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  1. bartjeej

    Kate Kirkwood - rural "street" photography

    I see she's been mentioned twice here in the early days of this forum, but never in a thread dedicated to her work. Today I was wondering what nature photography by Saul Leiter would look like, so obviously I googled it. Nothing much came up, unsurprisingly given that Saul Leiter was known for...
  2. bartjeej

    Ming Thein to stop I know that some don't care for his style, and my own preferences in photography are mostly very different from his. But I personally always found his writings on photography much more profound and way better articulated than any other publicly...
  3. bartjeej

    Feedback i've been seeing a LOTo of ads

    Over theast few days, when I log in to (only tried it on my android phone with firefox so far), I get a LOT of LARGE ads. Some of these consist of a list of links with thumbnail photos, where some links are apparently a thread here on cameraderie, and others are advertisement...
  4. bartjeej

    yet another 'what should i get' thread...

    I'm about to leave on a 3 month backpacking trip to West Africa, and I'm driving myself crazy with the decision process for a small-ish street / personal experience camera (i will probablt also bring a long zoom camera that is too clunky and conspicuous for quick / street work). Please bear with...
  5. bartjeej

    Long weekend in Scotland

    My girlfriend and I visited Scotland for a 4 day getaway, two weeks ago. For a change, we didn't go for cities and culture, but for breathtaking landscapes... which we found more than we ever could have imagined. I've selected some of my favorite shots... but it was hard to choose, and...
  6. bartjeej

    Whitewall sample pack - acrylic, HD metal, alu print, some papers

    I'm planning to have some of my photos printed Big, and I'd really like them to look the absolute best they can, for the ages. The most accessible and affordable of the really high end photolabs is probably WhiteWall, based in Germany. They have lots of wonderful materials to display your print...
  7. bartjeej

    Off to Georgia (the country)!

    So, after an initial failure to post this (see I am upset), here's my second attempt! :) (update: whew, I managed it!) This past summer, I finally got the chance to move out of the corporate world and into my dream job. In-between jobs, I had 3 weeks off, so I went backpacking. Having traveled...
  8. bartjeej

    Feedback I am upset

    I was working on a tread to show some of my holiday this year. After about an hour and a half, I clicked Create Thread, only to see a message that a thread can only have 10 images. I clicked away the popup, and initially i saw my text, but then after checking another tab of my browser, the text...
  9. bartjeej

    Suddenly... my perfect camera? (Sealife)

    SeaLife just announced their DC2000. Who? What? SeaLife is a specialized diving camera maker, up til now making very basic uninspiring cameras, with easy to use dive housings built around them or directly built in. The DC2000 however has a 1" BSI sensor and a fixed 31mm equivalent, f1.8 lens...
  10. bartjeej

    Where's Wally? Ming Thein on Wimmelbilder (many sub-stories in 1 image)

    Ming Thein posted an interesting article on a concept known as "Wimmelbilder" in German. I found it very interesting :) I've become more and more interested in panoramic image formats, and in a way I think well-crafted panoramic images, when they contain several subjects, can often be considered...
  11. bartjeej

    Nikon Nikon DL series

    Nikon covers all focal lengths with three 'DL' enthusiast compacts with 1"-type sensors 3 compact cameras w 1inch sensors: 18-50mm equivalen f1.8-2.8 (f4.9-7.6 equivalent) 24-85 equivalent, f1.8-2.8 24-500 equiv, f2.8-5.6 Cool: The lens ranges Nikon 1's AF speed (20fps continuous af shooting)...
  12. bartjeej

    Fuji Century Precision Optics wide angle converter on X100?

    I'd love to find a good quality compact wide angle adapter that takes the x100 wider than 24mm equivalent, but all the reviews I read so far show the converters to be huuuuge, or turn the image to mush, or both. I recently came across the American brand Century Precision Optics. They make...
  13. bartjeej

    WINNER ANNOUNCED - The 18th Photographers' Lounge Salon Challenge: Adventure!

    It's an honor and a challenge in itself to follow up on Milan / pictogramax' excellent Salon Challenge. The theme of this one will be... Adventure. Interpret it however you like; literal, ironic, personal, through the eyes of somebody or something else, anything goes. Make it a combination of...
  14. bartjeej

    Feedback Front page troubles

    The front page only shows the most recent featured post, some ads, and the menu bar on top... no other featured posts, and most annoyingly, no list of recent threads. I'm using an android device by the way. I hope it's some bug that can be fixed easily, and not a permanent change? I noticed...
  15. bartjeej

    Ming Thein on street photography

    Ming Thein recently posted an article containing his evolving views of street photography. He has some strong criticism of the "status quo" in the genre, and puts forward an alternative. I suppose none of what he describes is a completely new argument, but there aren't many articles putting...
  16. bartjeej

    Samsung DPReview reviews Samsung NX1 very good to finally see them doing really really well. Their products were always underrated, not getting the attention they probably deserved, but I guess there's just no way of getting around how good...
  17. bartjeej

    Micro 4/3 Olympus E-M5 II Looks verrry pretty, sounds like a decent improvement. The 40MP mode is absolutely useless for handheld photography but seeing it blow away the Nikon D810 in terms of moire is pretty cool! That EE-1 dot sight they mention, which can be...
  18. bartjeej

    Critique Wanted mixing & matching; does it work?

