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  1. Rose55

    Fuji New zoom lens 15-45

    Hi Ricoh I am thinking of purchasing the new zoom lens when it is available. Will it work with my xt1? Or will it only work with newer cameras? Thanks. Rosie
  2. Rose55

    Fuji X100f evf

    Thanks Rico for your prompt reply We will probably take it in soon. Rosie
  3. Rose55

    Fuji X100f evf

    my husband was using his x100f today for photos of a green parasol. On looking at the lcd it is green but when viewed through the evf it turns blue! I have tried the evf colour change in the settings but nothing changes. I have also tried the light balance settings too with the same effects. So...
  4. Rose55

    Landscapes in B&W

    Fuji x-t1 with 16-55mm lens at Rye Harbour, East Sussex.
  5. Rose55

    Rye Harbour, East Sussex

    First processing following purchase of Iridient Developer today.
  6. Rose55

    Fuji What should I use with new X100F for workflow?

    Hiya i have been trying ID with my old X100 to learn how to use it. what do you think of this so far?
  7. Rose55

    Fuji Leica R

    good photos, which adapter did you use for these lenses? thanks.
  8. Rose55

    Fuji Showcase X100 / X100S / X100T / X100F & X100V Photo Thread - Please add yours!

    what happened to need the leeches? good to see good ol'fashioned medicine!
  9. Rose55

    Fuji What should I use with new X100F for workflow?

    Rico, we only have the stand alone version of LR at the moment, is it worth updating to CC version?
  10. Rose55

    Fuji What should I use with new X100F for workflow?

    Thank you I will look into all of them.
  11. Rose55

    Fuji Any thinking of buying the GFX?

    I thought the new camera would be a digital version of my Fuji GX645zi, unfortunately its not and i don't want a new system.
  12. Rose55

    Fuji What should I use with new X100F for workflow?

    Hi I am thinking about purchasing the new X100F and wonder which raw processer I should use with it on my Macbook Pro and also on the PC? I have LR which I haven't used yet on the macbook and have used photos for my xt1 with no problems. Also have used LR on the PC with no problems with the xt1...
  13. Rose55

    Fuji An early Christmas present from Fuji for X-E1, X-E2, X-Pro1 and X-T1 users

    I have updated my XT1 with the new software and seem to be having focussing problems with my camera. It is hunting all the time and the central focussing square does not change colour from white to either red or green. Also I have a new icon in the bottom left hand corner with a green spot...
  14. Rose55

    Fuji 18-55mm kit lens for x-t1

    I own an x-e1 with an 18-55 kit lens and have just purchased a new x-t1 with another 18-55 lens. The new lens seems to be slightly smaller! Is it my imagination? I know it may seem mad to purchase another kit lens but the first one will be passed on to my daughter unless my husband grabs it...
  15. Rose55

    Fuji calling all neck straps (and other straps,too)

    I have an Artisan and Artist Easy Slider neck strap on my ex-1 and an Annie Barton strap on my x100. The only drawback so,far is that when I tried doing video on the x100, there was a lot of noise from the Annie Barton strap!
  16. Rose55

    Fuji Movie on xe-1 or x100?

    I need to record some short movies of my horse tomorrow and wonder which is going to be easier to use and upload to YouTube/email? Any ideas or comments please. Or I could just use my old canon ixus?
  17. Rose55

    Fuji Old manual focus primes

  18. Rose55

    Fuji Old manual focus primes

    Thanks. Will check that out.
  19. Rose55

    Fuji Old manual focus primes

    Hi thanks for extra info. I am concerned about how older lenses may affect my camera. What about the closeness of the old lenses to the sensor? Would I be able to collapse the old lenses whilst on the camera and will the 2 mounts make the screw lenses very heavy on the front of my camera?
  20. Rose55

    My first outing with my X-E1

    Lovely pics with super fuji colours ;-)
  21. Rose55

    My first fuji photos :) Fuji X20

    Great photos, I like the look :D
  22. Rose55

    Fuji Old manual focus primes

    We have some very old screw mount leica lenses, will they work with the xe1?
  23. Rose55

    First xe1 pics

    2 pics from Yosemite, enjoy. Can you find the old man? Only noticed it today!
  24. Rose55

    Rain Drops

    Great pic love it.
  25. Rose55

    First xe1 pics

    Hi guys, made a boob!!!! The last pic was taken with my little Leica delux 6, the photo got mixed up with my other shots on my iPad. SORRRY :-) As to the locations of the shots, the first was at the Sen Yat garden in Vancouver, using the 15-55 zoom, the second at a lake in Napa Valley with the...
  26. Rose55

    Fuji Newbie

    Thanks. I have just posted 3 pics I took on holidays recently through the iPad. Hope it works ok!
  27. Rose55

    First xe1 pics

  28. Rose55

    Fuji Newbie

    Hi Peter What is the best way to post pics? Flkr, iPad or from own computer? Confusing to say the least! Thanks Rose
  29. Rose55

    Infrared Gear Infrared photography

    Absolutely beautiful , an inspiration. ;-)
  30. Rose55

    Fuji Newbie

    Hi, I have just come across this site today through fuji rumors. It's now on my iPad and I. Need to learn to post pics. I have an x100 and xe1 . I took the xe1 to California recently and had a great time learning to use the camera, not all of my pics turned out well but that doesn't matter as...
  31. Rose55

    Infrared Gear Sun Yat Sen Garden - Infrared B&W

    I have just been to the garden in Vancouver. I think your pics are lovely. I have always wanted to try infrared.
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