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  1. bartjeej

    Nature Spring is Springing

    The transition from winter (or at least a cold snap) to spring, in one image
  2. bartjeej

    Hello from NZ!

    Hi guys (assuming Iron is a guy, if not, hi guy and girl :-P ), welcome! Looking forward to seeing some of those photos! Mu-43 was founded by the same guy as Cameraderie (Amin) and shares a similar ethos, although he got too busy to run both so Kevin's been running this forum for some time now
  3. bartjeej

    Documentary Eastern Bonfire

    Nice tradition! In the east of the Netherlands there are usually massive bonfires at Easter, but I'm not sure it has anything to do with trolls, witches or God sleeping in a cave. I like your version! The first photo, I really like the little whispy flames higher up, the ghostly look matches...
  4. bartjeej

    Micro 4/3 Quick . . . the sky is on fire

    These are both really nice. The first one gives a better view of the full breadth of the fiery sky, but the truck in the second image adds life and relatability.
  5. bartjeej

    Fuji The X100 went Hut Skiing

    As far as I'm concerned, the lens of the OG X100 (and subsequent up to F) is plenty sharp, except at close distances wide open. The V's lens is much sharper there, and a bit sharper at the edges wide open, but the latter never bothered me; that lens was just so, so full of character. I'm not...
  6. bartjeej

    Brand dislikes..

    Does that also include LR? I hated the subscription model when it was released, but got it anyway for the mobile app and cloud storage, and I must say I'm really enjoying it. My raw editing has become much more minimalist over the last few years, and most of the edits I do can be done equally...
  7. bartjeej

    Brand dislikes..

    Oh, just thought of one, but it afflicts several manufacturers. Panasonic, Olympus and Canon all use only fully articulated screens on their higher end bodies. I much prefer my screens tilting, as do many other stills-only shooters. It annoys me that they seem to assume that every enthusiast is...
  8. bartjeej

    Brand dislikes..

    He's an architect and builder (built and renovated dozens of buildings himself; seeing him think with his hands and work his way around surprises during a renovation is truly a thing of magic), and now a professor at University of Cincinnati's DAAP. He heads a joint program with (and hosted by)...
  9. bartjeej

    Brand dislikes..

    Most of the simulations aren't actually made to look like a film stock, they're just designed for a similar use case as the film stock they're named after and consequently share some of the broad characteristics (shadow / highlight contrast, general saturation, skin tone saturation). They're...
  10. bartjeej

    Brand dislikes..

    I think you'd like my father in law, who heads a uni program that gives you dual titles of both engineer and an architect. He loves bringing those two together. As for camera companies: yes Canon's lack of innovation has long been exceedingly boring to watch. But if they'd release a model that...
  11. bartjeej

    Sebring plans finalized

    How do the racing 'vettes sound now? I always thought the C6.R and C7.R sounded like somebody trying to cut down a tree using a hammerdrill :-P
  12. bartjeej

    Coronavirus 2020 🤧

    Really sorry to hear of your loss, Brent... Indeed covid keeping us apart is especially heartbreaking when we lose loved ones. My dad's sister died of covid-induced lung damage and he hadn't seen her in over a year. It sucks. As for vaccines, my 32yo wife got the AstraZeneca jab last week and...
  13. bartjeej

    Nikon Coolpix A APS-C

    I've been considering the very similar Fuji XF10 as a true 'bring everywhere' camera. I find my X100 to be too big and heavy for that role, especially in the warmer months of the year, and besides it's developing some problems. 28mm isn't my favorite focal length but with 24mp and a built in...
  14. bartjeej

    Nature Spring is Springing

    Over the past decade or so, it's become common for crocuses to start blooming here in january. This year, wintet apparently managed to be just cold enough to keep them underground until mid february and not blooming until late Feb / early March, as used to be the norm. It's a pleasure to welcome...
  15. bartjeej

    Documenting and interfering with a mouse hunt.

    Sorry to read of Atom's passing, James! I completely missed the adventure that started this thread but Atom's character shines through. And a beautiful cat he was, too. I'm sure having you around for his nightly walks while not feeling well must've been a great comfort to him.
  16. bartjeej

    Greetings from Norway.

