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    Hi.... from The Netherlands

    Hello, Martin!
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    Black and white portraits

    The Summer of Lost Teeth... taken this morning (after the storm). Zoriana (Toothless) | Verona, NJ | 8.28.11
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    Square format images

    Great image, Grant!
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    The Shore

    Hi Ray, I'm quite partial to your black & whites from the earlier posting (7/02); they're dynamite! Each image can be a start to an individual series/theme.
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    Black & White, monotone and sepia

    Very nice, Andy. I love the DOF and lighting. In the late 1970's/earlier 80's Jan Groover produced a series -- in color -- of close-ups with table flatware juxtaposed against various man-made and natural backgrounds. It was a purely formal project investigating color and light; very...
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    Get It...

    "Take me. Well, meanwhile, I'm still thinking." Glam, baby!
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    Hello from Melbourne, Australia

    Hello, Justin! Melbourne's a beautiful city -- my wife and I were there, about twelve years ago.
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    Hello from Ohio

    Hello, Dennis!
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    Show "Flowers"

    I'm a sucker for all sunflowers.
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    Show Clouds Sunrise/Sunset

    And, a nice Chianti, I hope!
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    Show Clouds Sunrise/Sunset

    I love Sydney Harbour; we were there about twelve years ago.
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    @ the Beach !

    I like the suggestion of the two figures in the deep background. Nicely done.
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    A Northern Hello

    Hello, and welcome!
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    Show "Horses"

    Second photo is quite extraordinary; different POV and shallower DOF. Nicely done.
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    Camera for vacation

    Andrew, these are perfect!
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    In the park at dusk

    Thanks, Bill and Wylie. I almost didn't take the camera. Once in the park, I decided to just "go with the flow".
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    In the park at dusk

    We took our younger daughter to a local park, at dusk. Following an active schedule at day-camp, she still can't get enough... Thanks for looking. LX5 | "Film Grain" setting.
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    Wish Me Luck

    Good luck!
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    Hello from Sheffield, UK

    Hello, Brian!
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    LA Union Station / Summilux

    Very nice. I particularly like your simple approach to "not-so-simple" gear.
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    At home

    The two yellow rose photos are very nice, Alf -- beautiful lighting and feel.
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    Color photographs

    Wasn't my intention; but, yes, you're right!
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    Color photographs

    Wonderful shot, Bill! And, what a beautiful locale.
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    Fuji First pics with my new camera

    Very nice, Keven!
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    Color photographs

    Kiosk (Orlando, FL) LX5 1:1 aspect ratio
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    Show "Flowers"

    Wylie, That's beautiful! It's like entering Alice's Wonderland...
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    Black & White, monotone and sepia

    From a school car lot? This is the kind of daily view that launches big dreams in young fervent minds. Lucky children!
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    Hi from Oz!

    Hello, raider!
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    photos gone wrong

    Absolutely nothing wrong with it!
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    Black and white, or monochrome photos of people

    Her expression shows that it's her "fault". Lovely portrait!
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    Black and white, or monochrome photos of people

    Z. (Face Paint), Verona, NJ
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    Whar are you up to do this Sunday?

    Nice to hear about what others are doing outside of image-making... We've got a "packed" Sunday. My wife returned from a conference, yesterday... she just went for an exercise-walk to the park (as I'm writing this). Went to Mass earlier this morning. We're going to a movie matinee with our...
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    What books are you reading for pleasure these days?

    Wylie, Once in awhile, I like to pick up a book about books, that is to say, the author describing his or her notions of reading and/or writing. The same goes with other disciplines: Paul Klee wrote a great little treatise on modern art and artists (his generation), and Nathan Lyons edited a...
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    What books are you reading for pleasure these days?

    Pat Conroy, My Reading Life
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    Hi from New Hampshire

    Hello, Thomas.
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    I love Triumph motorcycles and autos.
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    Black & White, monotone and sepia

    Thanks, Wylie and pdh! Wylie, this photo is from the Ukrainian Heritage Resort called Soyuzivka (, in Kerhonkson, off Route 44/55. It's still quite active, although it had its heyday in the 60's and 70's. My younger daughter was at a camp, there, last week. This...
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    Black & White, monotone and sepia

    Resort, Kerhonkson, NY LX5 1:1 aspect ratio B&W conversion in Photoshop
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    Social Networks

    I might add, which I neglected in haste earlier, is that like any endeavor -- newly-developed, or old -- you do what best suits you. If the social media sites work for you and you find them useful, then great. If they don't, move on with what's important and of benefit to you. Everyone's...
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    Social Networks

    I'm afraid I'm the same. In my life, I just don't have the interest or real time for them. The social networking phenomenon took the world by storm; it seems that everyone and their Aunt Suzy take part. You hear about people who have thousands of "friends" and "followers" on these sites; but...
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    Show "Signs"

    Verona, NJ
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    Show "Signs"

    Wayne, NJ
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    Black & White, monotone and sepia

    Relic, Kerhonkson, NY
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    hello from Toronto

    Hello, Dave -- from another LX5 user. I never converted... still use film. The LX5 is a fairly recent purchase, used primarily as an everyday walkabout camera; I like it a lot. Cheers
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    Hello, Robert!
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    Black and white portraits

    Very nice, Alf!
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    Black and white portraits

    Thanks, Wylie! That's my 5-year old. The older one (12) hit that age where she's starting to hide from cameras. Haven't thrown these up on flickr, yet; I'll have a few others. This is the main reason we purchased the LX5 -- fast and easy snaps. I'm still using my Canon F-1N, but it's not as...
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    Black and white portraits

    Zoriana (Towel Tango), Verona, NJ
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