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    Ricoh Brightness Value?

    Just above Exposure Bias in the GR exif data there's this 'Brightness Value'. Simply curious what this refers to? Anyone know?. Thanks.
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    Ricoh Ricoh battery question...

    In the box with the GR is a 'rechargeable battery user's manual'. One paragraph says, "Always remove the battery from the camera or charger when it's not in use. The battery continues to discharge small amounts of electricity even when the power is off, which reduces battery life." Just...
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    Micro 4/3 Is the old panasonic G3 worth buying today?

    I've found a couple used ones in very good condition for 150 euros each here in France. Would use at first with a 14mm f2.5 and then maybe the 20 or 25mm. Was thinking about it for small size, swivel lcd, and take everywhere camera. But, there's always a but, I'm afraid to be disappointed with...
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