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  1. Adam Quek

    Canon Canon EOS-M Reviews

    Here are some reviews of the EOS-M: - EOS-M First Impressions Love the shot of the EOS-M with the Sigma 800/5.8 IS attached in this one. Fairly candid review too about the slow AF and agree totally with the conclusion of the quality of the images being one of the best for a...
  2. Adam Quek

    Canon Figurine Collection

    I'm having a blast with the EOS-M kit at the moment. Yar, I know I know. Kit lenses are supposed to suck. But I'd never seen metallic kit lenses that well-built before (both 22/2 and 18-55/5-5.6). Simply a joy to use. The fact that the ergonomic of this camera is so intuitive and the...
  3. Adam Quek

    Canon EOS-M: Ability Meets Agility

    Great commercial on the tube. Make you wanna buy one doesn't it?
  4. Adam Quek

    Canon Canon EOS-M

    News and reviews at EOS M Review I'm so tempted by this at the moment... Anyone waiting for this system?
  5. Adam Quek


    I really love the genre of lines and have been experimenting with all sort of lines through the years. It's the that got me interested in having an online presence again... Unfortunately since the rules...
  6. Adam Quek

    Feedback Logging issue on Serious Compacts iOS app

    I'd downloaded the Serious Compacts iOS app hoping to catch some latest forum activities while travelling to work. However, since I used Facebook Connect function to join the forum (and didn't join the forum the traditional way i.e. register new user), I don't have a usable user name or password...
  7. Adam Quek

    The Cheat sneaks in...

    Hello world. Adam here from Singapore checking in to this cool forum site. I'm an on-and-off amateur photographer over the last 10 years, exploring various cameras and techniques, from half-frame (Oly Pen-EE) to panorama (Hassy XPan), APS (Elph) to 35mm (Minolta Dynax 5, 7, Oly OM1, Canonet)...
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