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    Feedback How to unsubscribe from Gallery notifications?

    When the gallery wasn't working consistently, I chose to subscribe to be notified whenver someone uploaded. Well, now I'd like to unsubcribe.:redface: but can't seem to find the option anywhere? Can you point me in the right direction? I don't seem to see it listed under "subscriptions". Thanks!
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    To our friends and family in California and the recent earth quake

    I don't know who lives where but if there are any members who live out there (or have relatives or friends) - it would be great if you could check in and let us know how you and your friends and family are doing. - just saw this on the NY Times front page website. Hoping the quake hasn't been...
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    Flaw Found in Key Method for Protecting Data on the Internet

    What do you all know about this that I've just read on the NY Times April 8th, 2014 @ 5:08PM in an article written by Nicole Perlroth in the Bits blog...
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    Landscapes: for the broader view of nature

    I've just started a "sticky" thread for color landscapes over in the Scenic, Architecture, and Travel forum, if you feel like using it. As of now it appears that this forum has tended towards the more specific views of the nature.
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    Words/No Words: Color landscapes

    For those who aren't familiar with the terms "words/no words" basically it means that W/NW threads are not for critiquing of images, but rather a place of sharing. Of course it's always fine to tell someone how much you like their photographs.:cool: Please consider using this thread to share...
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    Leica April 24th: Leica T announcement?

    It seems that there could be something new coming... I've read some speculations about this camera and am not really sure where the "T" comes in, but that's what people seem to be...
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    Fuji Michael Reichmann's (Luminous Landscapes) take on the X-T1

    And now for something a little different: Fuji X-T1 - Further Thoughts by Michael Reichman for your reading pleasure or not. Spoiler alert: he's not completely persuaded.
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    Fuji X-T1 Image Samples

    OK all of you folks who have the Fuji X-T1, show us your stuff! Feel free to include the lens you've used as well. Inquiring eyes are on a need to know basis.
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    Fuji Have you received your X-T1 and what do you think?

    I know at least a couple of people besides Rico have their X-T1 cameras...while others are waiting. So, how about filling us in with your first impressions?
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    Chess for the novice

    I am sure a bunch of you play chess. I never have and was thinking about trying to learn how, or maybe I should stick with backgammon, though it has been quite a while since I've played... Are there any good online sites or apps that any of you all might recommend? (I should have thought...
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    Apple Uploading from iPad to Lightroom

    I have Lightroom on an external hard drive...not sure if that really matters regarding this question. How do you, or do you, move your photos from your iPad into Lightroom? I did a little searching and found some info about Photosmith, but thought I'd ask you all before I delved any deeper...
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    Fuji TCSTV X-T1 test with The Camera Store's Chris Niccolls and guest Nick Devlin

    Courtesy of Chris Niccolls of The Camera Store, I'm posting a link to his X-T1 video review here: for your viewing pleasure...and to help all of you who've pre-ordered or are waiting on the sidelines to learn more. I always enjoy The Camera Store's...
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    To our flooded friends in the UK

    While I knew many parts have been experiencing terrible rains and wind, I only just saw some aerial photos from the BBC news on our PBS (public tv) channel. :eek: Wow! I feel so badly for all who are impacted by these rains and the overflowing rivers. Please check in when you can. I'm...
  14. BBW

    OS X Mavericks with "one free upgrade" announced

    Just received an email about it and here's the link to Apple's site: I'm still on OS X 10.6.8 so perhaps it is time I moved forward? What do all you MacIntosh/Apple users think? (Please let's keep this...
  15. BBW

    iPad Air for photography - is it finally time to buy?

    Yes, it's that time again.... I am once again seriously thinking of buying an iPad.:026::daz: Most of you are used to my terrible lack of decision making skills and probably feel it's like listening to "the boy who cried wolf". Mea culpa! Why do I want it - because I've gotten lazy and think...
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    Fuji To our friends and their families in the Philippines who have been hit by the typhoon

    I know we have had members from the Philippines and I'm not sure if they're still active here or not...but I know my heart, as well as other people's hearts, go out to all who have been devastated by the typhoon, so I offer this as a very small token to our friends and their families there. I'm...
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    To all of our friends in the Philippines who've been hit by the typhoon

    I know we have had members from the Philippines and I'm not sure if they're still active here or not...but I know my heart, as well as other people's hearts, go out to all who have been devastated by the typhoon, so I offer this as a very small token to our friends and their families there. I'm...
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    Feedback private message notifications via email - not working?

