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    Sony RX1 - Focus selection in portrait photography

    When shooting a portrait, one should focus on an eye. It seems to me that using flexible spot is the best focus selection because it offers the smallest focusing square. I expect that this will increase chances that focus is correctly on an eye. Because I like this small focusing square I...
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    Sony RX1 - Using D Range Optimizer in RAW

    So far I never used the D range Optimizer function because, always shooting in RAW, I thought that this can only be used when in Jpeg. But I noticed in the RX1 (lousy) User Manual that it can be used when shooting in RAW. I wonder how useful this D Range Optimizing is in RAW? Harry
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    Sony RX1 using DRO and HDR Auto

    Can somebody guide me to detailed information about using the DRO-Auto and the HDR Auto function in the RX1. Thanks!
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    Sony RX1 - Clear Image Zoom - results

    Have you tried out the Clear Image Zoom (CIZ) function in RX1 and what are your observations and possible conclusions? Does zooming in CIZ (in Jpeg ExtraFine) bring better results than traditional cropping in RAW? Harry
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    Sony RX1 -In Menu "Image Size" grayed out when in RAW

    In the RX1 'Menu camera' 1 "Image Size" is grayed out when "Quality" is in RAW. "Image size" is not grayed out when "Quality" is in "RAW & Jpeg", or in "Extra Fine", or in "Fine" or in "Standard". I can not remember noticing this before and I don't understand why this happens? Does anybody...
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    Sony RX1- How to use the Clear Image Zoom and the Smart Teleconverter?

    The (poor) RX1 user manual does not explain how to shoot with the: *Clear Image Zoom" (CIZ) and the *Smart Teleconverter (STC). These zooming functions seem to produce very good results without sacrificing image quality. I would like to store two zoom functions in the memory: the...
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    Sony RX1 - exposure lock

    When I shoot in Manual Mode, Metering Mode in Center weighted and in Auto ISO: how can I determine exposure, thereafter lock the selected exposure, focus, take the shot (with the locked exposure) and end up with the exposure unlocked automatically. It is likely that this is not possible in...
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    Sony Exposure and Auto ISO

    I am still having questions about the exposure system of the RX1 , whereby in Auto ISO when changes are being made to exposure, ISO is the most important element in processing such exposure adjustments. With my former Leica M9 I normally would shoot in Aperture Mode and try to determine what...
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    Sony RX1 - Hardly any High light clipping

    When looking in LR 4.4 at a large number of images shot with my RX1 during the last months, I was surprised to see that there was almost no clippings of the highlights in the unprocessed images. Often the most right part of the histogram is still quite a bit away from the right side of the...
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    Sony RX1 - AEL w/shutter and AEL button

    I am happy I discovered this site some weeks ago, because it helped me so far very well finding the answers to questions to which no answers can be found in what Sony calls "User Manuals". I would e.g. like to understand what the function is of the menu item: AEL w/shutter ON/OFF and that...
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    Sony RX1 - Using Auto ISO

    I am undoubtedly kind of old fashioned, so I can't help it that I have some problems with using "Auto ISO" on the RX1. On my Leica M9 most of the time, I had the ISO at 200 and only occasionally I would use a higher ISO. Now in the world of my RX1 I can let my camera decide what ISO is good...
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    Sony RX-1 Best Metering Mode?

    From my experience using the RX1 during several weeks I have the impression that under most light conditions, a good metering mode is Center? It certainly will depend on the light conditions, but this is what I feel in general. I also like when precise metering is required the Spot Metering...
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    Sony RX1 - How to use "For Viewfinder" on the EVF?

    In the RX-1 menu the DISP Button (Monitor) shows a.o. the option" For Viewfinder". This gives the impression that you can see this in the EVF, which I would like because of the large histogram that is shown. But I can not see it on the EVF, only on the LCD. Is there a way to use this on...
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    Sony RX1 - What is the best focus setting?

    I am trying to determine what focus set up is the most convenient to use under general shooting circumstances. 1) AF or DMC/ with Multi focus area: Does not show a pre-focus square, so you don't know the focusing point. Brings up focus tracking I don't use. It can show a confusing number...
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    Sony RX1 - Histogram doesn't reflect exposure adjustments

    I noticed that when shooting my RX1 (in M-Mode) that neither the larger histogram nor the small one (in the right lower corner of the LCD) really reflects the exposure adjustments I make in preparation of shooting When I like to "expose to the right" and therefore increase exposure, these...
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