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    Film Fujifilm Neopan 400

    Fuji ceased production a while ago so I've just picked up a nice stash ( 5/2015) to fill an unused corner of a friend's fridge. I remember having shot some rolls back in the 80s but wonder if anybody else still uses this film.
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    Film Fujifilm Neopan SS

    I still have 30 or so rolls stashed away. Any experiences with that film, especially with pushing it to somewhere about 400ASA? I got them just before I moved and haven't had a chance to try them yet.
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    Film Scanning negatives and slides

    So far I have only scanned prints or had a lab or scan service do the job but I'm looking forward to scan some old as well as future negatives myself. I thought about getting one of those Novoflex or Nikon duplicator rigs and use it with one of my digital cameras and a macro lens but I'm...
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    Show: Clouds

    @admin or mod: could we have some more stickies in the different image forums in order not to start an ego thread for each and every piccie. Anyway, here's them clouds, shot with that lousy 1855 :)
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    Las Palmas Carneval - II - The not-so-bright side

    To keep it short, just three numbers: ~33% unemployment on the islands, ~63% among the youth, the third worst rate in Europe. Carneval 2014 - the not-so-bright side: C&C welcome ... thx for looking !
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    Las Palmas Carneval - I - The brighter side

    Shot these some days ago during the last days of this years carneval. All with the 1855 'wide open' on the XP1 + Astia. Thx for looking !
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    Abandoned ships

    Found this russian beauty in the harbor today. Some locals told me that they've got 'mountains' of abandoned ships just one mile north of this place. Maybe I find some time to check them out this weekend, can't wait. ... ... ... And some chinese vessels ... Thanks for looking !
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    Here's why ...

    ... my neighbor the fisherman gave up gardening ... ... and took up standing meditation for a while ... ... until the waters calmed ... ... and he found his peace of mind again in doing just what he did all his life ...
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    Las Palmas Marathon 2014

    Shot these today right around the block under the harsh Canarian sun (XP1/1855). ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
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    XP1 on tour ...

    Had a few free hours today, beautiful weather so I took the brick and the 1855 on a walk. Couldn't wish for a better (albeit slightly lighter) rig, the 1855 keeps blowing me away. The sky was dark-blue, almost like in Tibet at 6500m, couldn't get enough. Thanks for looking ! Playa 'Las...
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    Fuji Greetings from my new home ...

    ... on the Canary Islands. After months of moving tons of stuff around, a short stopover in some remote swamps (no more of that - promised) I finally made it and arrived at my new home with almost nothing but my Xes, laptop and some paperwork. Loads of work ahead but I'm ready and so are my...
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    Fuji Hello from the swamps ...

    Hi all. I'm currently moving to my new home on the Canary Islands, together with my relatively new X-Pro1, some sweet lenses and my trusty X10. Loads of work ahead but I can't wait to shoot the .... out of my Fujis and finally enjoy them in some brighter conditions than you'd find over here...
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    Timeless swamps ...

    ... yet again.
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    Just back from a walk ...

    ... through the swamps, with the XP1 and X10 ... got some more
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