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  1. nursenicole

    perhaps not a "serious" nor a "compact" - but what a cool idea!!

    check this out: a Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera // Jonas Pfeil
  2. nursenicole

    Help! ''Off-photography period' :-(

    Vince, i currently feel a bit "off" as well. for me, the change in weather (getting so cold!) plus my return to college to finish another degree has really put a major cramp in my regular habits, including photography. but- that said- those photos you recently posted (11/07/11 i think?) are...
  3. nursenicole

    The Halloween Thread for Scary Pictures!

    on a "ghost tour" in Plymouth, MA all photos taken with Oly XZ-1, no flash; minimal pp w/ Aperture
  4. nursenicole

    Show "Graffiti"

    more here
  5. nursenicole

    The Weekly Challenge for September 30th - October 5th

    from a recent graffiti-hunting expedition.
  6. nursenicole

    If you suffer from arachnophobia, DON'T LOOK, you have been warned

    i'm sad about the ladybug but that's the indifference of mama nature... these are wonderful shots!!
  7. nursenicole

    B&W Conversion Software

    hmm... Topaz has some fun tools. I rather like how this turned out. Montauk, NY.
  8. nursenicole

    B&W Conversion Software

    i posted these in the B&W w/nw thread also, but figured i should post them here too - done with Topaz BW trial download
  9. nursenicole

    Black & White, monotone and sepia

    edited with Topaz BW, trying it out since my Nik SEP trial ran out :P
  10. nursenicole

    The Weekly Challenge 23 - 28 September.

    my little sister.
  11. nursenicole

    Software Topaz will soon have a competitor to Nik Silver Effects Pro (SEP2).

    I will purchase this too. I have only briefly used NIK's SEP2 trial version and while i liked the end results, it's a little steep for me right now -- this came at the perfect time! Thank you for posting the link, I'll be sure to post a few :)
  12. nursenicole


    XZ-1 1/13 f2 ISO 200
  13. nursenicole

    The Weekly Challenge 16 - 21 September.

    BB, that tomato up at the top has such character! I love this.
  14. nursenicole

    The Weekly Challenge 16 - 21 September.

    you know, i finally saw one of those Romanesco things in real life for the first time a few weeks ago. nature is awesome, eh? great shot! :)
  15. nursenicole

    The Weekly Challenge 16 - 21 September.

    dinner prep. May 2010.
  16. nursenicole

    Olympus XZ-1 image thread

    MFA Boston. a few XZ-1 shots from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: the rest are here.
  17. nursenicole

    Fuji f550 Vs XZ-1 Vs G3 - with the X10 in mind

    thanks andy! i have an XZ-1 and even though i *just* got it, the x10 looks pretty tasty in a very tiny package... i am glad to see this comparison though- think i'll stop daydreaming and save money for something else, like a trip to somewhere exotic to photograph with the XZ-1 :wink:
  18. nursenicole

    Joe McNally Presents: A 9/11 Remembrance, In Pictures

    thanks for the link. i am still as overwhelmed with grief as i was a decade ago, and i was an hour outside of manhattan at the time. NYC is my birthplace, and the news attention recently and all of the reminders of what happened ten years ago have been a lot to handle... this photo project...
  19. nursenicole

    Those on the East Coast and NE...

    We didn't think we would get off so easily- I live about two blocks from the atlantic ocean in a flood-prone area... we packed up everything we couldn't live without and I stayed over at work this weekend at the hospital, Rob and Bindi stayed with a friend further inland - but because the storm...
  20. nursenicole

    Those on the East Coast and NE...

    hi all, we're safe and dry here on South Shore of Massachusetts... lots of my coworkers and friends up here still don't have power and may not for a few days yet... my family back in CT is okay but many people in CT and NY are devastated with flooding and no power, and CL&P has told them to...
  21. nursenicole

    Street Photography and confidence

    I am so grateful for this thread! Here I thought there was something wrong with ME for not having the same gutsy ability to just DO IT as the rest of you - seems perception is everything in this case :wink:
  22. nursenicole

    Apple Best Apps for Iphone (Photo Edits)

    Instagram is fun too, although much more limited in customization - it's great for a quick effect added to a photo, then can upload to tumblr/facebook/whatever. the cosmic ladybug <---me :smile:
  23. nursenicole

    Square format images

    Andy, first of all, THANK YOU! this was with my XZ-1, and then some saturation and sharpening adjustment in aperture... the black and white and sepia were done in Silver Efex Pro 2, i'm still learning my way around that one so i've been fiddling around with the presets a bit. 1/40 f1.8 ISO...
  24. nursenicole

    Square format images

    did this same photo a few ways:
  25. nursenicole

    Show "Yourself" self-portraits (selfies!)

    me, @ 1/2000 f2.8 ISO 640
  26. nursenicole

    Show "Graffiti"

    your shots really showcase some fantastic graf art! there is a park near where I live that has some old abandoned buildings somewhere deep in the forest, all covered in graffiti...i have not been there yet but i've seen pics posted by the artists themselves - they're a little fidgety about...
  27. nursenicole


