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    Garry, I am so so sorry. Since you and I have already been in touch about this, I won't write my feelings again about Tilly, the little larger that life girl who lived everyday to the fullest. Perhaps you can put together a book for your friend. At first it will be hard but cathartic...and...
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    Garry, you know how thrilled I was to hear this - an answer to many prayers and wishes - hooray!!!!! At some point, please let us know how Tilly was found. I know there are many who are celebrating Tilly's being found, but none as much as you and your friend, Tilly's owner. Three cheers for this...
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    Oh Garry - to think that this Tilly's is the story that brought me back here. Can't even imagine it. Everyone that see and reads this will have their thoughts with you and Tilly and her owner/your friend - and picturing you all together again safe and sound.
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    Oh Ray, I just heard of your heartbreaking news from Garry. I am so terribly sorry for yours and your wife's great loss. I do know how incredibly difficult it is, even when you know you did right by Millie. She was a soulful girl as well as a sweetheart I know. Thank you for all these photos. I...
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    I've never had pet insurance...and we sure have spent a lot of money on our pets. Just before Christmas we sadly had to put our 18 year old cat to sleep after a round of treatments...then our dog was in the hospital for almost a week - very expensive!!!! But we love them so we take care of them...
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    Oh I am so sorry that Little B has had such a continuing rough go. I hadn't realized he was having problems again. I do hope he'll be feeling 100% well soon!
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    Stroll Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

    Very dreamy, Don...and perhaps just a bit sinister? Or perhaps that's only my interpretation...too many murder mysteries running around my brain, maybe?:wink:
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    Stroll Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

    Richard, thanks so much for that link. They're an impressive crew. I take my hat off to them for their courage and determination and surely hope their trip is both safe and successful. I hope you'll remind us about their trip/adventure. Personally, I am much to much of a "wimp" to ever even...
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    Fuji New X-A2 & lenses, New X-Q2 and others

    Love that blue sky doorway in your first, Stephen! I remember when this camera came out...and Rico you strongly suggested I'd like it. One of these days I probably will get back into having a camera with interchangeable lenses...and this one just might be it!
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    News Saying Goodbye

    Steve, thank you for not just fading away. That said, I do hope if and when the spirit moves you that you'll stop by and say hello. I am very sorry to read that your eyesight is failing. I wish you all the best with your life and your family, Steve. You will be missed.
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    Fuji Would You Buy an X-Ex Camera With a Bayer Sensor?

    Yes, I would. Did and would again.
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    Fuji New X-A2 & lenses, New X-Q2 and others

    You know, I used to feel I required a viewfinder - a really good one. I can see it if you're using manual focus on something fine...or legacy lenses, however I've gotten quite used to not having a viewfinder. Perhaps it is my aging eyes but I find framing is the main thing for me. These cameras...
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    Show: Beautiful People (no nudity)

    Such a cutie and with those beautiful eyes!
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    Single in January 2015 - How's the ride? (Days 1-10)

    I've debated about posting in here, so I'll keep it brief. I did explain more in my yesterday's (January 5th's) photo. Don't want to derail this thread at all. I'll just say here that I so appreciate everyone's photographs (many which I haven't seen - yet) and everyone's reactions to my own. Not...
  15. SIJ - Day 5

    SIJ - Day 5

    In memoriam J. N. A. Wylie, my brother and eldest sibling, who "crossed the bar" very early this morning - and very suddenly. I took some time outside with my faithful companion as the sun was coming up over the mountains. I debated about posting this, but decided to. What you can't...
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    Feedback How to unsubscribe from Gallery notifications?

    It's all the way down at the bottom left of the SIJ 2015 gallery. I did unsubscribe and have gotten a few more notifications but perhaps they were already in the "shute". Thanks so much for your compliments on my "old man winter", Luke!
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    Feedback How to unsubscribe from Gallery notifications?

    Strike that last post - I found it!:biggrin: Thanks - sorry I just couldn't see it before.
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    Feedback How to unsubscribe from Gallery notifications?

    Can't seem to find any disabling for alerts for the gallery itself. I keep looking but just don't see it. Not talking about whether I want to get notifications on one of my photos...I know about that checking of the box...but this "subscription" is to the whole current SIJ gallery - which...
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    Feedback How to unsubscribe from Gallery notifications?

    When the gallery wasn't working consistently, I chose to subscribe to be notified whenver someone uploaded. Well, now I'd like to unsubcribe.:redface: but can't seem to find the option anywhere? Can you point me in the right direction? I don't seem to see it listed under "subscriptions". Thanks!
  20. SIJ - Day 4

    SIJ - Day 4

    on a cold, cloudy and fog filled day...the old Maple stands strong.
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    Sounds and looks wonderful, Alf!
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    I saw your top one over on Flickr very recently - what a view, Alf! Can you tell us a little about these mountains and where you were?
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    Feedback Site problems, Gallery not available

    :rofl: P.S. Just to be clear about my laughing - I don't know how you find time to "do this" in your busy life, Amin!
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    Cooking by Photos - Homemade Semi-Dried Tomatoes

    Nic, I saw these last night on Flickr and immediately started salivating! As I remarked on Flickr, your second here, reminds me of a musical score.:thumbup:
  25. BBW

    Hi all!!

