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    Fuji 18-55 f2.8-4 zoom - Removed From Fujifilm website

    I guess my copy of the 1855 is still my favorite zoom lens ever, all the way from 18 to 55mm. Just compare this "kit lens" to Sony's standard zooms for e-mount, including the blue label glass (build quality, performance, ...) and you get a pretty good idea on who you're dealing with in each case.
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    Fuji Only 2 Lenses to choose

    I've had the 23/1.4 for a while, terrific lens but a bit on the large side. Back in the day I've travelled for years with nothing but an 35/2 Nikkor on my F3 but these days I prefer the flexibility of the 1855 for an all-day walkaround lens. I somehow miss the 23 and my X100t though.
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    Fuji Only 2 Lenses to choose

    As I've said my first two copes left a bit to be desired, my current 18 sure isn't the sharpest lens there is either but it's no slouch and sharp enough for 99.99% of what I shoot :) . The 1855 is even sharper at 18mm, especially stopped down but the field curvature is even more pronounced on...
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    Fuji Only 2 Lenses to choose

    ... only 2 lenses to choose? 1855 or 18/2 + 35/1.4 or 45/2 Contax G or any of my remaining not too clinical nifty 50s
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    Fuji Only 2 Lenses to choose

    X-Pro1 / 18mm
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    Fuji Only 2 Lenses to choose

    I wouldn't be too concerned about that, Tony. I'm on my third copy of the 18mm, the first two suffered from decentering but this one is just fine and sits on my X-Pro1 most of the time. It has excellent colors, contrast and micro-contrast, even wide open and I've never had any issues with the...
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    B&W: Words/No Words

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    Color: Words/No Words

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    Film FiF 17 - Matt

    My favorite 100ASA B&W emulsion after they had ditched Neopan SS. Anyway, I still have 50 rolls of some of the last available SS somewhere, not enough for a lifetime but more than enough to occasionally remind me how good it is (was). Have fun, guys!
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    Film FiF '17 - Jose

    Thanks for the pm, I'd really love to join the party but alas I don't have a scanner here - got to wait for the next turn.
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    Just buy whatever you need/want/prefer/... and don't forget to add some glass.
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    Monochrome in Greenland

    Well done, Chris. Happy trails!
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    Film Portraits of Your FILM Gear

    Beautiful camera and lo and behold ... a Seiko Dive Master, one of my favorite watches. I've got the same model; it's build like a tank, almost indestructible and I really don't mind if it catches some scratches here and there.
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    Beach b&w

    You could change their relative positions and whatnot forever but I like it as it is and wouldn't change anything. YMMV.
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    Fuji So.. X-T2...

    I don't feel like beta-testing yet another product these days but might join the party later on; in the meantime I enjoy what I already have - far more than I really need and use. If there's one thing I can't wait to get my hands on, it's a compact 23mm/f2 lens for my X-Pro1 but that's it. And...
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    Trip to New York City...

    Nice series, David, BUT 7 bucks for a cheeseburger??? Double-pounder or one-footer or what?
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    Fuji Showcase X Pro 2 Images

    Some beautiful images and great colors there, Christina. Seems you're getting along well with the X-Pro2 already :).
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    Fuji Fabulous 56

    Some fine images there, Ian and regarding the suitability of something longer for people in the streets, landscapes and whatnot I couldn't agree more. I'm pretty tired of all those silly shoulds and musts in photography. Trust yourself and shoot away with whatever you feel like.
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    Fuji Diving into Fuji

    Since it hasn't been mentioned so far, the X-Pro2 sports a joystick to move the focus point around. This feature sits on top of my personal list of improvements over the X-Pro1, especially when it comes to shooting people or any moving stuff wide open. Then of course comes the question if you...
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    Dramatic B&W images

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    Fuji Used X-Pro 1 today?

    Some more impressions from some knowledgeable folks; c'est ca. Anyway, they primarily compared the AF performance to the X-T1 (didn't they?) and when it comes to my needs - no sports/kids but a lot of candid portraits of people that move, most of the time shot with large apertures I'm using the...
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    Fuji Used X-Pro 1 today?

    I'm pretty lazy as well but then I've done basically the same thing for many years - taking images with the camera and processing them elsewhere, in the darkroom or on a laptop.
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    Fuji Used X-Pro 1 today?

    At least none that I knew of. Consider me picky when it comes to dynamic range/tonality and noise (detail & micro contrast) reduction, especially for large prints - snapshots are a different matter. To me jpgs are like canned food, you can still eat some of that stuff but once the harm has been...
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    Fuji Used X-Pro 1 today?

    I'd say the OVF makes the main difference :). We all have different preferences but coming from decades of film and printing large on a regular basis I can't stand jpgs. Even at base ISO and the noise cancellation turned to -2 the jpg engine, including the built in RAW converter (same, same)...
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    Fuji Used X-Pro 1 today?