    For some reason, I'm no longer receiving email notifications of private messages, though I do get a nice handy pop up when I come on to the site. Just wanted to let you know.
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    "The Moment a Photographer Became a Historian" and RIP Bill Eppridege

    A beautiful tribute of photos and words to be found at:
  20. BBW

    NY Times Lens blog: "Looking at Our Hometowns"

    "Looking at Our Hometowns" by James Estrin of the NY Times: I've just begun looking and am more than amazed. Enjoy yourselves and forget about what camera you have!:drinks: (I've posted this on FujiXspot - it's worth reading...
  21. BBW

    Fuji "Looking at Our Hometowns" from the Lens blog at the NY Times

    "Looking at Our Hometowns" by James Estrin of the NY Times: I've just begun looking and am more than amazed. Enjoy yourselves and don't give what kind of camera you have a second thought!
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    Fuji Please introduce yourselves!

    Here's a welcome to everyone that has taken the time to register and become a member! Many of us here know each other from one of Amin's other forums... Yet I know there are quite a few people here who may just not have gotten around to introducing themselves - so please stop in here on this...
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    Fuji APS-C with a good fixed zoom... a small package - will Fuji ever make one? The only existing one that I'm aware of is the oft maligned but also enjoyed by many Leica X-Vario. I've never seen one in real life and don't want to get into a Leica bashing discussion. Is there a camera that exists like this and if not, do...
  24. BBW

    Fuji 1001noisycameras: Fuji X System Builder Returns: X-E1 & 4 primes & 18-55mm $2645

    Here's the link for your perusal: Fuji X System Builder Returns: Fuji X-E1 and 4 primes and 18-55 zoom for $2645 - 1001 Noisy Cameras There are several different ways one can save all appear to be via Amazon.
  25. BBW

    Compact LX7 and D-Lux6: how have these cameras been upgraded

    So, I know there are at least a few on here who have the current iterations of this camera. I used to have the LX5, I think that was it...nice little camera, great wide angle...very small LCD screen and to my eyes there was always a yellow white balance cast...but I learned to deal with it...
  26. BBW

    Fuji Will August bring out the Fuji X-A1?

    Rather than being "productive" I've been searching the Web for stories on Fuji's X-M1 and possible other new cameras and came across several hits on the X-A1. Apparently it will not have the X trans sensor and will offer interchangeable lenses - and be less expensive the the X-M1...if the rumors...
  27. BBW

    Fuji Flickr - the new updates?

    I just found out that Flickr has made some rather big changes to their site. I'm not sure when this was done but my initial impressions are that I don't care for it, however I'm going to try to get to know it... I've found that on my own photostream if I hit Edit from along the top, I can then...
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    Fuji To all of our members in Boston, or visiting the Marathon - please check in!

    Having heard the terrible news about the explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, I couldn't help but immediately think of Amin and Herbert and other members, their families and friends who may have been nearby. Please let us know how you are. When this kind of thing happens...
  29. BBW

    Fuji Nik Software and Google

    Boy, am I behind the times or what? I had no idea that Google acquired Nik. I just got an email from something that I thought might be a "phishing" expedition email... Did a search and it really is real. Just goes to show me how oblivious I've been to most things photographic since we bought...
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    Fuji Private messages - do you want notifications?

    Just a quick note to remind everyone that if you want to receive notifications that you've received a PM/private message then you will need to go to your profile and adjust things.:thumbup: I know that at first I forgot to do this and apparently I am not the only one.:th_salute:
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    Fuji Flickr having some issues?

    I've just noticed that suddenly quite a few of my photos are not showing up on Flickr..what they are showing up as is a big blank white space with the type "photo" in the upper left hand corner. When I click on a set I see them as little blue squares with ? marks inside them. I'm clearly not the...
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    Animals The Animal Kingdom: wild or domestic!

    We've got dogs and cats covered, but how about the rest of the animal kingdom? Here's one to start things off. This contented cow was chewing her cud at a small country fair in Sheffield, Massachusetts.
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    W/NW Color Portraits

    W/NW: "words/no words" basically means that W/NW threads are not for critique of images, but rather a place of sharing. Of course it's always fine to tell someone how much you like their photographs. Please add your own here if you don't feel like starting your own thread! This is one from the...
  34. BBW

    Color: Words/No Words

    For those who aren't familiar with the terms "words/no words" basically it means that W/NW threads are not for critique of images, but rather a place of sharing. Of course it's always fine to tell someone how much you like their photographs. Please add your own color images that you've enjoyed...
  35. BBW

    Cars, trucks and things that go!

