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    Favorite Black & White Photos

    Here's a mix of my favorite black & white conversions. As with every category of photography I enjoy, I strongly favor the darker end of the exposure spectrum. I love how black & white photography, in particular, provides light & shadow the opportunity to perform their magical duet. Tony 1...
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    Black Foam Core Projects

    One of my favorite "tabletop" macro / close-up photography projects involves the use of black foam core board and strategic lighting angles. My seashell collection looks especially nice against the black background. It celebrates the interplay of light & shadow and makes for a very enjoyable...
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    Inner Space Meets Outer Space

    When I last visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, Califronia, my primary interest was jellyfish. I wanted to create the effect of an image you might see in astrophotography similar to photographs of deep space nebulae. The particles floating within the tank lend the appearance of...
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    Hello To All

    Hello, I enjoy bird & wildlife photography with my collection of superzoom cameras. I look forward to sharing my photos and interacting with you. I've recently posted a thread in the Nature forum titled "Strictly For The Birds" if you'd like to see the types of images I enjoy capturing. Best...
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