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  1. michealj

    42nd SC Challenge - It’s all about GLASS!

    Thank you Don, for this opportunity to present the next challenge. This time we are going to be occupied with a substance rather than a concept. Glass. We are impacted by glass every day. There are very few places we can visit, that are void of glass. The subject of this challenge is Glass...
  2. michealj

    C1 & Topaz Simplify

    Just playing... Spirit_Mia_C1_DSC4821 by Micheal Johnson, on Flickr
  3. michealj

    Just playin' with Topaz Textures

    Neighbors dog died this March and working a gift for them. Ollie_Side_Blue_DuoTone_Texture_DSC1817-2.jpg by Micheal Johnson, on Flickr
  4. michealj

    Alaska, a few years ago

    My daughter and I were discussing the Alaskan cruise we went on in 2008 from Vancouver to Anchorage. I started looking at the images and wondered about post processing some of them. I had only worked on a few and displayed even less. New technology is wonderful, especially hiding the flaws of...
  5. michealj

    A $150(US) difference between similar 35mm

    Hello Everyone. I have been researching 35mm lenses to add to my kit. The only 35 mm I have is an Olympus M 35 mm f/2.8. It is good but the weakest of my Olympus lenses. I do not want to spend $1000 or more for a lens. I have settled in on two Voigtlander lenses the, Nokton Classic 35 mm f/1.4...
  6. michealj

    The Mississippi

    These were taken mid-morning... a cold morning Miss_UMN_DSC0861 by Micheal Johnson, on Flickr Miss_UMN_DSC0859 by Micheal Johnson, on Flickr
  7. michealj

    Biscuit Bridge

    This is a pathway behind my daughters home. It had been a long time since I visited. A quick stroll today... Biscuit Bridge BiscuitBridge_DSC0812-Edit by Micheal Johnson, on Flickr BiscuitBridge_DSC0803-Edit by Micheal Johnson, on Flickr View North BB_No_DSC0816-Edit by Micheal Johnson, on...
  8. michealj

    Just out of focus

    CP_Star- by Micheal Johnson, on Flickr
  9. michealj

    Night reading

    Book_Lamp_DSC0137 by Micheal Johnson, on Flickr
  10. michealj

    Flowers in Macy's

    Each year in the spring Macy's buts on a wonderful flower show. A few images from the show. Macy_Flowers-1032 by michealj, on Flickr Macy_Flowers-1011 by michealj, on Flickr Macy_Flowers-1020 by michealj, on Flickr
  11. michealj

    Sony Shadows

    Variation 1 shadow_DSC0944 by michealj, on Flickr Variation 2 shadow_DSC0945 by michealj, on Flickr A6000 Rokinon 12mm f/2.0 @ f/2.8
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