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    Sony Small backpack for sony nex gear ?

    Try the Kata 466i. I use it with a Nex 7 kit. It is light weight, built-well, has a 13 inch capacity laptop compartment, as well. Fits under an airline seat easily and can accommodate a tripod when needed. Overall, a versatile backpack that can be over-stuffed when needed but carries light...
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    Signs of Fall.

    Late Afternoon Fall Sun @ Great Falls National Park, Virginia E-P3 & 45mm f/1.8 E-P3 & PL 20mm
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    Color portraits and or photographs of people

    E-P3 & PL 20mm
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    Color Efex Pro 4

    I had pre-paid for an upgrade and got my email yesterday. Very much worth the upgrade price of $99.00 (USD), imho. Additional filters, history feature, ability to add image frames, ability to stack and add filters without leaving the program, and a feature to save the filters into a "recipe"...
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    Joe McNally Presents: A 9/11 Remembrance, In Pictures

    As we near the 10th Anniversary of 9-11, one of the most poignant articles I have read that should resonate with all photographers is the story told by professional photographer Joe McNally in the linked blog post. There is a video embedded in the post that is very moving and well produced...
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    Leaving Micro 4/3... But what for?

    Stratokaster, As Don mentioned I had a 60D, and it was a great camera. I actually sold it and moved to a T3i/600D when it came out and have been very pleased with that camera. The move was mostly subjective and mostly because I wanted a little smaller form factor as I travel with the camera...
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    Canon New Canon S95 Help !!

    The flash does not pop up when it is off. I have the Richard Franiec grip which just becomes part of the camera once easily installed. Can't comment on the Flipbac, as I have never used one. Good luck.
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    Micro 4/3 G3: White Water Kayaking at Great Falls, Virginia (12 images)

    Thanks for the kind words. The park is a bargain at $5.00 (USD) a day per car or $20.00 a year. Other than some summer weekends, it is never too crowded, On some weekday visits in the winter, I have been the only one there, other than the Park Rangers.
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    Canon "Up Close and Personal with Janet Jackson and the S95"

    Another concert shoot with the Canon S95 from photographer Terry White. Review: Up Close and Personal with Janet and the S95
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    Micro 4/3 G3: White Water Kayaking at Great Falls, Virginia (12 images)

    I had an opportunity to borrow a friend's G3 kit for a few hours the earlier this week. I took it out to the Great Falls National Park in Virginia located on the Potomac River about 10 miles up from downtown Washington, DC. I have taken a great number of pictures there over the past few years...
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    Fuji In the coffee shop today

    I think when the pictures were taken the intent was not to compose an image that was going to be entered into a photo contest. It was merely to please the person taking the photograph and to capture something they was interesting and to serve as a staring point to taking images with their new...
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    Fuji The Everything Other Than Street X100 Image Thread.

    Lobster Traps, Gloucester, Massachusetts X100
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    The Weekly Challenge for August 12th - 17th

    Boeing Stearman PT-17s Olympus E-P2
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    The Glorious Summer of 2011

    Gull Lake, Nisswa, Minnesota Fuji X100
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    Apple Aperture

    Heather, Aperture, like iPhoto is a non-destructive editor and your edits are made on a duplicated version and your original master image remains intact should you need it at a later time. Aperture is a step up and a little more complicated than iPhoto and there is a bit of a learning curve...
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    Canon A Night with the Canon S95 & Britney Spears

    Bill, there are times I have both the S95 and my Canon DSLR with me and use both. I have some very decent lenses for the T3i. I shoot raw on both and sometimes when I put all the images into a common project file on my computer, on a quick look, it is hard to initailly tell sometimes which...
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    Canon A Night with the Canon S95 & Britney Spears

    From photographer Terry White's blog... A Night With Britney and the Canon Powershot S95
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    Show Clouds Sunrise/Sunset

    Kettle Cove, Magnolia, Massachusetts Fuji X100
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    Nature Show Landscape

    Breaux Vineyards, Purcellville, Virginia Fuji X100
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    The Weekly Challenge 22-27 July.

    Gloucester Fishermen's Wives Memorial This bronze statue is a woman standing on a rock, holding her young daughter in her arms and the hand of her son who stands beside her, as she looks out to sea on the Gloucester, Massachusetts shoreline. The statue captures the all too familiar pose of...
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    Mac OS 10.7 Lion - who's using it?

    Don, have it both on my Macbook and iMac. No issues at all. As you are aware, I use Aperture and the Nik Collection and everything is fine there.
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    Fuji The Everything Other Than Street X100 Image Thread.

    Yes, BB this is my first post with the X100, and also yes that I am home for my annual summer vacation. The Northshore of Boston is a great location in the summer and having grown up on the coast and the water, where the majority of my family still makes their living on the water, it has an...
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    Fuji The Everything Other Than Street X100 Image Thread.

