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    street = X100S East London low Light

    The touch of retro look great here in all the pics. Nice shots by you buddy. They aren't taken professionally but sure have a artistic touch to them especially the last one.
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    Some things that are pink and some things that are yellow

    The pics out here are just awesome. The close shot pics of that green insect on the green leaves looks just stunning. If you could share what camera have you used..that'd be good.
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    Cosmic Terrain Photos Made From the Strange Architecture of Food

    Well if that is for real than you have done a mind blowing job. I mean that's quite ingenuity and innovative..thinking of such a bold and a new idea.
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    Future photographers

    Some cute girls out there..Nice and clear shots.
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    Nature Show Landscape

    very nice shots by you guys all out there..certainly the most beautiful landscapes captured in the camera. And the pic of St Emillion is quite great of all i guess.
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    I spent the day in an Asylum... a real one (LAST PICS ADDED)

    That is the most weird place to fit in but i guess the photos have an artistic touch to them. They certainly look very much inviting and i guess they'd be put up for some kind of exhibition or so.
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    Leica Flash on the Leica? (M8.2)

    I am having a strange problem with my leica. It heats up very soon after a half hour session of clicking photos. I don't know why that is happening. I am afraid its out of warranty and i can't find and authorized leica service center currently.
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    Leica Leica Store Miami grand opening

    The link you have provided is showing some error and saying page not found. I'd definitely want to see those pics. Leica is really very much favorite of mine.O googled it out but couldn't find it.
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    Leica Introduction

    Thanks out there all for such a warm welcome. I'd been facing problems in posting pics on this community and it is showing some kind of error i wasn't able to understand.
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    Leica Introduction

    Hello there..My name is Scott and i am a avid photographer not a professional one though. I have a Leica M series to click my shots. I am here to make my photography better. So if you have any suggestions you are all invited to share them. I'll be waiting for your precious responses.
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