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  1. Covey22

    Fuji Acros+G Outtakes

    Some outtakes from a Nativity Play using Acros+G with some custom settings. I really like the look, and set aside two C-slots for Acros and Acros+G for grab shots.
  2. Covey22

    Fuji Dancing to a Bamboo Beat X-T30 + XF16-55

    I lifted the thread title from a 1977 NYT article, The Gray Lady said it much better than I could. :D Fundraiser the other night to cover the medicine costs for an Annual Medical Mission to the Philippines. My first outing with the X-T30 and the much improved AF capability as well as higher...
  3. Covey22

    How You Know Your Google-Fu is Strong Tonight...

    ...When you're the guy who finds a way to connect a renowned Naval Aviator to the photographer who captured his iconic high speed pass. Then CDR Dale "Snort" Snodgrass making an arcing banana pass over USS America in 1988. The gent in parade rest on the deck? Soon to be Chief of Naval...
  4. Covey22

    Fuji Fuji XF56 vs Grab (Uber/Lyft in Asia)

    From one of my Social Media groups. The lens was apparently run over by his Grab ride. New pancake design (Ba-Dum-Tish).
  5. Covey22

    Nikon Nikon ending Authorized Repair Program 03/31/2020 So now it's down to Melville NY and Los Angeles. I miss the days where I could ring up Melville and order end-user installable parts, like the time I bought a missing Tripod Collar for my used 80-200 AFS. I doubt this...
  6. Covey22

    Fuji One of the silliest engineering decisions...

    ...was to disable flash when selecting "Silent Mode" on the X-series. What in blessed heck does Silent Mode have to do with flash? I swear these engineers have never talked to the UX design team. And neither of them have ever talked to user focus groups. I just spent 15 sweaty minutes trying...
  7. Covey22

    For APS-C Tele-shooters - D7500 and 70-300 AF-P DX 4.5-6.3 VR Refurbished

    I was looking around for options come air-show season again. While I didn't pull the trigger on this one (got an X-T30 with the latest AF module to stay in-system), this is still a combination that all the APS-C mirrorless cannot beat yet: Refurbished D7500 (which is essentially a D500...
  8. Covey22

    Fuji 3D Print Fuji Accessories

    Found this link originally on Fuji Rumors. For those of you who are 3D Printer savvy, you can print things like socket caps, battery terminal covers, a lens hood, etc.
  9. Covey22

    Anatomy of a Hero Shot

    My oldest has been developing her "eye." Three shots that show how how she evolved this shot. All with my RX100M3 at RI Comic Con. And yes, for the record, the person holding the Death Star plans usually doesn't survive the end of the film. 😁
  10. Covey22

    "Your tux requires a splash of color..."

    Pixel 3 + SnapSeed
  11. Covey22

    Legoland NY Preview

    They're opening another park in New York state July 2020. In the meantime, a small roadshow is making the rounds to drum up interest regionally. Apparently all of the creations here were by a local Lego Master Builder who is probably no older than 12. Amazing work.
  12. Covey22

    Stroll The Gene London Traveling Hollywood Fashion Show

    You never know what you'll run into around town. Turns out the Gene London Traveling Hollywood Fashion Show had set up at Providence Place. It's an amazing collection of original costumes from various Hollywood and Pop Culture Eras: Heath Ledger's uniform from The Patriot, Clark Gable's suits...
  13. Covey22

    Body Works: Warning NSFW and Definitely NOT for the Squeamish

    This top photo is a hint of what the rest of them look like. Yes, it's tame because it's someone in a Body Suit. The rest is definitely not. I'm putting as much spoiler space as I can following the top photo but it may not be enough blank space depending upon your display resolution and...
  14. Covey22

    Some Chutzpah - Selling a Stolen Prototype

    Someone's selling a prototype Sony 200-600 OSS (due for official announcement next week) on Yahoo Auctions. That is some stones. Or absolute idiocy.
  15. Covey22

    Google Local Guide Socks

    Yep, it's a thing. Strangely enough, the fulfillment was via Turkey. The envelope had customs stamps and all.
  16. Covey22

