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  1. Ty S.

    clouds and near totality

  2. Ty S.

    Fuji FujiFilm Festival - NYC

    Anyone giving some thought to going to the FujiFilm Festival in NYC , September 16-17, 2017? Wondering what others may be thinking about this event. Thanks ~John
  3. Ty S.

    Onions drying

    XT-2, 23mm 1.4R, ISO 800, f/11 ¼ sec.
  4. Ty S.

    Fuji Lacking a proper "Stupid Questions" forum

    I'm posting here. I'm getting a "New Firmware Cannot Be Found" message for the firmware update on the XT-1 (4.31). The firmware is on the SD card, but is not being read by the camera. Any help would be appreciated. ~John
  5. Ty S.

    Fuji LR CC 2015.9/6.9 has been released

    Support for new camera and lens/bug fixes and more! New features summary for the 2015 releases of Lightroom CC
  6. Ty S.

    Fuji .RAF file converters for X100F?

    LR won't read .RAF files from a X100F; running LR CC (2015.8), on an iMac (10.11.6). First time using a new X100F and LR isn't reading the .RAF files. I don't see anything on Fuji's site or Adobe's. Help would be appreciated. Thank you! John
  7. Ty S.

    Harris Hawk coming to the glove.

    A Harris Hawk, native to the desert Southwest, comes to the falconer's glove. XT-2, 50-140mm.
  8. Ty S.

    Fuji Raw File Converter EX 2.0

    (Ver. In reading Rico's addition to his XT-1 Tips book (V.4) I successfully installed the newest raw file converter as he suggests. But, I admit to having no idea how this software relates to (in my case) LR. I expected it to be a plug-in, not a stand alone application, so I am totally...
  9. Ty S.

    Fuji 55-200mm firmware update (ver. 1.12)

    In downloading the 55-200mm firmware, ver. 1.12, (from the page that says, v. 1.12) I am getting 1.11. Also, when I try to upload it (w/ lens attached) it tells me that there is no firmware?? [I successfully updated the firmware for the 10-24mm without any problems.] I'm stumped. Rico. . ...
  10. Ty S.

    Fuji X-Mount Tilt/Shift

    Does anyone know of a tilt/shift lens that will mount to an X-T1? I vaguely recall someone mentioning a Rokinon(?) but can't can't find anything. Thanks!
  11. Ty S.

    Fuji XT-1 Lock problem, need help.

    My XT-1 is locking up when the multi-selector is used. Some folks much more knowledge than me couldn't diagnose the problem. Any advice would be helpful. TIA
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