    I´m uploading some pics for my next blog post, and the best two shots I got of a particular scene are the following: old mosque, chinguetti by bartjeej, on Flickr and timeless / prayer time by bartjeej, on Flickr Now both of these photos make the scene look a bit quieter than it...
  19. bartjeej

    The beginning of the end?

    There's now an app to help people compose "better" photos So what do you think? Will it lead to more people considering their compositions and therefore making better photos? Or will the main effect be...
  20. bartjeej

    Feedback images being cut off at the right

    I seem to be unable to view full images on PL; about 20% is consistently being cut off on the right hand side. This is true for both images hosted on flickr and images hosted on the PL gallery, and both when using my laptop and when using my tablet. It's only true for horizontally shots, not for...
  21. bartjeej

    Capture One Express 8 free for Sony users Apparently it's a somewhat stripped down version, but still with good functionality. Should work for both coolpix and alpha cameras. see some more text on it at...
  22. bartjeej

    Critique Wanted So how about a "Photo Critique Contest"?

    Reading this discussion got me thinking... indeed the comments here tend to be polite without offering much in the way of suggestions for improvement, and the photo critique forum is used very little (just 5 threads so far this...
  23. bartjeej

    Feedback Front page missing?

    Am I the only one who suddenly doesn't get the front page anymore? Also, the "post new thread" button seems to have relocated to all the way on the bottom of each (sub)forum, instead of on top. Is something going wrong on my computer or is this the same for everyone?
  24. bartjeej

    Fuji Fuji X30 announced From a technology viewpoint, I would've liked either a larger sensor or a faster lens. Right now, only the RX100 series and G1X series outperform it among compact zoom cameras, but I think/hope that'll change before Photokina is over. As it is...
  25. bartjeej

    off to Africa!

    When I joined here, I promised I'd regularly cross-post from Serious Compacts. That hasn't really happened much yet, but better late than never I guess! I'm on an overland backpacking trip from my home in Holland to West Africa (I hope to reach Sierra Leone eventually). I'm currently in...
  26. bartjeej

    off to Africa!

    Hi all! As some of you might know, I've been planning a backpacking trip to West Africa as a graduation present to myself. Since i've never backpacked before and have never really been outside of europe except for an all inclusive resort in Turkey, it's quite exciting for me (and my family)...
  27. bartjeej

    News Canon EOS 70D has vastly improved on-chip PDAF

    Not a serious compact in itself, but the technology sounds very promising! Basically every pixel on the chip (except at the edges) becomes not only an image generating pixel, but also a phase detect pixel, giving live view pdaf even in low-light situations with (supposedly) no loss in light...
  28. bartjeej

    News Graphene sensor development - 1000x better light gathering than CCD / CMOS

    Graphene camera sensors said to be 1,000 times more sensitive to light now that'd be interesting! cheaper, less power consumption and MUCH more light gathering - 1000 times is 9 stops, that'd mean almost any shutter speed, even in the dead of night. Wow!
  29. bartjeej

    Fuji X100 - setting ISO to 6400, possible workaround?

    Hi all, I often find myself running into the high limit of Auto ISO on the X100 (which is 3200 - why can't we use the full ISO range in Auto ISO?). Am I correct in thinking that the only way to select ISO 6400 is to go into the menus, disable Auto ISO, and then set ISO 6400 manually? And...
  30. bartjeej

    Experiment: high-speed version of Brenizer method

    This is my first proper attempt at doing something I've had in my head for quite a while now. I love panoramas, and I really love panoramas with some DOF control for an extra-immersive effect. However, using the traditional, controlled method of stitching panoramas is not suited to a dynamic...
  31. bartjeej

    Fuji Filters; cheap or expensive?

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a lens hood / filter adapter for my X100. I don't have any filters yet, and I'm wondering how much of a difference in quality there is between cheaper and more expensive filters. My considerations are: -Resolution. The X100 has a modest 12mp sensor; will a...
  32. bartjeej

    Fuji How do people use multi metering?

    I've been trying out different things on my X100, and one of the things I really haven't figured out yet is metering, particularly with regards to exposure. I figure, if your scene doesn't have a whole lot of contrast, it doesnt matter much which metering mode you use (sure there'll be...
  33. bartjeej

    Fuji X100 screen warmer than monitor?

    Hi all, I just bought an X100, and I noticed that photos look warmer (and skintones milkier) on the camera's screen, compared to when I view them on my laptop. Do other X100 users experience the same difference (meaning the X100's screen is warm by default compared to the actual photos) or is...
  34. bartjeej

    Fuji Hopping over from

    Hi all! I'm bartjeej, real name bart, from Holland. I've been a member for about 2.5 years now, and yesterday I bought a used Fuji X100 (also have a Samsung EX1 and WB750). I read a LOT of reviews, for months on end, to decide on the perfect camera for me, and I found...
  35. bartjeej

    Canon Canon SX50: 24-1200mm equivalent (50x) zoom!

