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    Leica Leica Buyer Recommendation-Sam at Classic Connections

    I joined this group so I could post a recommendation for the person I sold my father's Leica camera equipment to: Sam Shoshan at Classic Connection LLC. I know little to nothing about Leica camera equipment except my father, who took thousands of slides and photographs in his lifetime, was a...
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    Micro 4/3 GX8 announced. 20.3mp, DFD, 4k video, IBIS works with lens stabilization, dust/water resistant. Looks like a much needed improvement. I'll just link this because it has all the links to other places first impressions, videos, sample images etc...
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    Fuji The Fujifilm X series image thread.

    I just realized that this thread didn't exist so I decided to create one. I'll start off with this image. Fujifilm X-T1 + 23mm F1.4 at F1.4, straight from camera. +2 Highlights/Shadows, Classic Chrome, ISO 800. I was playing around with these two lenses and I am not a fanboy for any company...
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    Lightroom 5.7 Released. RAW Support for LX100, X100T, D750 and more! Bug fixes and general improvements aswell.
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    Fuji Fuji X30 Announced: Tilt screen, same EVF as X-E2, MANUAL MOVIE CONTROLS!!!! 12MP 2/3” X-Trans CMOS II sensor EXR Processor II NEW Real Time Viewfinder with 0.005 second lag time, 0.65 magnification and 2.36M dot OLED Intelligent Hybrid AF in 0.06 seconds Fast start-up time of 0.5 seconds...
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    Panasonic 35-100mm and a very laid back music festival

    Normally I shoot with my 25mm OR 12-35mm but today I was just another attendee at a music festival and felt like something different. So I pull out my rarely used 35-100mm and went for gold. I got into the photographer's section and live out my fantasy of being in front of the barrier and...
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    An EDM club in Sydney

    I sometimes film and photograph EDM. I forgot to photograph his face (got lots of video of it though)
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    Friday night with Markus Schulz

    I shot the whole thing on ISO 3200 hand held, the lights of course were going mental the whole time so AF wasn't having fun with that but it worked, I got less out of focus shots than I would of thought. Normally I go into the crowd and shoot from their perspective/people dancing but this time...
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    past few days with the Fuji

    last few days with the Fuji before I have to return it.
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    Sydney and Palm Beach with the X-E2 + 18-55mm and 55-200mm

    I'm going to print a photo book for work to show what the X-E2 can do so I went photographing in the city and at the beach.
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    Fuji VSCO Film 5 released!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a big fan of VSCO so naturally this looks awesome to me. I'm surprised at how fast this came out.
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    some human and animal portraits

    I predominately photograph in colour but every now and then an image just looks right in black and white. A mixture of m43 and fuji x-e2
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    GX7 - Headline DJ at a nightclub - SOOC 1920x1080 50p f2.8 iso 800 this was probably the highlight of the night
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