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  1. stratokaster

    Remembering Sony Cyber-shot R1

    Sony DSC-R1 is an undeservedly forgotten camera. When it was announced, it was met with a healthy dose of skepticism, but also with much excitement. After all, it was something completely new. It was the first camera to use a "DSLR-sized" sensor which was not a DSLR. It was the first camera...
  2. stratokaster

    Fuji Canon FD lenses on Fujifilm X-series bodies

    I have 3 Canon FD lenses (24mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.8 and 100mm f/2.8). I have tried them on 16MP Micro 3/4 cameras (which have approximately the same pixel density as 28MP APS-C) and found them a bit soft and glowy wide open. However, on Fujifilm X-E2 it's another story, even the 50mm lens (which...
  3. stratokaster

    Fuji Using Peak Design Cuff with Fujifilm X-E2

    I'm a big fan of Peak Design Cuff, it's probably the best wrist strap on the market in terms of comfort and convenience. However, initially I had problems getting the thread of the included anchors through the eyelets on my Fujifilm X-E2. The thread is very thick and initially I planned to use...
  4. stratokaster

    Fuji So, what's the consensus on cheap (non-Metabones) focal reducers / "speed boosters"?

    I'd like to buy a focal reducer for my new Fujifilm X-E2, but I don't like the price of Metabones Speed Booster which costs a bit more than my camera with 18-55mm lens. I know that when cheap Chinese knock-offs first appeared, they were considered rather bad optically. However, since then new...
  5. stratokaster

    So, what's the consensus on cheap (non-Metabones) focal reducers / "speed boosters"?

    I'd like to buy a focal reducer for my new Fujifilm X-E2, but I don't like the price of Metabones Speed Booster which costs a bit more than my camera with 18-55mm lens. I know that when cheap Chinese knock-offs first appeared, they were considered rather bad optically. However, since then new...
  6. stratokaster

    Fuji Fujifilm BLC-XE1 half-case

    I got this half-case for free with my recent purchase of Fujifilm X-E2. It's a nice looking case, but for me it's unusable. 1) It attaches to the camera via 2 short straps that go over strap lugs. However, if there is no neck strap (I never use neck straps), it starts to slip off the camera...
  7. stratokaster

    Samsung Samsung NX is dead

    As it turns out, in September 2015 Korean news outlets learned that Samsung stopped production of Samsung NX cameras, lenses and accessories. The company failed to gain significant market share (or any market share at all) and with recent downturn in its fortunes it simply can't afford to keep...
  8. stratokaster

    Hiking in Eastern Carpathians with Nikon 1 V1

    Earlier this month, my friends and I were on a hiking trip in the Ukrainian part of Eastern Carpathian mountains. We travelled to the village of Kvasy by train, ascended the Bliznica mountain and then walked along Svydovets towards the Apshinets (Trojaska) lake. After that we walked from...
  9. stratokaster

    Completed Samsung NX20 kit with 18-55mm lens, Samsung NX 30mm f/2 | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling Samsung NX20 kit with 18-55mm lens, Samsung NX 30mm f/2 Prices Samsung NX20 kit with 18-55mm OIS III lens — $330 Samsung NX 30mm f/2 lens — $180 Location USA Ships to USA Description Up for sale are my Samsung NX20...
  10. stratokaster

    Samsung New Samsung NX30 and lenses

    NX30 looks good. Essentially it's NX300 with tilting 2.36M dots EVF, external mic input, fully articulated touch-sensitive screen which is supposedly 70% brighter than that of NX20, wireless flash sync and HSS (or FP sync in Olympus parlance). Samsung also announced NX 16-50 f/2.0-2.8...
  11. stratokaster

    Micro 4/3 Ming Thein's review of Olympus OM-D E-M1

    The hardest part is not getting excited about this camera while I'm divesting myself of Micro 4/3 gear :biggrin: The 2013 Olympus OM-D E-M1 review, part one: the camera – Ming Thein | Photographer
  12. stratokaster