    Canon introduces PowerShot SX50 HS with unbelievable 50X zoom lens | Digital Camera Resource Page News and Canon releases PowerShot G15 with fast lens and SX50 HS 50x superzoom: Digital Photography Review What this thing desperately needs is a 2x teleconverter:rolleyes:
  36. bartjeej

    Olympus Olympus XZ-2

    Olympus creates XZ-2 iHS fast lens, CMOS enthusiast compact camera: Digital Photography Review Same lens, newer sensor, tiltable touchscreen, removable handgrip. Looks great, costs $600 which might be about justified given its excellent lens and tilting touchscreen, especially since most...
  37. bartjeej

    Canon Canon S110

    Canon Powershot S110 hands-on preview: Digital Photography Review As before, with touchscreen and wifi. Did the S100 have an ND filter already? I like that :smile: $450 seems a bit steep for what you're getting though, especially in a post-Sony RX100 world.
  38. bartjeej

    Canon Canon G15

    Canon PowerShot G15 hands-on preview: Digital Photography Review Like: much faster lens, less thickness while retaining excellent manual control Do not like: removal of rotating screen Not sure: same sensor size as before (although not at all surprising), pop-up flash instead of fixed
  39. bartjeej

    Sony RX100 for 454 euros @ Amazon Spain

    My Spanish isn't what it used to be (and it was never great) but they seem to indicate they have 5 left (nuevos: 5)? edit, seems that was the number of vendors they compare either way, they deliver in Europe, for a few euros. Personally I'm waiting until Photokina to make a decision, but if...
  40. bartjeej


    I'm sure a lot of you will know of this already, but I just found out about Pixlr: it's an online image editor that far surpasses anything else I've found (for instance Aviary, or Photoshop's online Express program). It's basically a clone of Photoshop Elements, with pretty much everything I...
  41. bartjeej

    Sony DPReview's RX100 review

    Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 In-Depth Review: Digital Photography Review to be honest I expected a gold award, I think it deserves one just for the role it's playing in the development of compact cameras... but overall a very positive review, basically repeating what we've heard about the camera...
  42. bartjeej

    Nikon Nikon S800c - first Android-operated camera from a larga manufacturer!

    previewed here: Nikon Coolpix S800c Android camera first look: Digital Photography Review I don't think you can call with it, though!
  43. bartjeej

    Nikon Nikon P7700 announced and previewed

    Still a 1/1.7" type sensor (BSI CMOS this time), but with a 28-200mm f/2 - f/4 lens, a fully articulated screen and 3 dials, an exposure compensation dial, an exposure mode dial and a quick menu dial, this looks like an incredibly versatile "compact" (it's 51mm deep which is quite a lot). It...
  44. bartjeej

    Jim Goldberg / photos & words

    When I get tired of working on my thesis, I flick through a couple of pages in the Magnum Magnum book that's in my university's library. Yesterday I saw the work of Jim Goldberg and it blew me away. For me, photos and words have always belonged together, that's just how I like to get my thoughts...
  45. bartjeej

    Fuji dpr's X10 review is finally up

    thought some of you might like to know... Fujifilm X10: Digital Photography Review
  46. bartjeej

    Samsung NX11 + 18-200mm for 300 euros?

    On the website of my local brick and mortar camera dealer, it says 300euros for the NX11 body only, but also 300 euros for the NX11 + 18-200, and 520 euros for the NX11 + 18-200 + 20mm. Now assuming (unlikely?) that this is not a typo, would I be a complete idiot for not buying one of these...
  47. bartjeej

    My city: Rotterdam [pics added july 2nd]

    I bought my camera a year and a week ago, and in that time I've made quite a few photos of my home town, Rotterdam. I figured it's time to show you a little of where I'm from. Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands, with a bit more than 600.000 inhabitants. It was founded...
  48. bartjeej

    I should've done this earlier!

    I've been working on a Samsung netbook for the past 2 years, which pretty much coincided with my picking up photography again, and (thus?) also picking up digital post processing. I can tell you, netbooks are NOT suitable for anything heavier than GIMP! Silkypix, RawTherapee and Lightroom have...
  49. bartjeej

    1,000,000,000,000fps camera sees rays of light move through space

    it's actually a composite of many identical rays of light reaching the camera at a unique angle each time, because they don't have enough sensors or fps per sensor to get the whole thing at once, but still, it's incredible to see the ray of light on the move! Visualizing Light over a Fruit...
  50. bartjeej

    Critique Wanted Is this still believable?

    I've been having some fun with LR3 and Color Efex, and I've used them to tackle a photo I've been struggling with for a while now. It's a shot from a tall building at my university, and it shows my hometown of Rotterdam, just before it's enveloped in fog (10 minutes later, I couldn't see...
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