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  1. Bobitybob

    Film Showcase FujiColor Pro 400H

    New film for me, unfortunately recently discontinued :boohoo: Three sticks ... Fuji GA645Zi, Fuji Hunt Xpress
  2. Bobitybob

    Film Showcase Foma Retropan 320

    Time for a new thread. I have only tried this film once, although I have a few rolls. I was advised to expose at 250 ISO rather than the box speed as it is supposed to over expose at 320 ISO. I'll have to give it a go at box though, just to see how it turns out. Grainy and soft and the first...
  3. Bobitybob

    Film Showcase Rollei Digibase 200

    I've not used this film before, but having spotted it at a local camera fair thought I would give it a try. Fuji GA645Zi
  4. Bobitybob

    Film Showcase Fomopan 200

    Just to complete the list .... Canon A1, FD Macro 1:3.5/50
  5. Bobitybob

    Film Canon T90

    Another Canon. The last FD camera produced by Canon before the introduction of the EOS system. It featured many of the new features and modes that would become standard on Canon cameras, many of which can still be found today. Unfortunately, it had problems with the electronic servo shutter...
  6. Bobitybob

    Film Canon T80

    Another camera recently added to my ever increasing collection. Canon's stop gap AF camera until the EOS system was introduced, which featured an innovative pictorial mode setting system and three specially produced AF lenses that used a modified FD mount, whilst allowing the full range of...
  7. Bobitybob

    Film Fuji GA645Zi

    Posted previously about my GS645S, but unfortunatley this died and cannot be resurrected so got this via eBay for a good price :yahoo:
  8. Bobitybob

    Film Ladybird

    Summer's here..... Canon EOS 5, EF Macro 100, Kodak Pro Image 100
  9. Bobitybob

    Film Fuji GS645S

    My first medium format camera. I'm looking forward to find a few more interesting subjects then these to test it out but needed to check it worked, and it does :clapping: Fomapan 200, stand developed in R09 and scanned with an Epson V550
  10. Bobitybob

    Film Refections of summer

    So glad it's getting warmer.. Canon EOS 5, EF 28-105, Kodak Portra 160
  11. Bobitybob

    Film Mind your head

    Not much room if you are tall.. Canon EOS 5, EF 20-35, Fuji Neopan Pro 400, Rodinal 1:100 (Stand)
  12. Bobitybob

    Film Hardy beasts....

    ..these mountain sheep Leica R8, Vario Elmar-R, Kodak Portra 400
  13. Bobitybob

    Film Showcase Agfa Vista Plus 400

    This is a budget film here in the UK and was at one time available at our famous 'Poundland' store for, you got £1. Canon EOS 1n, EF 80-200 Canon EOS 1000FN, EF 35-80 Contax NF, Vario Sonnar 28-80
  14. Bobitybob

    Film Canon AF35ML

    One from my latest ebay acqusition... Agfa Vista Plus 200
  15. Bobitybob

    Film Portmeirion

    Clough William-Ellis's mock Italian fishing village on the coast of North Wales. The Town Hall The Lighthouse Leica M6, Voigtlander 1:4/21, Ilford XP2
  16. Bobitybob

    Film Mountain Gull

    Snowdonia, North Wales Contax NX, Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 1:3.5-5.6/28-80, Kodak Ultramax 400
  17. Bobitybob

    Film Just a sheep...

    ...having his lunch. Canon EOS 5, EF 1:4-5.6/70-300 IS USM, Kodak Portra 160
  18. Bobitybob

    Film Showcase Kodak Portra 160

    Noticed there wasn't a thread for this film so here's a couple to start.. Canon EOS 5, EF 1:3.5-4.5/20-35, Kodak Portra 160 Canon EOS 5, EF 1:3.5-4.5/20-35, Kodak Portra 160
  19. Bobitybob

    Film Ruin..

    ..White Lady's Priory, or what's left of it! Canon A1, Canon FD 1:2.8/20, AGFA Vista Plus 200
  20. Bobitybob

    Film Street in action...

    ... for both of us :) Leica M6, Leica Summarit 1:2.5/90, Ilford XP2
  21. Bobitybob

    Film Holiday Cat

    From a review of my visit to Dubrovnik... Leica M6, Voigtlands 1:1.4/40, Kodak BW400CN
  22. Bobitybob

    Film Passing Below

    Looking down from one of my local canal bridges. Leica M6, ADOX Silvermax.
  23. Bobitybob

    Film Spinnaker Tower

    On the Portsmouth waterfront as we passed heading for Cowes Canon EOS 5, Kodak Portra 160
  24. Bobitybob

    Film Showcase Kentmere 400

    A Few with this (HARMAN/Ilford) budget film. Leica 0 Series Replica, R09 Stand developed 1:100 for 60 minutes Leica M6, Voigtlander 1:1.4/40, developed with R09 as per HP5 Leica M6, Leica Tri-Elmar M 1:4/28-35-50 MATE, developed with R09 as per HP5
  25. Bobitybob

    Film Sticks and Stones..

    ..and a lake ;) Leica M6, Voigtlander Nokton 1:1.4/40, Kentmere 400, R09 Stand developed 1:100 for 60 minutes
  26. Bobitybob

    Film Bursting Forth

    New life on an old tree, Canon EOS 5, EF Macro 1:2.8/100 USM, Agfa Vista Plus 200.
  27. Bobitybob

    Film Showcase ADOX Silvermax 100

    A couple to showcase this "high" silver content film, Both with Leica M6, Voigtlander Nokton 1:1.4/40, ADOX Silvermax 100, R09 1:100 stand with salt for 60 mins
  28. Bobitybob

    Film White House

    Looking toward Castle Crag over Derwant Water, English Lake District. Canon EOS 5, EF 1:4-5.6/35-80 USM, Kodak Portra 400
  29. Bobitybob

    Film A long way to travel

    Captured during the recent partial eclipse over the UK. Canon EOS 5, EF 1:4.5-5.6/75-300 III, Agfa Vista Plus 400
  30. Bobitybob

    Film Showcase AGFA Vista Plus 200

    On sale at a local Pound Shop (that's right £1 a roll, although now only 24 exposures). Good colours though. Canon EOS 5, EF Macro 1:2.8/100 USM Canon T60, FD 1:4/35-70 Leica R8, Elmar-R 1:3.5-4.5/28-70 Processed by my local ASDA. The first two also scanned by them.
  31. Bobitybob

    Film Showcase Agfa APX 100

    A few images to showcase one of my favourite 100 ISO films All with a Leica M6, Voigtlander Nokton 1:1.4/40 and stand developed in R09 1:100 for 60 minutes(ish)
  32. Bobitybob

    Film Hello

    I shoot both digital and film with Leica and Canon. Hope to post a few pictures soon.
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