    Welcome Jens! Your intro made me think for a second I might be getting old, but then you talked about your camera history and I felt young (and inexperienced) again :-P Nice to have you on board, looking forward to seeing your work.
  17. bartjeej

    Peak Design call out Amazon

    I was pleased to see Amazon subsidiary DPReview also mention this.
  18. bartjeej

    What does good ergonomics involve for you?

    Uff... That depends wholly on what the camera's purpose is. Starting with the start: the on/off button should be on the hand grip and easy to find by touch. No press down button, but a switch or toggle of some sort. Olympus' left-shoulder placement is one of the craziest things I've seen in...
  19. bartjeej


    That's a stunning panorama, Kaz... And welcome! Jealous of all of you who live near proper hills or mountains to hike in!
  20. bartjeej

    500px galleries

    Accessing through my phone using the firefox browser rather than the app, the layout is quite pleasant and navigation is intuitive. I can view the photos in full screen mode, but can't seem to zoom into them.
  21. bartjeej

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #43: Layers - Winner Announced

    Congrats Serhan, that's a fine image! And mumu, thanks for the challenging challenge and the thought-provoking constructive commentary on all the images!
  22. bartjeej

    Cycling and photography

    Yikes, I'm only a casual cyclist but would not enjoy having that hanging around my body while riding... actually on a bike without a bag, a pocketable compact is as much as I'm willing to carry
  23. bartjeej

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #43: Layers - Winner Announced

    Love the theme! Looking through my catalog, I can see this is an area where I can improve a lot, especially in street / cityscape shooting. Layers come naturally to me in landscapes, although I have long ago stopped caring that much about having "any random object" in the foreground to lead the...
  24. bartjeej

    GAS: Please Share your Latest Acquisitions Big and Small

    I got myself a bit of gear that is almost anti-photography in its purpose for me, at least in the short term. Photography can be a great way of encouraging you to look differently. But especially now that my only fully reliable camera is my phone, I find that its UI causes me to break out of...
  25. bartjeej

    Advice Wanted Do you brighten up photos for printing?

    3 things: 1. Paper type. Glossy paper is capable of significantly higher dynamic range than matte paper, especially in the shadows. However, I find that properly matte paper is much, much less susceptible to light level changes in a room than glossy paper. Hence whenever I know I'm gonna hang a...
  26. bartjeej

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #41: Sun - Winner announced

    Congrats Pierre! Stunning image showing off the sun in all its majesty, as well as a beautiful peaceful scene. And thanks Don for hosting this challenge, you succeeded in your 'bright ending of the year' goal!
  27. bartjeej

    Action Warp Speed

    I was fully expecting a photo of a vaccine here :p What can I say, 2020... But yes, that does look fast!
  28. bartjeej

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #41: Sun - Winner announced

    Insane smog can make for very pretty sunsets. There's a theory that these pyramids were built to line up with other stars than the Sun, namely in Orion's belt, but this is not commonly accepted. They are all aligned with their sides facing the four cardinal directions, and therefore 1 side sees...
  29. bartjeej

    Salmon Fishing on the River Tamar in the 1970's with a Mamiya Press 6x9

    A line of work that has all but disappeared in mamy western countries, I think (river fishing, not fishing at sea). There was an article in my newspaper a few weeks ago, about one of the last eel fishing operations in the country. Very interesting, love the photos!
  30. bartjeej

    Christmas came early for Star Wars fans

    Star wars is the one with the Borgs, right? :p I kid... But only just. Never made it through a full star wars movie. Much prefer the Potterverse ;-)
  31. bartjeej

    Photo Printing

    Whitewall is a high end German photolab doing prints for anyone from enthusiast amateur to big name pros and museums. They ship wirldwide, and so far I've been very pleased with them (2 HD Metal prints and 1 photopaper behind matte acrylic). Not the cheapest around, but especially for larger...
  32. bartjeej

    Fuji Should Fuji make a Midrange Bayer Sensor Camera?