    XZ-1 1/320 F2.2 ISO 200 tiny pooch loves hiking!! who knew?!
  28. nursenicole

    Olympus XZ-1 image thread

    "dramatic tone" hehe
  29. nursenicole

    Show "Graffiti"

  30. nursenicole

    Apple Aperture

    I use Aperture now, after having used Photoshop and Photoshop Elements for many years- definitely a bigger fan of Aperture. Have never used Lightroom though. I don't have much to add that hasn't already been said- I really like Aperture's layout and feel and organization, and although there is...
  31. nursenicole

    Olympus XZ-1 image thread

    ISO 400 1/1250 F2.2 xz-1 + aperture 3 + (trying out for the first time!) silver efex pro 2
  32. nursenicole

    color emphasis

    ISO 250 1/500 F1.8 xz-1 + Aperture 3. Provincetown, MA
  33. nursenicole


    a bit sunny out.. first time on a boat.
  34. nursenicole

    Greetings from Ridgefield, CT

    believe it or not, i JUST got my Franiec grip in the mail today- havent had a chance to put it on yet, but i'll let you know what i think! i was using an EPL1 for a few months, and i have decided to hang on to it, at least for now-- but it was just too big for everyday use. wanted something a...
  35. nursenicole

    Greetings from Ridgefield, CT

    welcome, tom! small world- i am from fairfield county originally- lived in Ridgefield for a year or so. beautiful town! i just bought an XZ-1 as well, how does your SO like it so far?
  36. nursenicole

    Compact XZ-1 digital zoom?

    Nevermind! I just figured it out- I shoot in RAW format; Digital zoom can NOT be selected unless you are working in JPEG. As soon as I switched the format to "LF" (large/fine JPEG) I was able to go into the menu and turn digital zoom "ON." Makes perfect sense, of course, but Olympus doesn't...
  37. nursenicole

    Compact XZ-1 digital zoom?

    I can't seem to access the digital zoom function- it's greyed out on the menu and I can't figure out how to un-grey it - anyone come across this issue? The manual says you can not access digital zoom if super-macro is selected, but even in AF or MF I still can't seem to access it. help!
  38. nursenicole

    Black and white portraits

    oly xz-1. provincetown, ma. aboard the Moondance II.
  39. nursenicole

    Olympus XZ-1 image thread

    a few XZ-1 shots from our recent trip to Provincetown, MA DEFINITELY appreciated the compact size of this camera on our trip! barely even knew it was there, but when i needed it, it was quick on the draw and manual adjustments were very simple and straightforward.
  40. nursenicole

    Olympus Blown away by XZ-1 image quality....may have to get one!

    i must be missing something really obvious w/ XZ-1 ...I can't seem to turn ON digital zoom- it's grayed out in the menu. Granted I don't think I really WANT digital zoom turned on... but why can't I even get to the on/off submenu? Is there some setting I have set that is preventing me from...
  41. nursenicole

    Olympus XZ-1 Skuls - NSFW

    there is something so otherworldly about skulls...and yet... i have one right here :wink: these are great pics!
  42. nursenicole

    a re-introduction, as i have been shamefully absent!

    hello again, SeriousCompact folk! I had originally joined both this forum and Mu-43 a few months back, after the purchase of my EPL1, and then quickly faded back into the it turns out even the Micro-four-thirds format is too large a camera/lens combo for my liking. the EPL1...
  43. nursenicole

    Olympus Blown away by XZ-1 image quality....may have to get one!

    Lili, my name is Nicole, I am a few months' new to both this site and those were the exact reasons that sold me on the XZ-1 as well! I have an EPL1 and i just wasn't happy with the larger size of both the camera and the lenses...I have only had the XZ-1 for a few days now so...
  44. nursenicole

    Olympus XZ-1 image thread

    first few shots testing out the xz-1 i had to work yesterday (and returning to work tonight) so i have had limited time to try out this XZ-1 so far, but a few quick snaps inside the house and in the garden out back have me excited to get get to know this camera better! i have...
  45. nursenicole

    crossposted from Mu43... it's been 6 months, and an epiphany: m43 is not for me :(

    well, i can tell you what i HAVENT been up to: taking photographs!! :smile: i decided to buy an XZ-1 - it's really only marginally larger than the sony cybershot i was using prior to buying the EPL1, and it has the hotshoe so i can still use my EVF2, and probably the same batteries too? i...
  46. nursenicole

    crossposted from Mu43... it's been 6 months, and an epiphany: m43 is not for me :(

    Someone on Mu43 also recommended the Olympus XZ-1, which is super-appealing for a number of reasons! Any thoughts on that one or the other two would be greatly appreciated!
  47. nursenicole

    crossposted from Mu43... it's been 6 months, and an epiphany: m43 is not for me :(

    In short: I always think of that saying "the best camera is the one you have with you" - and over the last 6 months, I have rarely had my EPL1 with me, or I've had it with me and just felt it too cumbersome/slow/unwieldy for the moment at hand - either the entire outing became "Nicole's...
  48. nursenicole

    Show 'Insect'

    july 2009 | sony cybershot dsc-w90
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