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    Leica Venice Open Thread

    BruPri's excellent X2 shots of Venice prompted me to start this. Please join in. M9 + Zeiss 25 Biogon.
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    Leica My 2 Treasures

    Ann and Nicholas as we were leaving Trinity in Houston where we had a great jazz brunch! MM + 50'Lux asph.
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    Leica Chris Cortez

    He gave us a wonderful performance at Cezanne, a jazz club in Houston, Texas. MM + 50 'Lux asph.
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    Leica Blood, Sweat and Tears

    I could not help but realize how much dedication it has taken this wonderful model to achieve what she has done in her present vocation as well as her past with a Russian ballet company.
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    Leica Sax

    From my favorite jazz venue, Cezanne, in Houston. MM + 90 'cron.
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    Leica Music in the air

    At our favorite jazz club, Cezanne, in Houston.
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    Leica Light Burst

    Another shot from the same day. XVario.
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    Leica Out and About in Scottsdale

    Ann and I were there for a business trip last year. M9 + Nocti f/1.
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    Leica The Eyes...

    From a shoot in Houston. MM + 90 'cron.
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    Leica Guiding Light

    With the XVario.
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    Leica Musical Chemistry

    From a while back with MM + 50 'Lux asph.
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    Leica Shimmering Light 5 BW

    Another one in the series. XVario.
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    Leica Shimmering Light

    Caressing the water... XVario.
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    Leica A Simple Portrait

    Severely cropped shot of the beautiful and talented ballerina I photographed. MM + 90 'cron.
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    Leica Piano Practice

    I was treated with Tchaikovsky's "June," courtesy of my son upon coming home from work. Cropped.
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    Leica Secret Admirer

    In between sets of the ballerina model. In the background is the studio owner/pro. M9.
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    Leica The Ballerina Again

    This time with an M9 + 35 pre-asph 'lux.
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    Leica The Ballerina

    I participated in a group shoot in Houston last Sunday and the model was a fabulous ex-Russian ballerina.
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    Leica Pleasure Island 3

    Shot from the other side of the pier.
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    Leica Pleasure Island 1

    I took advantage of a cancellation at work and drove to the island close by for some photos. MM + 35 pre-asph 'Lux.
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    Leica Siblings

    3 Austin Healeys.
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    Leica Cockpit

    Austin Healey. M9 + Nocti f1 at f1.
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    Leica Austin Healey

    I caught this parked in front of a restaurant close to our Houston townhouse.
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    Leica A Friend

    Every now and then, I would stop and pet these horses on the way to or from work. This time, I shot them with my M9, Nocti f/1 and 3x ND filter.
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    Leica Cafe Du Monde

    I stopped at that landmark cafe for some beignets and cafe au lait before lecture.
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    Leica French Quarter, New Orleans

    I was there last 3 days for a convention.
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    Leica Morning Commute

    Shot through my car window with my D-Lux4.
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    Leica A Sexy Lady

    From a shoot in Houston a while back.
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    Leica The Jazz Pianist

    We were treated to a wonderful performance by Roberta Piket from NY. MM + 50 'Lux asph.
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    Leica Hands Again

    Taken with Olympus E-M1 and Leica 90 'cron.
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    Leica The Artist's Hands

    My son was practicing for an audition last night. Olympus E-M1 with 90 Summicron.
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    Leica Hidden Gem

    Taken with Olympus E-M1 + 35 Pre-asph 'Lux.
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    Leica The Musician

    Marvin Stamm on the trumpet at Cezanne, my favorite jazz club in Houston. MM + 50 'Lux ASPH at 1.4.
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    Leica Neighborhood Toms

    From a walk in the park. MM + 35 pre-asph 'Lux, ISO 5000, f/1.4.
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    Leica Magical Light and Colors

    I took a walk earlier in Menil Park, Houston. Have not used my M9 and 50 'Lux ASPH for a while.
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    Leica The Cowboy

    With my Nocti f/1.
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    Leica M9 Unpaid Model

    My wife and I just returned home from a Christmas party. Sony NEX7 + Nocti f/1 @ 1.
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    Leica Empty Road and Moon

    We were on the way back into Santa Fe. I had to stop the car and took a couple shots. MM + 35 'Lux pre-asph titanium.
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    Leica The Hands

    My son was on the piano earlier. M9 + 50 'Lux ASPH, cropped.
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    Leica Leica Girl

    We just came home from my wife's Rotary Club Christmas party. Sony NEX7 + Nocti F/1.
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    Leica Shell 2 in colors

    The colored version.
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    Leica Shell 2

    Here is another one from last night.
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    Leica Shell

    Taken with Canon 60D + Leica Elmarit 60 macro.
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    Leica Shell

    Shot earlier with Canon 60D + Leica Elmarit 60 macro.
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    Leica Venice 73L new

    A shot from our family trip there over 2 years ago. I was on the Rialto bridge earlier in the morning.
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    Leica Great Musical Chemistry

    My wife and I went to the local jazz club earlier after dinner.
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    Leica Orchids

    This "Lady Slipper" or Phaphiopedilum was taken with my M9 a while back. Photo was cropped. Feel free to contribute if you have any orchid shots.
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