    I know there are quite a few classic car lovers here, as well as those who feel the same way about motorcycles, trucks and more... Here's one I took last August with my handy X10 from a small classic car show in Kent, Connecticut. Please add your own of any genre that fits the...
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    Fuji Remedial lens help: what do these lenses "translate" to in 35mm speak?

    For those who know me, they already accept my lens "translation" challenges. That said, I can't be the only person reading photo forums who doesn't always understand how the lenses translate. My brain still thinks in terms of film 35mm lenses...:blush: Ray, Rico - or anyone else can you help...
  37. BBW

    Fuji So this is where Xtogs is!

    Being rather out of the loop of late over on Serious Compacts, I had no idea what everyone was talking about re "Xtogs". Then I looked up at the newish banner and saw the X icon.:blush: Glad I found my way here and hope that in a few months I'll be more than an infrequent visitor. (In the...
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    News Instagram's new terms of service - your photographs and more (Instagram is owned by Facebook)

    If you use Instagram and more importantly if you continue to to and don't want your photographs used without your knowledge... Well, you'd better read this: What Instagram's New Terms of Service Mean for You - I don't know if this link I posted will allow nonsubscribers to read...
  39. BBW

    Holiday wishes even for those who wish the holidays would "go away".

    Time seems to be moving faster these days - or is it just me? So much goes on outside of these cyber walls - some of it exciting, fun and "good" while some the complete opposite. Obviously one only shares so much on an open forum even when we feel we're among good friends here on Serious...
  40. BBW

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving wherever you are! Although I'm not on the forum as much as I'd like to be these days, I'll always feel as though this is a virtual home thanks to all the good friends here at Serious Compacts. I'm thankful for all that I've learned here and the wonderful...
  41. BBW

    For all of us dog lovers out there and here and to our best friends.

    I don't usually read the Style section of Sunday's NY Times...but I do admit to checking their "Modern Love" column most of the time. This time I'm especially glad I did. I think any of us who have been lucky enough to have a best dog friend will find it worth reading...
  42. BBW

    Remembering Marvin Hamlisch, RIP.

    For some of us, Marvin Hamlisch's songs were a big part of our lives. I'm sure I am was not alone to be shocked to learn of his death yesterday. I'm sure his family and friends will miss him terribly. This song will always be one of my favorites... However, he...
  43. BBW

    Beach wear and photos!

    For those who are heading to the beach, here's a heads up on some of the latest SPF protection from the NY Times, today: and there are several very good photos, too. Luke, are you out there...
  44. BBW

    The 2012 Summer Olympics!

    I have to believe that there is going to be someone here who will end up seeing part of these Olympic games - and perhaps photographing some aspect? We watched the opening ceremonies last night, but I'm ashamed to say that I went to bed before it was over.... Here are some photos from the NY...
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    Feedback Members list - where is it?

    I'm really embarrassed to say that I can't seem to locate the full membership list anymore. I was trying to track someone down. The only list I can seem to find is comprised of my "friends and contacts"... Any pointers or did this full list get done away with? Thanks in advance!
  46. BBW

    Advice needed on a possible commercial use of some photos

    I was approached by an interior design company that is interested in using some of my photographs from a particular location as the basis for some graphic artwork that would be used in yes, dare I say it, a MacDonald's that is in and around this location, that is this particular small city...
  47. BBW

    Storms sweeps through the Mid-Atlantic in the USA - 3 million without power

    On another thread there are several of us who've been complaining about the heat waves...but things have been really bad for some who have been hit with a terrible summer storm/s...along with what has been a high heat wave in parts of these same areas. Mostly I'm posting this to send a hello...
  48. BBW

    The 1st Serious Compact Salon Challenge: Companionship

    At Amin's request, I'm kicking of a version of a group effort that has been quite successful and enjoyable over across the hall at Mu-43. It's a bi-weekly challenge - each one will run for two weeks, and it's self-sustaining which takes the organizing pressure off of everyone. All we need to do...
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    Fuji Fuji X100 with the conversion lens - WCL-X100, effective 28mm lens

    Have I missed it or has anyone here already gotten a hold of one of these conversion lenses? I've been rather preoccupied with things not at all camera related and may be behind the times on this. As soon as I heard about this lens, I knew eventually I'd want to buy it. I haven't yet but hope to...
  50. BBW

    Fuji X-10 Sensor exchange - in the USA

    I just received an email notification regarding sending back the camera from the Edison, NJ group. This is in part what the email said: Interesting that it says "free camera evaluation". No special shipping box for us over here on the other side of the pond, we have to pack it up and ship...
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