    Completed Some Micro 4/3 stuff | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling</br> Some Micro 4/3 stuff </br>Prices</br> $50 and up </br>Location</br> USA </br>Ships to</br> USA </br>Description</br> I am selling remnants of my Micro 4/3 kit because I no longer need it. I recently acquired a full Nikon 1 V1 outfit which is...
  13. stratokaster

    Nikon Nikon P7800 with 920k dot EVF

    I have thought we will never see a serious compact with a decent EVF, but thankfully Nikon has decided to fill this void. Nikon P7800 Review: Preview
  14. stratokaster

    In search for a perfect bag

    I know that the topic of camera bags is as inexhaustible as the topic of cameras themselves, but I think I really need your help. I need a compact bag that can hold Samsung NX20 kit (which is approximately the same size as Panasonic G3 with Panasonic 14-42) and Nikon V1 + Nikkor 30-110 (which...
  15. stratokaster

    Samsung My Samsung NX20 is here

    With Samsung NX20 now selling at exactly 1/2 the introductory price, I finally bit the bullet and bought it. It is a surprisingly well constructed body that sits very well in my hands. The EVF is very similar to Panasonic GH2 — a bit smaller and slightly more crisp. The rear screen is simply...
  16. stratokaster

    Samsung Samsung Galaxy NX user interface has published their review of Galaxy NX that features a quick demo of the camera interface. I think it's kind of poorly thought-out, and what's up with that black bar on top encroaching on the composition?
  17. stratokaster

    Nikon Just ordered Nikon V1

    After reading all the posts here I just ordered Nikon V1 with 10-30 and 30-110mm lenses. Even if I don't like it as a stills camera, I will use it for video — the samples I have seen are excellent and it has a mic jack which is a must for me.
  18. stratokaster

    Samsung Samsung NX 85mm ƒ/1.4 lens review

    Samsung NX system may be obscure, but Samsung's ambitions as a camera maker are pretty bold. And Samsung NX 85mm ƒ/1.4 ED SSA is a testament to those ambitions because right now it's the only ultra-fast portrait prime lens for APS-C mirrorless cameras. Sony or Fujifilm don't offer similar lenses...
  19. stratokaster

    Samsung Samsung NX image thread

    Don't know why, but I'm thinking more and more about Samsung NX cameras and lenses recently :) So I was digging up my old shots taken with various Samsung NX bodies and decided to put together this thread. Let's start with the first NX camera ever, the veritable Samsung NX10. I have never...
  20. stratokaster

    Samsung Samsung NX 60mm ƒ/2.8 Macro lens review

    Samsung NX, despite being the very first mirrorless system using APS-C sized sensors, remains pretty much obscure. This is a shame, really, because in terms of lens availability and quality it's better than Sony NEX, although recent lenses by Sigma and Zeiss have made life a lot easier for NEX...
  21. stratokaster

    Pencil vs Camera

    I think this guy's works are seriously amazing. You may question what exactly they are — photography or mixed media, but I really enjoyed them (and some are thought-provoking). Pencil Vs Camera! - a set on Flickr
  22. stratokaster

    Sony Zeiss 16-70mm f/4 for Sony NEX

    SonyAlphaRumors is pretty confident that we will see a long-rumored 16-70mm f/4 Zeiss lens for Sony NEX soon. If it turns out to be true, I will migrate to the NEX in a heartbeat. (SR5) Sony will soon announce the Zeiss 16-70mm f/4.0 E-mount lens! | sonyalpharumors I'm not a bokeh person...
  23. stratokaster

    Samsung Samsung NX300 reviewed by Kirk Tuck

    Samsung NX300 review by Kirk Tuck is up: The Visual Science Lab / Kirk Tuck: The Samsung NX300. A review. I must add, I have used a pre-production model of the NX300 and it is easily one of the best compact mirrorless cameras on the market. Samsung took great pains to ensure that all the...
  24. stratokaster

