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  1. Steve Noel

    Micro 4/3 Favorite walkabout prime?

    I have the Olympus E-M5i. I am now carrying it with a 35mm adapted lens. I am thinking of moving to a AF prime, in the same general focal length. I shoot almost all outdoors, in all light conditions, and am looking for the cleanest detail and color, that I can get. My budget is very tight. The...
  2. Steve Noel

    Micro 4/3 Old and New

    This is mostly highlighting my other hobby, wood work. The boxes are for my wife and daughters. There are some not pictured here. This is my small basement workshop. there are some power tools, not focusing on them today. They are the primary tools used in making the boxes. I have the tools...
  3. Steve Noel

    I'm Back

    Been gone from the old SC forum for a long while. Came back, looking for it, and you folks were gone! But, someone in admin, was thoughtful to add a link, to redirect me here. I'm the old Steve Noel from KY, Alaska, and other places, I believe I was Snkenai, in those days. But now new location...
  4. Steve Noel

    Seen anything about this?

    Today, I saw this. Tiny, lens-free camera could hide in clothes, glasses
  5. Steve Noel

    My 'other' hobby

    My other hobby is wood working, with mostly hand tools. OK, so I won't give up my cordless drills! Decided to do a quick and crude prototype tool box to store, carry my most used tools in. Used some construction grade knotty Pine. With counter-sunk screws. The next version will be all...
  6. Steve Noel

    Life's fleeting moments

    Those moments that are seen and gone quickly. Feel free to add your fleeting capture, any venue. Opened the curtain this morning at sun up, after 4-5" new snow, and this was there less than a couple minutes, and was gone. Clouds hid the light.
  7. Steve Noel

    What about.....

    Some thoughts: ...after SIJ. I did not do one every day, but did follow along as you all did. Some very nice work indeed! No more SIJ for me. Weather! Maybe a SI May/June, would be Better (for me). Spring/Fall most places in the world? Maybe a single image for each week, if every day is too...
  8. Steve Noel

    Have better cameras pushed flashes out of the picture?

    Asked to set up the camera for some family pictures yesterday (Thanksgiving 2016), I pulled out the FL36 with homemade bounce defuser. I first did some test/setup shots to get the light balance that I wanted. It's been a long while, and out of practice. I just could not get it the way I wanted...
  9. Steve Noel

    Micro 4/3 Panasonic or Oly 25mm for Landscape

    Looking for clean detail. Oh, the wife captured my Pana 20mm, sooo....
  10. Steve Noel

    Micro 4/3 Been gone for a while.

    Hello, Been gone for a while, with the camera in Summer hibernation. Decided to break it out for the coming Winter season. When I searched out the PL, I found myself back in time, at SC, and thought I'd taken a serious wrong turn! What's this? And, Amin as a cartoon creature? Anyway the battery...
  11. Steve Noel

    It"s a family thing

    I started photography at age 12 or 13, with my mom, and the old brownie box 620. I am now nearly 70 (November), with the OMD 5, and the old OM 50mm. For many years I trudged on in my obsession of photography and the quest for the best equipment that I could buy or trade for, alone. Hoping to get...
  12. Steve Noel

    Micro 4/3 What is the test of usability in a camera?

    One of my tests, living in cold country is: "Can it be operated with out removing gloves?" When I received my EM-5, I was skeptical of it's usability period, because of the tiny, close together buttons, etc. Now, after a couple of weeks, and less than 100 pictures, getting the settings basically...
  13. Steve Noel

    Evening Light and a Howdy

    Just thought I'd stop by for a hello, and to share the view. Don't do much photography lately. But, sometimes, just compelled to breakout the camera. Few days (nights) ago from my lawn. This one, is with the G5 and OM 50mm.
  14. Steve Noel

    News Saying Goodbye

    Didn't know where to post this. But, I guess, that it's news of sorts. As an out take from the thread, "things I've learned, this month", I have been re-evaluating, some things (photography) in my life, that have been a part of my life for over 50 years. I have realized after some months of...
  15. Steve Noel

    Fuji Charging

    Can the x100's battery be charged in camera via usb cable?
  16. Steve Noel

    Micro 4/3 OMD-EM5 or GX7

    I understand that opinions are like belly buttons. Everyone has one. But, they are all different. The question, I am posing is NOT: Which is better built? Which has better IQ? Which has better color? Which is faster? ETC., Let me set forth a few stats, to couch the question. I am 68 years...
  17. Steve Noel

    Yes, I still shoot...

