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  1. greyelm

    W/NW: Over the fence

    I'm sure I'm not alone in benefitting from a neighbour's gardening efforts. Here's one from yesterday. Fuji X-Pro1 + 18-55
  2. greyelm


    Vintage aerospace engineering. Brooklands Museum
  3. greyelm

    Fuji X-E1 + 28mm Pentacon (M42)

  4. greyelm

    Through ancient glass

    Fuji X E-1, 35mm. The Priest House, W.Hoathly, E.Sussex, England. 15th Century. Shot as jpg, cropped and tweaked in LR 5.2
  5. greyelm

    Post: Mugshots

    Shaun the sheep? X100
  6. greyelm

    Leica Leicas in the movies and on TV

    Just for fun post any sightings of Leica cameras in movies and are they being used convincingly. Here's a couple to start. "Poirot" - Cpt Hastings is seen using a III or IIIa with a collapsed lens "Polisse" - a French film with a photographer throughout the film using a black M8 in...
  7. greyelm

    Share derelict places

    Share your images of derelict places. This is from a 19th Century fort. X100 Here's a great web site for some inspiration.
  8. greyelm

    Share Landscapes

    X10. From today's stroll.
  9. greyelm

    Dramatic B&W images

  10. greyelm

    24 places that look not normal but are actually real

    Check this site out. 24 Places That Look Not Normal, But Are Actually Real | MyScienceAcademy
  11. greyelm

    His Master's Voice

    The recent news about HMVs troubles reminded me that Nipper the dog in the His Master's Voice logo was buried in my local town of Kingston Upon Thames. Here is a picture I snapped a couple of years ago of the alley named after Nipper
  12. greyelm

    Street photography is like a fine wine.

    I enjoy looking at street photographs, it doesn't matter if they are from the 'greats' or the forums, I like them all. I've come to the conclusion that these types of photos are like fine wines, they get better with age and ones from foreign countries have an added appeal. Am I alone?
  13. greyelm

    Show: Aliens

    I saw this alien in a car park today. Looks like a "grey" to me.
  14. greyelm

    Images of Easter

    X100. Hot cross buns.
  15. greyelm

    The thief is back!

    This pesky but cute little thief descends on yet another offering I leave out for the birds. I don't blame him, he's got to eat too. :smile: Heavy centre crop. X100
  16. greyelm

    Fairy Circles

    I came across a meadow today with lots of fairy circles, here's a couple of shots. X100
  17. greyelm

    A horse scene without a horse

    Epsom Racecourse England. X100
  18. greyelm

    Fake panorama on the GF1

    Despite not having a built in panorama mode the GF1 + 20mm f/1.7 is still capable of producing 'fake' panoramas by cropping. Here's one I did from a full frame taken earlier today. If you have any show yours too.
  19. greyelm

    Micro 4/3 A horse for BBW

    Here's one from my GF1 + 20mm f/1/7 for BBW
  20. greyelm

    Hello from London

    Hi, I'm Malcolm a.k.a. greyelm and I'm from South London almost outside the Greater London Boundary so I am close to the countryside. We are experiencing an unusual heatwave at the moment with temperatures around 27 deg C so it's a good opportunity to get out into that countryside and try and...
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