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    Sigma Case for dp3 merrill?

    Just ordered myself a dp3 and hood but wondered what cases you use?..Ideally I would like something big enough to take the merrill and my little fuji xf1 and couple of spare batteries.Any advice appreciated.
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    Fuji evf problem

    mmm got a problem with my viewfinder now..when I switch to evf the image ghosts all over the place and just leaves a trail of duplicate objects..even when focused.
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    Fuji Its here!!

    Firmware updated and battery charged..Hardly touched settings really just went and snapped a few off of the dogs..Be gentle I know they arent perfect but will say surprised at quality of jpegs straight from camera!
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    Hi from the Uk

    Hi all thought I would sign up here as I have just ordered myself a nice you x100 that is being delivered tomorrow!!..I have recently sold my dslr kit but couldnt be without a camera and this looked like it would be a nice change. Off to have a browse through the images.Hope to share some with...
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