    Thought I maybe, ought to post one, just to remind myself to keep shooting. Thanks Amin. End of another stormy afternoon. This afternoon. Or I guess not. Uploaded a photo. but will not display here. Oh well.:confused: Yes! Now we can. :dance4:
  18. Steve Noel

    Winter Leaving

    Snow about gone and Temp up! Flower pot Pine cone Garlic Deck Chair Dawn Sunrise over Kentucky
  19. Steve Noel

    Micro 4/3 Olympus 25mm vs Panasonic 20mm image quality.

    Anyone done a comparison? Being considering, for landscape/nature use. So, ability to cleanly resolve detail, with "calm" bokeh, is very important to me. Thanks,
  20. Steve Noel

    Titan's wrath, won't last!

    Yesterday, was heavy rain. Early evening was freezing rain. Last night and this morning, snow and 16 F degrees. Not terribly cold, but not balmy either. Just after this was taken, it really began snowing. Tomorrow, and the next day, it will likely begin melting. YA! :yahoo:
  21. Steve Noel

    Auto Retirement

    These 57s and more, have sat on this lot for many years. I've planned to stop and photograph them, but just never have, until today. Too cold to get out and do it right. Maybe another day, when the grass gets green.
  22. Steve Noel

    Another Wild Turkey morning

    There are over 30 wild turkeys hanging around. But not for long. They move out during the Summer. Light sprinkle of snow. Light frost, at sunup.
  23. Steve Noel

    Welcome to Silly Rabbit

    Come on out, and say hello to everyone. She's a bit shy. Her gallery:
  24. Steve Noel

    What now?

    Starting over, with an almost clean slate. Selling almost all my gear. Kept a couple of OM mount lenses, (one of them is the OM 50mm, f3.5 macro) at least for now. Due to fixed income, that allows for very limited money, for my lifelong photography "habit", I will have to buy used. I almost...
  25. Steve Noel

    Completed Olympus E-420 and 25mm f2.8 pancake lens | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling Olympus E-420 and 25mm f2.8 pancake lens Prices E-420 and 25mm $215 Location USA Ships to USA Description This E-420 is in excellent condition with less than 4400 shots. No scratches, dings, or other damage. Normal...
  26. Steve Noel

    Catchin' some January sun

    Self portrait. Reflection in our RV window, with back to the nearby barn. Just back from a walk in the woods and fields, and the sun felt so good, decided to sit out for a while. E-420 and OM 50mm, f1.8 with some heavy pp.
  27. Steve Noel

    Completed Olympus 25mm F2.8 Pancake lens (4/3) | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling Olympus 25mm F2.8 Pancake lens (4/3) Price lowered Prices Olympus 25mm $125.00 Please note: Those are not marks on the glass, just reflections. Location USA Ships to USA Description My family...
  28. Steve Noel

    Pentax Pentax K50/500

    Anyone with either of these. Impressions?
  29. Steve Noel

    Moving backwards, and forwards

    Having traded my E-p3 to my son for the old, lower level E-420, is going to push me, to work on my camera and PP skills. My first few images with it this week, left little doubt that I've been leaning pretty hard, on the abilities of the E-p3's JPEG, with some minor PP. So, until I become more...
  30. Steve Noel

    Free divers

    Caught on the weather channel link
  31. Steve Noel

    What is me...

    In my advancing age and declining health, I have to ask my self, ...What is photography to me, that I after more than 50 years, I still do it? Up front let me say, I've always been a machinery guy. If it has well designed moving parts, I like it, and want to get my hands on it! As a...
  32. Steve Noel

    Corn Shelling Time

    Harvest is the farmers reward for a summer's work.
  33. Steve Noel

    The Night Comes

    Take out, from November Nocturne Night (PAN). For those photos, not quite classified as nocturnal (darkness). Add yours. This, was as the wild turkeys were easing back into the woods, to "roost" for the night. They fly up into the tall trees. Note, the "hunter" cat, lurking in the lower right...
  34. Steve Noel

    Feedback Tablet for online video streeming

    This may be in the wrong location for this post. Situation and a Question. We have cable, high speed TV, phone and internet. We like to stream movies and past TV shows. I am thinking of getting a modestly priced tablet, such as the Amazon Fire 8.5", or other..., to be able to watch...
  35. Steve Noel

