the X100 I wanted something for only the camera. I found the...
  6. ChangshaNotes

    Chinese Primary School

    Today I went into the countryside to visit a primary school that hired some of my students. (I teach in a teacher's college). As I am the first foreigner they've ever met, they were a little stand offish at first. But they soon warmed up to me. Then it got a little too crowded.
  7. ChangshaNotes

    A Walk After Work

  8. ChangshaNotes

    Fuji Hi from China

    I'm regular at the the TalkEmount forums. A couple of days ago I picked up a used Fuji X100 in great shape and right now, I'm learning to use it. I'm loving it so far. Such a enjoyable camera to shoot with. I joined the forum before to learn a bit about Fuji cameras and I hope to become a...
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