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    In the park at dusk

    We took our younger daughter to a local park, at dusk. Following an active schedule at day-camp, she still can't get enough... Thanks for looking. LX5 | "Film Grain" setting.
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    Leica Leica announces M9-P

    Linked, is a press release for the new Leica M9-P.
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    Panasonic Electronic viewfinder for LX5

    Hi all, Does anyone have experience using the optional electronic viewfinder (DMW-LVF1) for the LX5? I've run across the "disappearing LCD in sunlight" problem... Is it worth the purchase, and what do you think of it? The optical VF won't do, as it's only configured for "24mm". Thank much.
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    Feedback Photo not appearing in profile

    I'd like to have my photo appear in my profile, as well as in the forums. After saving the settings, a message comes up indicating the "file upload failed". How do I address this, and should I be doing something else for a proper upload. Thanks in advance, Andrew
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    RAW processing problems from LX5

    Hello all, Well... finally, I acquired the Panasonic/Lumix LX5. I'm very happy with its overall performance -- takes some getting used to, as I'm accustomed to handling a much bigger camera (Canon F-1N). Nonetheless, it's a sweet little thing (and my wife likes it, too). My issue is this...
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    Compact recommendation and soliciting experiences

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum; have been reading posts and articles by its members for awhile. Normally, I shoot b&w film (35mm and 4x5), but am now looking for a compact to carry around all the time. It needs to be something my wife can use, as well (my apologies, gals... I'm not...
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    Hello from NJ

    Hello everyone, Typically, I'm a film photography (35mm and 4x5). Have had a Canon 10D in the past, and now exploring digital compacts to carry around for everyday use (family snaps, travel, etc.). Cheers, Andrew
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