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  1. rmcnelly

    Fuji New firmware for X100F

    See here: Firmware for X100F | Fujifilm Global
  2. rmcnelly

    Feedback Cannot access forum from work

    I'm unable to access this forum from my work computer (Windows 10), yet am able to access Mu-43? I get some kind of security warning.
  3. rmcnelly

    Massdrop - Peak Designs Camera Straps (expired)

    Massdrop - Peak Designs Slide, Slide Light, Leash, Clutch and Cuff deals. 6 hours left as I post this. Massdrop: Community-Driven Commerce Fixed the link.
  4. rmcnelly

    Pentax Q-S1 Storm Drive

    Shooting one handed with the Pentax Q-S1 last year during a storm. I'm usually driving but was still recovering from rotator cuff surgery. 20170528-134954-Edit.jpg by Rick McNelly, on Flickr More pics below as I add them ...
  5. rmcnelly

    Tenba DNA 8 Messenger Bag (Dark Copper) for $68.91 (deal ended)

    Tenba DNA 8 Messenger Bag (Dark Copper) for $68.91 at B&H. This is about $20 less than the other colors. Tenba DNA 8 Messenger Bag (Dark Copper) 638-424 B&H Photo Video Deal ended and price is back to $89.95
  6. rmcnelly

    Fuji COSYSPEED Camslinger 105 for $19

    B&H has the COSYSPEED Camslinger 105 for $19 COSYSPEED Camslinger 105 Mirrorless Camera Holder (Black) CS0002 I found a review of one used with an X100S, translated here: Google Translate
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