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    Leica XVario firmware Update. released !

    Hi guys, you can enjoy your XVario with better improvement now thanks to the just released firmware update. some nice features announced but also some hidden too! AF seems much better now, you can confirm here if you feel the same as I do... enjoy. Downloads // Leica X Vario // Leica X //...
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    Leica Rangefinder System. Rediscovering photography

    bellow is a link to my 2 days experience with a Leica M system. if you're someone considering delving into the RF world, this could be for you! hope you enjoy the reading and pictures included. Rodrigue
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    Leica The Breeze Whisperer

    Leica XVario
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    Leica The North Face

    another one of my whife!
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    Leica Pictures with sound

    The way of th cross, sound and pictures, shot using Leica XVario and edited in FCPX. a slideshow I hope you guys are gonna like.
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    Leica Way of the Cross

    The way of the Cross is an event that takes place every Good Friday at my hometown "Kobayat" north of Lebanon. A Procession that carries the Cross up to one of the village's mountaintops.
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    Leica Skiing above the clouds

    Best friends and I in our last backcountry ski adventure for this season. Here at almost 3000m ASL, snow is more than what we had hoped for! Leca XVario.
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    Leica A Wifie

    My love was waiting for me to get home from my morning bicycle ride, so we can go out have lunch. I couldn't help but pointing my XVario to that beautiful sleepy face :-)
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    Leica headfirst

    Summer is around the corner, but for those kids, it's already here. Beirut Corniche. Leica XVario.
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    Leica My XVario related interview. Leica Camera AG

    Honored to be featured on Leica Camera social media. Here's the interview. Hope you enjoy it.
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    Leica Stray Boat !

    At the historic fishermen harbor. Byblos. Lebanon. Leica XVario.
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    Leica Merchant Nap

    A deserved nap on a Sunday noon hour at the historic souks of Byblos. Lebanon. Leica XVario.
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    Leica Shawarma.

    If haven't tested it yet, I highly advise you do as soon as you get a chance ;-) Leica XVario.
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    Leica Merchant Nap

    A deserved Sunday noon nap at the old historic souks of Byblos. Lebanon.
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    Leica LEica XVario Fashion Editorial.

    From digital viewing to editorial work to 60X40 posters, the XVario simply rocks.
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    Leica On sea as it is on heaven.

    Sea currents seem to mimic cloud pattern above! Jounieh Bay. Lebanon. Leica X Vario.
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    Leica A Wifey Ultimatum

    After realising how busy I was lately shooting and posting pictures of models, people on the streets, landscape and even cats, she got jealous and she gave me an ultimatum. Either I make a new portrait of her or I go sleep outside :-)
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    Leica My 3 months of ownership review of the XVario

    hope you'll enjoy the show!
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    Leica My 3 months of ownership review of the XVario

    Hope you'll enjoy it.
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    Leica High Key Brunette!

    During today's photo shoot. Zeina, posing for ELLE magazine. The XVarior
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    Leica Ethiopian Mass on Phoenician Soil!

    Ethiopian girls taking the alleys of the historic Phoenician city of Batroun by a storm. Working in the country mainly as home assistants, they take their Sundays off and gather at a nearby medieval church to rehearse their choral and assist a special mass. me and a friend of mine who were at...
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    Leica Clock Tower

    Abandoned but still an eye catcher!
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    Leica first portrait of 2014!

    Punto, our neighbour's cat, woke me up to say happy new year and have his usual treat. Leica XVario 1/30 sec; f/6.4; ISO 2500
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    Leica Lightening Fast!

