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    London visit (Sep-Oct 2013)

    I have visited London for a business trip and enjoyed some cool photography with my old little trusted Nex-3 and 18-55mm lens. Sharing few pics here and looking forward for your comments. All night time long exposed pics were taken without tripod and I have used wall/floor to put camera...
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    (Deal Ended)Crazy Sale: Canon S100 $327, Nikon P7000 $157, and more [limited time]

    * This was found on Camera Deals via 1001 Noisy Cameras: source: Crazy Sale: Canon S100 $327, Nikon P7000 $157, and more [limited time] at Camera Deals
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    Attension!!! Khozema Onboarded

    Hello All, I am visiting this forum from many days and almost readed all post here. then i found everyone shouting about X100 :mad: So i finally decided landing here with my 150$ samy HZ30W to compete X100 :eek:.......
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    White Flower captured in zoo

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