    Gloucester Harbor, Massachusetts X100
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    Need Help Making Final Choice

    I am not familiar with that brand, but they would no doubt work also. If you search around here and elsewhere, you will find a high percentage of happy Franiec grip users. His work is top shelf, and he mills his products from aircraft aluminum. After you install them, they look like they were...
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    Need Help Making Final Choice

    Good choice. I had the LX5 before I ended up with the S95 based on a few subjective needs with the pocketablity being foremost. I would recommend getting the Richard Freniec grip and maybe the Luigi compact camera wrist strap. The former really adds a dimension to the camera and makes it much...
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    Many People using Color Efex?

    I was lucky enough to find a very reasonable deal that was being offered on the NIK Collection at the time after trying out SEP last year. I personally started out using all the programs as stand-alone products that each offered something in themselves for post processing. When I started to...
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    Ipad 2

    I cannot vouch for any of these as I have the original with the Apple case, but iLounge does a pretty good job of evaluating Apple related products... Sort Reviews & Accessories by Category | iLounge
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    World War II Mystery Photo Album Origin Solved in a Few Hours

    Good read with some complelling WW II vintage images from a German soldier/photographer. I will leave to the more seasoned photographers to identify the serious compact camera(s) the photogrpher was using in a couple of the photographs. Mysteries of a Nazi Photo Album -
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    An Incredible Animoto Eagle Video from Scott Bourne

    If you haven't seen this and like eagle images, pro-photgrapher Scott Bourne ( put together this very well made video from some still images and video he shot on a trip to southern Alaska in March. Best viewed in full screen. Animoto - Alaska's Bald Eagles
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    Pentax Is the Pentax K-5 small enough to be a "Small DSLR Forum" camera?

    This has been kicked around a few times, and this is Amin's official word on the subject, which leaves a lot of leeway to the user...
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    Best noise removal software?

    A vote from me for Nik Dfine. I use Aperture 3 and have found their noise reduction to be a little lacking and using Dfine as a plug-in works fine for my needs.
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    Apple Nik Software & iPad = Snapseed

    A little video review on Snapseed by Mark Wallace on Adorama TV... Snapseed
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    Apple Nik Software & iPad = Snapseed

    I've tried it briefly (so far) and it seems like a well thought-out and developed app especially if you already are use to the Nik style interface with their full programs on the computer. It combines elements of Silver Efex Pro, Viveza 2, and Color Efex Pro and offers various presets. There...
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    Animals Show Birds

    Thanks for the complement Dave. However, not trying to "cheat" or make anyone look bad as I am truly an amateur and I usually have enough on my hands just making myself look bad. The Canon T3i/600D is a small DSLR for sure and certainly falls in the same category as the Pentax K-5, and Sony...
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    Animals Show Birds

    Blue Heron - Great Falls, VA Canon T3i
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    Rubbings at the Viet Nam War Memorial Wall

    I had the pleasure of meeting up with Streetshooter over the Memorial Day weekend. We made a stop along the way to the Viet Nam War Memorial Wall. Don wanted to get a couple rubbings from the inscriptions of some departed friends whose names are among the 58,272 killed or missing in action...
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    Show "Horses"

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    Show "Flag"

    A WWII disabled veteran takes in the skyline of downtown Washington, DC, as viewed from the US Air Force Memorial. Canon T3i (PP - Silver Efex Pro)
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    Show "Couple"

    A visit to the US Air Force Memorial in Washington, DC by a WWII veteran and his wife. Canon T3i (PP with Silver Efex pro)
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    Rolling Thunder XXIV - Ride for Freedom

    I have few keepers from the day before that I will drop onto some of the existing threads. What I too am looking forward to the results of Don and the X100 to include his upcoming event in Philly. BTW, he alerted me that my local camera dealer had the X100 in stock. I got there about 3 hours...
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    Rolling Thunder XXIV - Ride for Freedom

    This past Sunday, the roar of about 250,000 motorcycles filled the streets of Washington D.C. as Rolling Thunder XXIV took place as a tribute to military members who have lost their lives in any war or are still listed as prisoners of war (POWs) or missing in action (MIA). Started twenty-four...
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    The Weekly Challenge for 27 May - 1 June.

    A volunteer at the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC makes a rubbing of the inscription honoring Daniel Raymond Phillips (POW/MIA) of Philadelphia, PA. Daniel Phillips is honored on the Memorial Wall along with 58,267 killed in action during the Viet Nam War of which over 1,200 are...
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    Show "Flowers"

    I was a good bloom this year for the Wisteria on my backyard trellis. (S95)
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    Passwords on the Mac

    Count me among the very satisfied 1Password users. As already mentioned, if you are a Dropbox user as well, it seamlessly can sync your data between any iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer(s) you own. It use to be Mac only, but there is a Windows version as well. There is an Android version too...
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    Weekly photo challenge from April 15th - 20th

    The Awakening (GF2)
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    Black & White, monotone and sepia

    Historical Society Building, Washington, DC (Canon S95)
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    Show "Flowers"

    A couple camellia shots...
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    Show "Graffiti"

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