    As far as I'm concerned, they might as well put Bayer sensors in all bodies. I don't believe there's much IQ difference either way. When they just started Xtrans, they offered less moiré, with the downside of muddy or crunchy fine details in certain color ranges (muddy skin tones, crumchy...
  33. bartjeej

    Micro 4/3 Fooling around with the M1 and Oly 25mm f1.8

    I like the results of your fooling around!
  34. bartjeej

    April Cameraderie Book

    I completely missed the April Cameraderie challenge, so these are all new to me, and I'm blown away. The way you isolate details and light and texture to show a mood (in this case, as I perceive it, of stillness)... Wow. These are all things I've been meaning to develop in my own photography...
  35. bartjeej

    Animals Show Birds

    Not nearly the usual quality, as it's just a crop of a phone snapshot. This peregrine falcon - I was obsessed with them as a child and had seen their nests and their victims before but never the bird itself - was sitting by the side of the road in my city, looking helpless. Someone was calling...
  36. bartjeej

    Sad news

    Sad news indeed :-( forums are great in one way, because they require a bit more effort to post and interact, which can be an encouragement for thoughtful posts... But then because they don't have the omnipresence of the major social media platforms, it's also easier to lose track of how people...
  37. bartjeej

    Documentary Post your Police pics here

    Scary stuff! Glad it was all good!
  38. bartjeej

    Philosophy How Often Do You "See" Your Vision Change Regarding Your Photos?

    I like your idea of themed strolls, doobs! I'm gonna give that a try!
  39. bartjeej

    Documentary Planet Garbage

    As a side note, I am imagining a distant past where some people were angry at others for letting the shards of their broken pottery just laying on the ground instead of reusing them or getting rid of them properly, and archeologists now being over the moon to find those shards of pottery... But...
  40. bartjeej

    Documentary Post your Police pics here

    That's a really clever image - quite possibly a necessity out of safety concerns! Looks like the man with the rifle is a policeman? Happy to read the title of the image!
  41. bartjeej

    Micro 4/3 Another sky party this evening . . .

    The first one in particular, with that sort of "golden feather" in the center of the frame, is really beautiful
  42. bartjeej

    Micro 4/3 The "foul weather" camera strikes again . . .

    Heh, seems like an excellent kind of foul weather to me! Stunning colors!
  43. bartjeej

    Documentary Planet Garbage

    It's bad in a lot of Western countries, but in many developing countries it's truly horrifying. In Morocco, a country of stunning natural beauty, people truly tend to drop whatever they no longer need exqctly where they are standing and then walk away. This includes police officers, so I can...
  44. bartjeej

    Documentary Post your Police pics here

    Love the lighting in the second shot! I work at the police (in the Netherlands no less), but don't really take photos on the job for aestethic reasons, only as evidence... Let me check my archives for anything publishable :) [Edit: nope, just checked, all the photos I took at work are either...
  45. bartjeej

    Micro 4/3 My first ever JPEG only shoot, in the orchard

    Looks like a very nice quiet place to live! I am often guilty of oversaturating my images in post, but I have been moving away from filmic film simulations and towards a more natural look, trying to still keep pleasing colors. Surprisingly often, straight raw conversions with only a smidgen of...
  46. bartjeej

    Post your Africa Pictures Here

    Skoura, an ancient oasis town in Morocco just south of the Atlas mountains. Many families built fortified mudbrick castles for protection against rival tribes and roving bandits.
  47. bartjeej

    How much of the current market for cameras is enthusiat/Pro?

    Well, when it comes to phone cameras, it's every model I've used so far, by Sony, Nokia, Samsung, Apple and Motorola... Some are slightly better than others, mainly at turning on the camera from standby. But exposure compensation or manual focus using a screen swipe are a pain, let alone...
  48. bartjeej

    How much of the current market for cameras is enthusiat/Pro?

    I sometimes consider a future where I would have just a superzoom (fixed lens or ILC) and a phone camera. The thing is, phones are just so uncomfortable to shoot and unintuitive to adjust settings (I have a Sony phone but really don't like its camera UI nearly as much as I thought I would). So...
  49. bartjeej

    Nifty Fifty

    Definitely. According to comments on rumor websites it lacks weather sealing, which is a shame, but other than that, the combination of pretty fast 50mm, small size and low price suddenly makes the entire Canon R system more attractive, since there's now an 'always with you' lens.
  50. bartjeej

    Philosophy City vs City

    Regarding Kuopio being smaller and therefore having fewer opportunities: is streetshooting for you mostly about 'streetscapes with people for atmosphere' or more about 'people encountered on the street'? I see a bit of both in your first post here. A smaller city will have fewer fresh...
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