    Lots of Soviet aircrafts

    Right before moving to the US, I had a chance to visit Ukrainian State Aviation Museum, which has the largest collection of Soviet aircrafts in the world. Unfortunately, my only serious camera was being serviced at the moment and I only had my cellphone (Sony Xperia T) to take photos. However, I...
  25. stratokaster

    Ricoh My brief love affair with Ricoh GXR

    Ricoh GXR is not new by today's standards and (according to rumors) possibly even discontinued. But I finally managed to get my mitts on GXR only in April of this year, when local Pentax dealers in Ukraine started selling Ricoh cameras. And although initially I thought I wouldn't like the camera...
  26. stratokaster

    Nokia 808 PureView Quick Review

    Nokia 808 PureView Quick Review While many photographers despise phone cameras, there's no denying that even the most ardent shutterbugs don't have their cameras with them all the time. This often leads to missed photographic opportunities. Camera-equipped phones, on the other hand, are...
  27. stratokaster

    Sony Sony RX100

    SonyAlphaRumors today published full specs of the upcoming Sony RX100 fixed-lens large-sensor camera. sonyalpharumors | Blog | (SR5) Full RX100 leak! Tech specs: 13.2X8.8Mm Exmor CMOS sensor type 1-inch (crop-factor 2.7x) effective number of pixels 20.2 million pixels Monitors – LCD (4:3)...
  28. stratokaster

    Fujifilm X-Pro 1, Sony NEX-7, Panasonic DMC-GH2, Olympus VF-2: EVF comparison

    Recently I had a chance to spend a large amount of time with two of the most interesting mirrorless cameras currently on the market: Fujifilm X-Pro 1 and Sony NEX-7. I am also a happy owner of the Panasonic GH2 and have extensive experience shooting with various Olympus Micro 4/3 cameras using...
  29. stratokaster

    Fuji Fujifilm X-Pro 1: my impressions

    My take on the X-Pro 1: Great looking body, excellent ergonomics, excellent viewfinder (except the fact that it has no diopter correction whatsoever). Rather fast operation. Surprisingly good buffering and write times using 6fps continuous drive mode (after the X100 I was expecting less)...
  30. stratokaster

    Pentax K-01 Quick Review

    I understand that Pentax fans will hate me for this post, so I think it's important to emphasize that I am, in fact, really partial to Pentax. When I was younger I used to borrow my father's Canons, but the first SLR I bought with my own money was a Pentax. I was a Pentax user for several years...
  31. stratokaster

    Samsung I'm afraid Samsung has lost its way

    Just a year ago I was pretty sure that Samsung's camera division was going to kick everyone's arse. They had two very serious compacts (EX1/TL500 and WB2000/TL350), both offering very nice alternatives to established market leaders (Panasonic LX3/5 and Canon S90 respectively). Their NX system...
  32. stratokaster

    Samsung Samsung NX200 quick review

    The Samsung NX10 was the first mirrorless camera with an APS-C sized sensor and consequently it enjoyed significant attention when it was first announced 2 years ago. However, it was quickly overshadowed by the Sony NEX series, which delivered arguably better image quality in a smaller package...
  33. stratokaster

    Expired Velvia 100F, any tips?

    Today I was searching for food in my fridge :biggrin: and suddenly found 2 rolls of Velvia 100F that I bought several years ago for a photo project that was never completed. The problem is, it expired 2 years ago. Since it was stored in a fridge, it's probably ok, but I was wondering if I should...
  34. stratokaster

    Nikon Nikon V1 and J1 hands-on impressions

    Today I was invited by Nikon to the event dedicated to the launch of the new Nikon 1 system. At the event, I had a chance to briefly handle the new cameras and lenses. Here are my initial impressions. First of all, the cameras are not small. For example, if you hack off the viewfinder...
  35. stratokaster

    Samsung Some pictures from Samsung NX11

    I had a chance to use NX11 together with its kit zoom (18-55 ED OIS II) and the 20mm f/2.8 wide-angle pancake. Here are some shots from the photo walk... With 18-55mm lens: Full-size photo: Full-size photo...
  36. stratokaster

    Micro 4/3 Panasonic G3 battery life - is it really that bad?

