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    Sony Video with NEX 3

    The video function appears to be viewed by Sony as an added nuisance that they feel obliged to include but don't really expect anyone to use. Neither manuals or software are especially helpful,...for example, the printed owners manual tells one nothing apart from extreme basics that you can...
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    Sony Very inexpensive NEX carrying case

    For general use in carrying around a NEX camera I can fully recommend this case which I bought on spec to see if it was useable since it's price was VERY CHEAP,...less than £8 including free p&p from Hong Kong!!! Camera Case Bag for Sony DSC HX100V HX1 NEX-5 NEX-3 TOP | eBay I am now using...
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    Sony NEX with 'junk' lens,..Tokina 100 to 300mm

    I had a (small) cupboard full of Canon FD lenses that had sat there for over 20 years. I never could bear to part with them and anyway, until recent times they have been more or less valuless so I have kept them. About 10 or so years ago I started to be given boxes of Canon FD equipement...
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    Sony RAW converters for NEX

    I'm using the software that came with my NEX 3,...quite a lot of it I have not figured out because I'm an impatient type who wants to take photos not sit if front of a computer for several hours,, I'm not especially 'computer literate' anyway! I'm loading th epix into something...
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