    Enrique!!!! I'm oh so glad to see you here and can't wait to see what you're up to with that Leica X Vario. 2015 has already brought good things - seeing you here again!:friends:
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    WINNER ANNOUNCED! The Sixth Photographer's Lounge Salon Challenge–New Year's Resolution

    Yes, indeed - congratulations to Miguel and to Opal - and that piece of pasta that so made her laugh! A wonderful image of love and life!
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    Comment by 'BBW' in media 'SIJ - Day 02'

    Softly beautiful. It feels as though it must have been very, very quiet. How fortunate you were to be there to see this at that moment.
  28. BBW

    Comment by 'BBW' in media 'SIJ - Day 03'

    My first reaction was that the blues and yellows were beautiful. Then as I read what kind of building it was, I could imagine the warmth inside with all that swimming pool humidity...and felt myself slipping into that warm water. What a cool view you found!
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    Comment by 'BBW' in media 'SiJ15 - Day 3 - Lines & Shadows'

    I like the grittiness of this very much, as well as the high contrast...the shadows coming in on a slant, the lines on the pavement...and the buildings in the background that seem to be bathed in fog or mist - and that dark palm tree on the right really helps counterbalance the man walking hands...
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    Comment by 'BBW' in media 'SiJ15 day 3, walking in the rain.'

    This is very interesting. I wish I hadn't read your least not until I'd reacted. Very impressionistic. You might try more like this, especially if you get a little bit of sunlight. You did well to see this!
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    Comment by 'BBW' in media 'SiJ 2015 AJH Day 03 - Thin Ice'

    No one told the gulls...poor fellows can't read. You'd think that swan would have had the courtesy to clue them in. ;-) Very good catch!
  32. BBW

    Comment by 'BBW' in media 'SIJ 3 Stardate 1.3.15'

    "Boldly going where no man would has gone before" - what a wonderful close-up of the Christmas tree galaxy! This is a real keeper - it would look great in a nice silver frame!
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    Comment by 'BBW' in media 'SiJ_Day_3_English Channel_Caen - DP3M'

    Wow, Bill - that was some day you had! And then the kind hearted wild boar family at home to greet you and your wife! I'll tell you, this photograph is beautiful. I think this is could be my all time favorite of yours that I've ever seen. There is a real 3D feeling... I, too, can smell the sale...
  34. SIJ - Day 3

    SIJ - Day 3

    "old man winter" puts up with just about anything
  35. BBW

    Film Fujifilm Instax's Are Selling Like Crazy

    Wow, I take back what I just typed to Bill - that does look good! Uh oh...I can feel the moths starting to stir in my wallet!:wink: Thank you Thomas - that's very cool.
  36. BBW

    Film Fujifilm Instax's Are Selling Like Crazy

    I'd forgotten about that thread, Bill. Now I remember.. Yes, I was wondering about the printers. Of course when one is as obsessive about "getting the look" to be the way I want it...I might be disappointed by the results..but heck, it's better than never getting around to printing at all!
  37. BBW

    Comment by 'BBW' in media 'SIJ - Day 2'

    Thanks so much you all! One never knows if what one sees will translate to others.
  38. BBW

    Comment by 'BBW' in media 'SIJ 2015 - 02'

    I love your daughters - and your portraits of them! I'm sitting here drinking my coffee and laughing - thank you to both of you! Please tell your daughter I love her troll beard!!!!
  39. BBW

    Comment by 'BBW' in media 'SIJ Day 1'

    I do believe your wife becomes ever more beautiful. From an aesthetic viewpoint the colors and stripes are wonderful against the dark background of the stonework - and her earrings play off very nicely too. Zulma looks relaxed and at ease. This is a lovely, natural portrait of your muse and soul...
  40. BBW

    Comment by 'BBW' in media 'SIJ - Day 2'

    Yes, I also like the way he's facing you...but looking though thinking his own thoughts as he fingers that piece...a lucky poker piece, a bus token...? Well done, Antonio.
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    Comment by 'BBW' in media 'SIJ15 - Day 3'

    Aha, that's how kite flying is done these days! I like your framing very much with the juxtapositions and colors...and keeping that part of the tree in there was just right!
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    Comment by 'BBW' in media 'SIJ 15 #2'

    It is both beautiful and intriguing, though my bet is that the merchant doesn't care for it. A very interesting eyes go in and out and across and back again.
  43. BBW

    Comment by 'BBW' in media 'SiJ15 - Day Three - A foal no more'

    Thank you, Mark - he's such a handsome fellow and it's good to see that glint in his eye. I admire you and your wife so much for what you do. Must also add that I like the old timey faded film look very much. I hope you have a wall of photos somewhere with all of your rescues in their full glory!
  44. BBW

    Comment by 'BBW' in media 'SiJ - Day Three'

    You're not kidding about the sun showing her face! Such a gorgeous vessel - wonderful against the blues, Itchy. Hard to imagine sailing across in it across the seas - let alone from Glasgow to Portland, Oregon!!?! Beautiful colors and reflections.
  45. BBW

    new year maintenance suggestions

    Very nice, Bill - love that expression of yours!:biggrin:
  46. BBW

    Film Fujifilm Instax's Are Selling Like Crazy

    Uh oh - this could be dangerous, or, what I mean is I might become addicted! I'd love to see some examples of the prints one gets.
  47. BBW

    new year maintenance suggestions

    All is forgiven - I'm sure you're right about the badger/boar bristles and like to think they didn't have to give up their lives for this kind of luxurious shave. Thanks for the clarification as well as the photos! I bet this all does make a big difference.
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