    News Efforts underway to raise Costa Concordia cruise liner

    Is this the right place for this? Have you seen this?
  36. Steve Noel

    Day 32, Silver September

    How about dumping your next best left over SS shots here? :smile: Here's one from last night. "TWISTED LIGHT"
  37. Steve Noel


    Where are You? Sure would be nice if everyone would include your state/country in your personal information. Many times the post would be much more interesting, if we knew where the picture or description/story, was originating from. It doesn't have to be too exact, just general world location...
  38. Steve Noel

    Salvage and Re-Purposing

    This thread is to document projects, that include, reusing the castoffs, of our throwaway culture. I just finished such a project, documented in the August One A Day challenge. (
  39. Steve Noel

    Completed E-p3 | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling</br> E-p3 </br>Prices</br> $325.00 </br>Location</br> USA </br>Ships to</br> USA </br>Description</br> Description and Pics are here at Mu-43: [FS] E-p3 | Location: USA | Ships: USA - Micro Four Thirds User Forum </br>Payment...
  40. Steve Noel

    Simi-Annual Tri County Car Show

    The simi-annual Tri county Car show held at the Campbellsville University (KY), had some beautiful works of auto-art. I took a few shots to give a feeling of the fair-like day and display. But, at the end of my walk through, I again went for a close up of a beautiful old truck with the side...
  41. Steve Noel

    Film Then and Now

    My first photos were taken with my mom's Brownie Junior 620, over 50 years ago. Still have a few of those pictures. Development and a fresh roll of film from Fox Photo, was $0.65. Today I found a Brownie Junior 620, at a yard sale, for $5.00. ( You didn't think I would leave it there, did...
  42. Steve Noel

    Completed SALE or TRADE Panasonic G1 and Vivitar 24mm | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling</br> SALE or TRADE Panasonic G1 and Vivitar 24mm Price drop. </br>Prices</br> $165 or Trade for Olympus VF2 </br>Location</br> USA </br>Ships to</br> USA </br>Description</br> This G1 has been in the family for 2 or 3 years, and hasn't been used...
  43. Steve Noel

    Micro 4/3 Match made on earth

    This combo has made my wife a very happy family photographer. She is the official "photographer", for family get together. We've been on a quest for the perfect combination, of compact, capable, and novice user friendly. Something to carry in the purse, always there and ready for events such as...
  44. Steve Noel

    Critique Wanted Photography Mishaps

    This thread did not start out to be a contest/challenge, but there are some really nice entries. So I have decided to let this thread run until Friday, June 7 (Eastern USA), and pick my favorite, to be announced Sat 8th. And also invite you all, to make a short post, naming yours. No scoring...
  45. Steve Noel

    Feast of Death.....Ants

    Fields and woods, around us are very infested with ants. They are trying to invade my space. Answer, Borax. Mixed with sugar water, they eat, take it back home, die, and if I understand it correctly; the living eat the dead and die also? Anyway, the first go around, we saw a greatly reduced...
  46. Steve Noel

    Completed E-p2 and Vivitar Series 1 70-210 | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - EbaySelling</br> E-p2 and Vivitar Series 1 70-210 </br>Location</br> USA </br>Ships to</br> USA </br>Link to Ebay listing</br> Have a look, and bid! Olympus Pen E P2 Digital Camera Black with Vivitar Series 1 70 210mm F3 5 50332172043 | eBay </br>References</br>...
  47. Steve Noel

    Pentax K-01 walk-about handy combo

    This setup is one of the handiest combos for my "woods and field" trips. Few years ago, I bought the Pentax reversing ring that screws into the filter threads, and allows reversing the lens to allow "macro" with about any lens. Effect depends on the lens used. I never really used it until lately...
  48. Steve Noel

    Completed Pentax K-01 | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Taking it down, again (last time) New ones too cheap to compete with. Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling</br> Pentax K-01 </br>Prices</br> $290.00 </br>Location</br> USA </br>Ships to</br> USA </br>Description</br> SALE or TRADE Black K01 with Pentax-M 50mm f1.7 and Tokina RMC...
  49. Steve Noel

    24 hours.... (a photo challenge)

    It is 8:25 PM EST, (Eastern USA). Let's have a photographic hint of your home/life. Not too obvious, just a "wee bit". Since we live in 24 different time zones, you count your own clock hours, but we will all be on the same 24 hours. So tomorrow night I will pick my favorite (not best), just...
  50. Steve Noel

    Evening stroll

    Warm evening at sundown. First Lilies, found in the woods, before Spring is officially with us. Evening and night sky.
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