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    Leica Black Frames on M240

    On two separate occasions I've ended up with black frames being recorded on the SD card. On both occasions the shutter sounds rather feeble, i.e. not its usual reassuring self when everything is normal. Battery no less than 50% and the EXIF recorded for the blanks is consistent with the next...
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    Leica Walk-in X Ray Machine

    M240, Summicron 35 ASPH This way to the X Ray machine by Steve Wales, on Flickr
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    Leica Weather sealing of the M240 'system'

    I understand the M240 camera body offers a degree of weather protection due to the design, ie rubber seals around switches etc, but I've not read any similar claims about M lenses, either in literature or on the Net. The way I look at it is this, anything with external moving parts should be...
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    Leica Got my M240, could do with some advice on using a RF

    Picked up a new M240 yesterday, a black version, but not much I can do until I pick up the lens on Thursday, hopefully. Whilst waiting, could someone give me some tips on using a RF camera for focus, and on gauging exposure. I read Eric Kims blog and he advises using guesstimates for distance...
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    Leica 50mm f1.4 'lux choice - help!

    Is it possible to describe in words the difference between a pre ASPH and the later ASPH when used on a digital M, eg the M240, in terms of image quality? The asking price 2nd hand suggests the ASPH is a better lens. I'm considering a non ASPH that isn't 6 bit coded. I assume the camera can be...
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    Leica Black or Silver ?

    M240 I'm aware it's a personal choice, just like the colour of a car, but which one wears more aesthetically, Black or Silver? I must say I like the look of the two-tone black-silver, it looks really nice.
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    Leica Range finder on the street

    First off I hope I'm posting this in an appropriate forum / sub forum, if not I offer my apology. Currently I'm using a bunch of M4/3 cameras with tilting screens, so PoV is easily adjusted. My question is this: what is the best way of doing this with a range finder such as the M Type 240? I...
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    Leica New here with a question

    I'm a U4/3 user and contribute to the sister site to this with the same user name. I have a 'scratch' that I really need to do something about. My subconscious is telling me to get a Leica because life is not a dress rehearsal - when you're gone you're gone. However, before I attend to the...
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    Film Commercial 35mm processing - recommendations

    To begin with I hope I've posted this is in the right place. Does anyone have any recommendations for commercial film processing in the UK? It's the quotient of Quality / Cost I suppose (that maybe upside down but you get my drift hopefully). Some of the vendors I've looked at are quite...
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    Film Just joined, minutes ago

    I'm currently shooting digital using micro 4/3, and I'm a member of Amin's sister site (Mu-43). Im not sure what it is that continues to draw me towards film, maybe the years before the mast, as it were, maybe the process (I had a dark room, but that's long gone), the smell of the chemicals, the...
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