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    Sony A99 with Tamron 70-300 USD. This image is cropped.
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    Homer Alaska

    Shot with Sony A99 with Tamron 17-35 f/2.8 RAW through DXO.
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    Small bird

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    Came back for a look

    Thanks for the kind comments. I have a friend in our photography guild that has a Nikon 7100 and that sensor rivals mine big time. I think it's a Toshiba sensor. These are exciting times for photographers as far as hardware. I wish Sony would make a 99 with the new 12Mp full frame sensor. I...
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    The last Boo Benefit

    I just ran these RAW images through Photo Ninja. Sony A77 with Sony 16-50 f/2.8 and Tamron 70-300 USD. Link to the gallery is here...
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    Sony Not much activity here on the Sony a mount section

    Not many posting here. I guess because the new name and sections have not got around to Sony shooters.
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    Came back for a look

    I just checked in and see things have changed here. I've moved on from my old Panny G1 to first a Sony A33, then the A77 and now have a Sony A99. Which forced me to acquire full frame lenses too. Sure glad to see the new forum. :biggrin: I have a website now, and my...
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    Sony Battery running down while camera Off

    Sony had that problem with the A77 until they updated the firmware. Not all of them would do it, but mine did.
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    New member from Texas

    Hello from Canton Texas.
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    Sony Sony NEX 7 video of Jeff Bridges Band

    Great video.
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    Photo Ninja

    Photo Ninja is a some new RAW processing software from the people that make Noise Ninja. It works pretty good, not quite as easy to run as my preferred Aftershot Pro. It's crippled/disabled to save a file as a jpeg after processing.....unless you email them at and ask...
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    Update of yourself

    Busy here on the farm cutting down and dragging some trees that have died from last years drought and this years storms. Pleading my case with my wife why I need the 16-50 F2.8 Sony lens for my A77 so I can shoot better pics at this years Boo Benefit in Jefferson and getting ready to teach...
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    Update of yourself

    The new NEX6 will be announced soon. Similar to the NEX7 but with the super 16Mp sensor. Should be a hot seller. Maybe trigger the shutter with an Android phone too. HOT! Sony NEX-5R and NEX-6 images leaked!!! | sonyalpharumors
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    That lightning was coming about every five seconds or so and it was just right for shooting I suppose, no rain where I was and I was not able to see the cloud. That last shot's exif says the shutter was open for 26 seconds so half of that was a black frame noise reduction, so all three of those...
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    We had some pretty big storms come through here a couple of nights ago and we got about 3.5 inches of rain out of it. I took these shots around 9:30PM.
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    Show: Skyscapes

    Multi-shot HDR 50 ISO <label>Camera make</label>SONY <label>Camera model</label>SLT-A77V <label>Focal length</label>180 mm <label>Focal length (35mm)</label>270 mm <label>Max lens aperture</label>f/6.3 <label>Exposure</label>1/160 at f/8...
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    Show "Flowers"

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    anyone shooting the Perseid meteor showers tonight?

    This morning was the peak so they will still be going for another day or two pretty good. Where I live, the radiant is in the east and I saw most of them looking straight up. I have a chair that lays down flat.
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    What are "the rules" ?

    The only rule I follow generally is the rule of thirds and not to leave my camera at home.
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    anyone shooting the Perseid meteor showers tonight?

    I got up at 330AM and it was kind of hazy so I did not even set up my cam. But I saw a meteor about every five minutes or so and that was what made it worth it to me. I found some different rules for shooting falling stars and one was to set your cam at 3200 ISO and leave the shutter open for 30...
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    Weird numbers, and what's happened over here on SC?

    I'm kind of hoping summer would move along with the high in Dallas of 108 yesterday. I've had quite enough.
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    Weird numbers, and what's happened over here on SC?

    It's quieter here because we don't feed the trolls like they do at DPR and they all starved to death here. :daz:
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    Sony Kirk Tuck Dumps Micro Four Thirds for NEX-7

    Kirk likes the EVF in the Sony cams. He says he has the first A99 reserved at this local camera store.
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    Fuji Anyone know anything about baby ducks???!!

    They quack. And poop. I sold five of the little guys today.
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    Fuji Anyone know anything about baby ducks???!!

    Tractor Supply is where I get my feed. Just make sure you get the plain and not the medicated. Apparently, a lot of chickens eat the medicated feed for some reason. You put a little in the palm of your hand and hold his bill down into the feed and he should eat some. Generally, they will figure...
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    Fuji Anyone know anything about baby ducks???!!