    My one does the job just fine, including AF performance and I'd get one again in a heartbeat even with the X-Pro2 around the corner. If you don't need or want the OVF I'd second a used X-E1/2 or X-T1.
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    #1 para mi
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    Fuji Showcase Fujinon XF 35mm f/1.4 R

    The fifties have never been my cup of tea and I almost sold this lens a while ago. Well, I'm somehow glad I didn't, even though the background can look a bit strange @1.4 if your focus sits somewhere in the foreground.
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    Fuji Ultra-fast or ultra small?

    All I want from Fuji is a decent, weather sealed 23mm f2 pancake, preferably as 'sharp' as the 27mm. C'est ca. Period.
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    Fuji Aperture Ring on 18-55mm f2.8-4 Lens?

    Just let me add that the f-stops are not marked on the barrel. If you set the 1855 to 18mm/f2.8 and zoom up to 55mm the aperture automatically changes to f4 - the widest opening @55mm. If you start at f4 it will stay at f4 though.
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    Fuji X100 or X100T

    I've had both of them for a short while and while I prefered the performance of the T over the original X I didn't like the files as much. While I try my best to understand Fuji's decision to continue with X-Trans - why not leave it to the customers which sensor/CFA combo they prefer? Shouldn't...
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    Fuji Greetings from Belfast Northern Ireland

    Most welcome, sir! Looking forward to seeing some of your shots.
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    B&W: Words/No Words

    Fun with the X10. My copy got soaking wet more than once, worked flawlessly at temperatures above 45°C and below -30°C, has more than 20k clicks on the tach and when the inevitable day arrives I'll just go and buy another one.
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    Fuji 35mm 1.2 WR?

    That's what I've thought as well for some time. If there's one lens I'd want more than any other it'd be a 23mm/f2 pancake for the X-Pro1. Heck, what's going on in their minds, bringing out a camera with a sophisticated optical/hybrid VF and withholding one of the two classic focal lengths that...
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    Fuji So the fuss over the XPro2 and more megapixels

    I'm still on the fence over the A7II (as a digital back for my Zeiss glass :laugh: ) but so far a mere 1.5 stops S/N advantage over my NEX-7 have kept me from pulling the trigger on that baby. I did a good number of comparative shootouts over the last couple months and from what I see here the...
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    Fuji My thoughts switching from primes to the 16-55 2.8

    Sounds familiar. I've been working as a Nikon sherpa for decades :laugh1: . On my last trip with my trusty F3, three weeks through the highlands of Iceland with constant rain, I had more than 6kg of camera gear in my backpack - 31.5kg total weight, measured on an airport stopover after I already...
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    Fuji My thoughts switching from primes to the 16-55 2.8

    I've tried this lens a while ago but to me the X-Pro1 with the 1855 already stands for the max. bulk/weight I'm willing to carry all day long. Good luck with your combo!
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    Fuji Should I Bother Buying an X-Pro 1 on Close-Out?

    Only you can answer that question but I've used mine for two years now and it (almost) never let me down. As to the drawbacks the EVF refresh rate could be better, I need an extra button press to move the focus point around (I use MF and back-button focusing instead) and I really wish Fuji would...
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    Show "Flowers"

    Stunners; each one of them.
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    Fuji Summer of Pictures

    Muchas gracias, Kevin!
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    Fuji Summer of Pictures

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    Fuji Summer of Pictures

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    Fuji Summer of Pictures

    90mm Contax G
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    Fuji Summer of Pictures

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    Fuji Should I sell my X-T1?

    If you can't get good images from a compact camera or point and shoot you won't get them from a larger camera, unless all you're looking for is resolution/sharpness, shallow DOF and bokeh but photography is far more than that. Ever heard that a Montblanc Meisterstück with a 24k gold nib or the...
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    Fuji Summer of Pictures

    They're here - T3000 terminator cows.
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    Fuji Only 2 Lenses to choose

    One lens: 1855 or 23mm or X100T Two lenses: 18mm and 35mm Three lenses: 18mm + 35mm + 90mm/f2.8 Contax G Sonnar Four lenses: add the 12mm Samyang
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    Fuji Summer of Pictures

    90 mm/f2.8 Contax G Sonnar / X-Pro1
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    Fuji Summer of Pictures

    90 mm/f2.8 Contax G Sonnar / X-Pro1
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    Fuji Frustration at Commercial printing shops of fuji x photos

    Over here we have Kodak printing machines; they allow you to switch auto correction off but the images are pretty oversaturated - soccer mom style. I have most of my prints done by a professional lab and work with their softproof profiles - no bad surprises so far.
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