    Skylum Users - Shutterfly App and Four Free 8 x 10 Prints - Check your e-mails

    I got the e-mail as a Skylum User - for installing the Shutterfly App, I got four free 8 x 10 prints on Art Paper Stock in a promo code. You just pay S&H, which is pretty neat since an average cost for the prints alone is over 75 USD without any frames or frills. Ironically, the Store itself...
  17. Covey22

    Post-Processing on Chromebook - Mostly Snapseed

    Disclaimer; I've been on a JPG only workflow since moving to Fuji XF several years ago. I do take RAW back-ups for critical shots, but oftentimes they're just insurance, I've yet to really use them. I can upload my photos using a USB-C reader and they can be copied to the local file system and...
  18. Covey22

    Sony The new Wakizashi (Katana)

    Looks like someone just usurped the Fuji 90mm as the new Wakizashi (Katana) of sharp short teles. Roger's Comments: As is sometimes the case, I got access to a couple of pre-release copies of the new Sony FE...
  19. Covey22

    Feedback Your Attachments?

    Is "Your Attachments?" still available under one's Personal Profile? Rather than taking up space by re-uploading a photo I know I already have on the forum somewhere, I usually just perused "Your Attachments" and then cross-linked to the original image's URL. I hate taking up space with...
  20. Covey22

    Artist Tools

  21. Covey22

    Science Day!

    The XF 16-55's first run; really pleased with the wider perspective and performance.
  22. Covey22

    A Day at the MFA

    Took a day off to get some culture, beat the weekend crowds and exercise the shutter. Boston MFA had a showing of Ansel Adams, and I'd never been there, so a good excuse all around. Arrived early enough that they hadn't opened yet. My party took shelter in the entrance way from the bitter cold...
  23. Covey22

    Fuji Fuji XF56 1.2 on Sony A7 series

    Via Fuji Rumors: Fuji 56mm f1.2 Full Frame? Not bad at all. Focus is tough enough manually, but he seemed to cope okay. It must be nice to have access to someone skilled enough to DIY change mounts. I can imagine some of the fun one could have with all sorts of adapted glass.
  24. Covey22

    News Nikon 58mm f0.95 for the Z-Series - what a Beast!

    Rightfully so, some lenses deserve the moniker "The Brick." But this one perhaps should be called "A Lorry load of Granite Blocks." When a 58mm requires it's own tripod mount, we need to sit down and talk with the engineers. The First Real-World Photos of Nikon's 58mm f/0.95: Yep, It's Huge
  25. Covey22

    Fuji Fuji Official Camera Remote App and Android Pie 9.0

    So I used the Camera Remote App for the first time since moving to Pixel 3, and it keeps saying "This app was intended for an older version of Android. Please check the manufacturer website for an updated version." Which of course, there is none. The app last received an update in October 2018...
  26. Covey22

    Not Looking Good...

    ...for our intrepid band of adventurers. Pixel 3 and SnapSeed with PC post.
  27. Covey22

    Dice By The Pound

    Pixel 3 plus SnapSeed. First photo I've been able to do everything on mobile - Post-Process, Watermark, Resize and Quality. Photopea is excellent for the latter. The family that hosts the weekly game buys dice by the pound.
  28. Covey22

    Better Late Than Never

    The cannon is an original and intact gun from the famous Battery B which served with distinction at the Battle of Gettysburg. Struck by a Confederate ball during the battle (muzzle lower left shows the dent), the crew attempted to load the cannon anyway. Between the muzzle mouth dent and heat...
  29. Covey22

    CPR Training Day

    Pixel 3 SnapSeed
  30. Covey22

    Feedback Forced Logout?

    Had to log back in somewhere short of midnight. Troubleshooting for our server errors?
  31. Covey22

    Feedback Server Errors Cross-Posting Using BB Code of Image

    Hi Folks, I should probably wait and see if this is Maintenance related, but tonight I uploaded two photos, and when cross-posting the same photos to the Cell Phone Photos sub-thread using the BB code (to save space, sometimes I forget to do this), I would get a Server error. In one case, I...
  32. Covey22

    The First and The Last Time...