    We had trouble with my Prius key. A new one is around 350 with 150 on top of that to program it. I managed to fix it myself. It's like how can a 500 dollar key ever justify the 500 dollar price.
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    Fuji Anyone know anything about baby ducks???!!

    Put it on Craigslist. That does not look like a mallard. I have someone coming today to pick up five baby ducks. If you can, go to the feed store and get a bag of crumbles. About nine bucks and you can give that to whoever comes to get the duck. Makes sure it's not medicated as that will kill a...
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    Say a prayer for Tom please?

    Wow, this is some sad stuff. I would like for him to get better for sure but I have gone through this scenario before. When I would have a dog in the past get really sick and it's time was rapidly approaching to move on from this earth, I would say no, let God decide when he wants the dog. The...
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    Show "Panoramic Photos"

    Hard to beat the A77 in camera . It just works.
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    Homer Alaska sunrise

    Brought back about 120 pounds or so of fish too. My wife was shivering in the car while I stood there shooting. Too dim to get shots of all the eagles flying around. In these situations where the light is iffy, I generally will trust the cam with the HDR multi-shot jpeg or multi-shot noise...
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    Vegas to Austin; Life in Mano (33 Pics)

    OK, that was some nice interesting shooting, thanks.:biggrin:
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    Anyone here use Sony DSLRs with EVFs?

    Love it. Had a G1 Panny for a couple of years and when they came out with the A33/A55 with equal resolution EVF and phase detect auto focus, I had to have one so got an A33 and I got a A77 a few months ago right before they became generally available everywhere. All your shots can be, as they...
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    Homer Alaska sunrise

    In camera. It does pretty good. Good enough that I can forget about doing HDR in post now. Works a little like "hand held twilight mode" in that it takes multiple shots and makes one shot out of them except "hand held twilight" is pretty much on auto and bumps the ISO way up with no control...
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    Homer Alaska sunrise

    ISO 50 HDR jpeg, aperture priority, cropped with Aftershot Pro and taken with A77 and Tamron 18-270 PZD.
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    Sony Luminous Landscapes RX 100 review

    Sony tends to try out really new stuff in their compact cameras and get it working well, then they put it in their SLT cams. So I figure the upcoming A99 should be killer. Sony really does not try to make cheap cutting edge cams so I figure the price is fair, for a Sony.
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    Sony My Sony RX100 in NY with test shots... [imgs]

    Nice images.
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    Artwork at home

    Giacometti would be very proud.
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    Micro 4/3 Has m43 finally lived up to the promise?

    I had a G1 and was disappointed in it's focus lock speed and high ISO performance. I had the 14-45 and 45-200 lens I ordered with the cam so I went all in. I did fall in love with the EVF though. Then along comes Sony with their SLT cams and I moved on to APS-C and super fast and accurate phase...
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    Sony Settings for photos?

    Yes, born and raised here in Texas. Gary Friedman sells a book for your cam. I have the A77 version and it goes into great detail about every little thing my A77 can do, good and bad. You might want to check that out since it's downloadable and he emails you if there is an updated version and...
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    Sony Settings for photos?

    If you don't reset the aperture, it does nothing different from auto. The lowest number aperture is with the lens wide open, which is generally what the camera will do on auto and will not always give you the sharpest picture. Like say the lowest aperture for a particular lens is 3.5. That is...
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    Prayers, Crossed Fingers, Lucky Charms, Anything

    Sorry to hear about Bella. In Texas, there is a shot you can give your dog for rattlesnake bites. It also helps to some degree with other viper bites. Most vets in west Texas offer it because of the prevalence of rattlesnakes and dogs bitten so much out there.
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    Sony Settings for photos?

    You have a nice camera and just have to learn how to use it. The best advice I can give you is not to shoot in auto. I generally shoot in aperture priority because I use the Tamron 18-270 and it is a little sharper if I set the aperture myself rather than let the camera decide. I also set the...
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    Congratulations to ...

    Nice shot BBW.
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    Best Camera for Legacy Glass?

    I use peaking all the time on my A77. It's one of those killer features that the other makers don't have a clue about. The first time you use peaking, you say, oh WOW!
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    Has DPR gone completely around the bend or has my tolerance level just dropped?

    I spend a little time in the Sony SLR forum over there and the trolls are really no worse than they ever were. I think some people are entertained by the trolls and encourage and feed them there. So it's easy for me to ignore what are obvious trolls that start threads asking either an incredibly...
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    Congratulations to ...

    Nice shot Paul!:2thumbs:
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