    I wanted to try the new Panasonic G3 before deciding whether to switch from Micro 4/3 to something else or not. My friends at Panasonic kindly offered to loan the camera to me. Yesterday I spent the whole evening playing with it. To my surprise, I don't miss the removed control points (such as...
  37. stratokaster

    Leaving Micro 4/3... But what for?

    I think Micro 4/3 was (and still is) one of the most exciting developments in photographic technology. I had quite a bit of fun shooting first my Olympus E-P1 and then my Panasonic DMC-G2. However, recently I've become increasingly frustrated by the limitations of my gear and of the format...
  38. stratokaster

    Sony Sony E 50mm f/1.8 OSS impressions and samples

    I had a chance to make some quick and dirty test shots with Sony NEX-5N equipped with the new 50mm f/1.8 OSS lens. The lens itself is exactly the same size as a standard 18-55mm zoom, build quality is also very similar. It comes with a rather deep hood and a 49mm cap. My first impressions of...
  39. stratokaster

    Samsung New Samsung NX camera concepts

    May I please have this slim rangefinder-style NX body? From here.
  40. stratokaster

    Olympus XZ-1 per se and compared to Samsung EX1

    I had a chance to play with Olympus XZ-1 for a week and I'd like to offer my take on this camera. First of all, I can say that I really like its handling. It's a very simple camera, it has even less options than admittedly spartan Samsung EX1. But unlike EX1, it has very few physical...
  41. stratokaster

    Olympus XZ-1 per se and compared to Samsung EX1

    I had a chance to play with Olympus XZ-1 for a week and I'd like to offer my take on this camera. First of all, I can say that I really like its handling. It's a very simple camera, it has even less options than admittedly spartan Samsung EX1. But unlike EX1, it has very few physical...
  42. stratokaster

    Have you ever contemplated changing careers?

    I mean - radically changing. For example, I am a journalist (dare I say - quite successful), but sometimes I really want to abandon my current career and become a carpenter or a cabinet maker. I love wood. I love its texture and its smell. When I was a child, I loved working with it and...
  43. stratokaster

    St. Nicholas Cathedral in Kyiv

    This is probably the most interesting building in Kyiv. It's hard to tell from this picture, but it's in a very bad condition. 6 years ago corrupted city officials allowed a commercial company to build a business center right in the cathedral's buffer zone. This severely damaged cathedral's...
  44. stratokaster

    Samsung Samsung EX1 appreciation thread

    Every time I have a chance to shoot with Samsung EX1, I can't help but feel that I made a mistake by investing in Micro 4/3 system. Samsung EX1 is such a wonderful camera. It is significantly more compact than even E-P1 and has a very useful 24-72mm zoom range. And that Schneider-Kreuznach lens...
  45. stratokaster

    Show "Light"

    I decided to start this thread in 'Other Genres,' because it's universal... Let's show our photographs where the light itself is the main subject!
  46. stratokaster

    Casio TRYX

    I'm not so sure if this little camera is 'serious' - however its 21mm (equivalent) f/2.8 aspherical prime lens sounds very interesting. (Also the company occupies a special place in my heart because my first camera ever was the excellent QV-3000EX.) RRP is $249 - certainly much cheaper than...
  47. stratokaster

    Solar eclipse

    This is the photo of today's solar eclipse in Kyiv. Shot with my old trusty Sony DSC-R1 through my wife's sunglasses. I almost went blind trying to frame the shot.
  48. stratokaster

    Hello from Ukraine

    I became interested in photography fairly recently (in 2003, to be exact), when my family gave me a lightly used Casio QV-3000EX as a New Year present. Its image quality quickly became limiting factor for me. In 2005, I acquired Sony DSC-R1 for travels and thus began my struggle with high...
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