    Today's morning alarm looked like this just around sunrise "from behind" XVario hand held, set to continuoius shooting mode. The hunt was a success! More like a Martian landscape than an Earthy one right?
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    Leica SkyRoots

    when walking in nature, I tend to look up and down as much as I look ahead and around!
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    Leica Holly Flare

    I Like flares specially when they point to the subject! didn't notice it was there until I got the picture downloaded to my computer.
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    Leica Out-Of-This-World

    retiring at the California ScienCenter. Endeavour, nn out-of-this-world craft! Magnificent from every angle. but this is my favorite!
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    Leica Finding Christmas in Nature

    Christmas Eves are magic, we spend beautiful moments among family and beloved friends but let's face it, we Eat a LOT! I woke up this morning in urgent need for a walk. Me and my XVario set off in search for hints of Christmas in Nature. Here's what we've found.
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    Leica Tomb-rider

    An abandoned cemetery with one distinctive grave with a particular vintage view!
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    Leica Macro Christmas

    Just an OOC macro shot from our Christmas tree. ISO 3200 1/30 handheld. Image stabilizer option ON, which is allowing me to shoot at an incredible 1/8!
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    Leica Religions can COEXIST after all !

    Took this picture while driving by Martyrs Square Beirut. A huge Christmas Tree in front of the biggest Mosque in Lebanon. A scene that strongly symbolise religion coexistence or at least, it shows us how simple and beautiful coexisting can be. Leica XVario 1/50 sec; f/3.5; ISO 200
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    Leica Paula In Wonderland.

    Backcountry ski is my favourite winter activity, Storm Alexa hit Lebanon past week and paved the mountains with a beautiful white mantel. i went with a couple of friends to see how it looks like up there. Have a Look. PS: Paula, my Xvario was up to the snowy mountains for the first time. I...
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    Leica Paula In Wonderland. The Portrait

    so during todays's backcountry ski escapade "video on the video section of this forum" my friend borrowed to take some shots using my X vario, among them, he took this one. Ladies & gentlemen, I'm honoured to present to you Mr. Me :-)
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    Leica Paula In Wonderland.

    No video shared already? whst about this one, a trailer I just shot in my village's highlands. I went there with a couple of friends to check out the snow and see if our backcountry ski activity can finally kick off after a long spring summer pause. To Paula, my X Vario, this is her first snow...
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    Leica Jenny Rose

    Somewhere on my way back to Los Angeles coming from Las Vegas. Leica X Vario. The XVarior
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    Leica Lord Of the Rings

    XVario. ISO 3200
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    Leica The Red Dot

    Telepherique Du Liban. X Vario. OOC Color Standard.
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    Leica Los angeles Traveller

    sitting in front of me waiting for her flight, I just couldn't help but taking a picture of this beautiful lady. The sun was setting right over her eyes, she could not look toward me which gave mo more tranquility to frame the picture without being noticed. X vario. OOC B&W. PS: see the...
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    Leica reflections over a hug. Literally !

    Took this shot blindly with the X vario over my waist. Never looked on the LCD. when I downloaded the images taken that day, I noticed that not only I captured a sincere warm hug but also my own reflections over it ;-)
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    Leica Armenian Church.

    I drive by this beautiful Church every day on my way to the office. I just can't miss the chance to stare at it. it's location and the color of the whole building surrounding it makes it a beautiful scene to look at. Leica X vario OOC b&W
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    Leica Cigarette break.

    During a photoshoot, our model took a cigarette break, a break from my DSLR not from the XVario :-) OOC Color Standard. The XVarior
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    Leica My Hi ISO portraits

    I would normally do whatever possible to shoot at the the lowest ISO possible. With the X Vario however, I'm getting more and more addict to high ISO shooting even in daylight because the grain pattern is too beautiful to avoid! Wife portrait. LEICA X VARIO ISO 3200 The XVarior
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    Leica Minimalist Moon

    The XVarior
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    Leica Decay

    Old buildings decaying in silence. Standard Color X Vario The XVarior
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    Leica Portrait of a Pasha

    B&W hight contrast. XVario Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Leica The Pasha

    My cat got royal attitude. B&W. High contrast. XVario. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Leica Leica Store Los Angeles.

    The day I met the X Vario. First shots first experience. OOC B&W high contrast. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Leica Church Arcades

    150 years old Saint Joseph Church. Beirut. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Leica late autumn Hike

    some colorful late autumn outdoor activity captured by the Leica X Vario.
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    Leica Cooling tradition.

    85 years old wrinkles talk about her tough life while the faint smile reveal the serenity and beauty of her soul. After loosing her husband and only son, she's been living alone ever since. At her age, she still works to make a living as one of the last-standing authentic Lebanese traditional...
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