    ...I saw Roy Hargrove: August 2001 and August 2018, both at the Main Stage, Newport Jazz Festival. Roy passed away unexpectedly at the age of 49 yesterday. He was part of the "Young Lions of Jazz" that arrived in the 90's; with the likes of Christian McBride, Mark Whitfield, Benny Green and...
  33. Covey22

    Sour Indeed!

    My son and I promptly spit it out, putting us somewhere between Total Wuss and Crybaby. My youngest smiled and let it melt down in her mouth. Unreal.
  34. Covey22

    Yashica Y35 - "Worst Camera Ever"

    I'll admit - I got hooked by the intriguing videos put up as part of the pre-Kickstarter Marketing Blitz, but I smartly (rare occasion!) kept my powder dry and my wallet firmly under my tuckus. Seriously though, I would have never thought someone had the gumption to put out a POS this stinky...
  35. Covey22

    Nikon Bargain for Nikon 1 System Owners

    I saw this on Nikon Rumors: the superzoom 10-100 is on fire sale for USD120. Also a deal on the smaller zoom 30-110 which is an amazing zoom Any Nikon 1 shooters? This deal is for you: Nikkor 10-100mm f/4.5-5.6 lens for $120 - Nikon Rumors
  36. Covey22

    Building a ChromeOS Workflow... a lot tougher than I thought. My need for a light, portable "laptop" led me to ChromeOS. I still have a full-fledged PC desktop with all my Post-Processing tools, but I was tired of the Windows update and anti-virus, malware dance and I sure didn't want it on a daily carry. Truth be told...
  37. Covey22

    Stroll Old Hershey Chocolate Plant

    What remains of the original plant, now abutting the ZooAmerica portion of the Theme Park.
  38. Covey22

    Amish Phone Booth (Lancaster County PA)

    Really...the Amish acknowledge the necessary evil of having a phone, but won't let it stay in the house. And smartphones are definitely a no-no.
  39. Covey22

    Creating a Custom Candy Bar

  40. Covey22

    Now for a Properly Lit Stage

    And why I love the 50-140...
  41. Covey22

    Signs of a well-trained Photorgrapher's Child

    Signs of a well-trained photographer's child: Grasp hand Hold for four seconds Look at photographer for at least a two-count Thumbs up indicates she can move on
  42. Covey22

    Dress Rehearsal Shoot without the Lighting Engineer

    ...equals a near disaster. The "lighting" was entirely safety overhead flourescents - yikes. 180@f2.8 ISO12800 was showing serious underexposure. Fortunately, I had the EF-42 flash in my side pocket exactly for moments like this. What should have been only a mildly challenging evening at...
  43. Covey22

    This could make Life Interesting

    ...using the Chinese interpretation of "interesting" - as in "miserable." Imagine trying to get through SiJ with this! Camera Restricta: The Most Brilliant/Annoying Camera Ever? - ALC
  44. Covey22

    Best Faces of Christmas Morning

    Out of all the things she asked for - Hedgehog gloves - and it was worth the hunt. I'm out of fashion style - she says these go with everything. Okay. The future son-in-law always asks for more Vinyl. If you know who Jack Scepticeye is on YouTube, please educate the clueless (moi!). My...
  45. Covey22

    Holiday Hazards: Cookies at the Office

  46. Covey22

    Christmas at the Newport Mansions (Image Heavy)

    I finagled a day off and toured three of the more popular mansions in Newport: The Breakers, Marble House and The Elms. They were all decorated for the season. Tough conditions indoors - dim rooms complicated by blown sidelights from windows, no tripods or flash allowed, roped-areas cutting you...
  47. Covey22

    Three from the Newport Mansions

  48. Covey22

    Too Many Programs

    So by my estimate, I have to be quite good enough on the nuances of the following: 1. Lightroom 5.x 2. Nikon Capture NX2 (not so much now since I've sold off my Nikon kit but have plenty of NEF files) 3. Fujifilm Raw File Converter EX 2.0 4. Iridient X-Transformer 5. Canon DPP (recent arrival...
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