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  1. Boid

    Went to Turkey for a few days...

    Across the Bosphorus, Istanbul Cruise ship leaves Kusadasi port Theater at Ephesus
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    News Be careful how you liscence your images on Flickr

    Photographer Loses Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Mapmaker That Used His Photo With His Explicit Permission
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    Deal on the Olympus Air A1

    For $300, this might make a decent second camera for someone already invested in the m43 system edit - It was originally slated to be $500
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    Selling your work online

    A dear friend has started an online art gallery with the intent of curating photographs and have photographers reach out to a discerning audience. The artist is responsible for pricing his/her own art, printing on archival paper, and delivering it to the patron and retains complete creative...
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    Architecture in Rajasthan

    Found some old jpegs shot with a 6mp Canon A540 Fatehpur Sikri Sheesh Mahal Jantar Mantar Jaipur Kala Niketan
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    News The new 50mp Canon 5Ds and 5Dsr The R version is without a low pass filter
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    WINNER ANNOUNCED: The Eighth Photographer's Lounge Salon Challenge: ALONE

    The topic for the next challenge is the word "alone". I'd not like to provide any clues or further qualify the topic. Please interpret it any way you deem worthy. My only consideration while judging would be that your image have "gravitas" (defined by Webster's as "a very serious quality...
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    The Bob Ross of macro photography

    Came across this lovely video talking about macro photography.
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    Sigma Sigma Photo Pro 6.2.0 available for download

    Definitely snappier than before
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    Black Friday Sale Thread 2014

    I didn't see a Black Friday thread, so thought I'd start one. Please post any deals you come across here. Here is a great deal I came across - Nikon Coolpix A $500 off -...
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    Good Pictures, Bad Timing Some more beautiful mages from Will Brown -
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    News Oh good god...
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    Recommendation for a single camera bag for carrying both a Ricoh GR and a Sigma DP3

    Hi, I need your help. Could someone please recommend me a bag to carry around my Ricoh GR and a Sigma DP3m? I loved my previous Nat Geo sling bag, which had two separate pouches for two bodies and would fit the GR and X100 (in a pinch), plus a bunch of pockets for carrying memory cards and a...
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    Featured: 'Some images from the DP3m in Japan' by Boid

    For my walk around kit, I usually carry a Ricoh GR and the X100 in a nat geo canvas bag with two pouches. I hugely enjoyed shooting with the X100 but I needed a wider field of view than 35mm especially for shooting architecture. So I bought a wide conversion lens for the Ricoh GR which takes...
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    Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kobe by Tadao Ando

    Was in Japan the last couple of weeks for our annual office outing. On the second last day of the trip managed to visit this stunning museum by Japan's most celebrated living architect, Tadao Ando. The building unfolded as a series of experiences. Truly a master at work. I reached the museum...
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    I can see myself 3D printing my own cameras in the future

    "About a year ago I was awarded a generous amount of money from the Arkwright scholarship fund with which I decided to take a good old film camera and ‘digitize it’ using components taken out of the smallest digital camera I could find with a reasonably sized sensor, the Sony NEX-5. "...
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    News Sony’s about to bring its interchangeable E-Mount lenses to smartphones via new QX accessory
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    Post images of your "lounge" here

    My "lounge" (ha!) is the living room in my apartment. Do post pictures of your "lounge" as well.
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    Nikon Why I sometimes shoot with a big ugly DSLR

    I did some design work for a friend and didn't feel like charging him money, so he gifted me a D800e, which I was looking to get anyways. I started shooting seriously with smaller cameras, the X100, the RX100 and nowadays carry only the Ricoh GR around everywhere. A couple of things that...
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    Ricoh Sri Lanka through a GR

    Carried my GR for a quick trip to Galle in southern Sri Lanka. Galle is famous for Galle Fort where one walks the ramparts taking pictures. It's a quaint town with Dutch and Portuguese influences. Great food.
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    Fuji Unexpected: Fuji will launch a Medium Format camera with the Sony 50MP sensor this summer There go my plans of not buying another camera.
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    Right click and open in new window to see large.
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    Favourite family

    The nicest man I've ever known died a few months ago. My dad's eldest brother, a refugee from Bangladesh, who raised his seven siblings with sheer determination, kindness and very very little money, passed away after a short bout with cancer at the ripe old age of 82. I went to his funeral...
  24. Boid

    Delightful Q&A by Garry Winogrand talking to the students at Rice University in 1977
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    Fuji New firmware updates from Fuji including the X-Pro1 Not sure what it does, I don't own any of these cameras.
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    Drive to Boulder Bay + Cape Town at night

    Went driving through South Africa a few years ago, rediscovered some old images
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    Ricoh Keep still

  28. Boid

    Ricoh A new restaurant in Bangalore, India

    I carried my GR to a new restaurant that opened recently in Bangalore. This post is a bit image heavy, but I hope it gives you a sense of the space.
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    Fuji Using off camera flash with the Fuji X100/s

    The X100/s (as well as the entire Fuji lineup) can shoot with on-board flash till 1/4000th of a second, which is great for shooting wide open in the mid-day sun, leaving the background dark while having your subject lit with a speedlight. Does anyone have any advice on using off camera radio...
  30. Boid

    Fuji X100/s images

    Couldn't find a thread for posting random X100/X100s images. Post your images here -
  31. Boid

    News Sony RX1 with interchangeable lenses coming this October?
  32. Boid

    Where do your pictures reside?

    If this is what's happening to "art", what does it mean for photography? Flatland – The New Inquiry
  33. Boid

    The science of G.A.S

    There have been a number of posts on GAS recently, this is another one. The Science of G.A.S.
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    Fuji Fuji updates firmware V3.0 for Xpro1 and XE1 with faster AF and focus peaking

    Download Drivers & Software | Fujifilm Global
  35. Boid

    David Thorpe talks about his love affair with the m43 system
  36. Boid


    The roads were flooded on the drive in from the airport Metal frameworks are a rarity given the humid climate Cops 'paperworking' Wary cat Preparing a coal oven, the broken egg crate is used to fan the flames Tea stall The long wait Banner for a puja from the...
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    News Samsung to launch Android Galaxy NX with interchangable lenses

    Photos of Samsung Galaxy NX leak, an Android-powered camera with interchangeable lenses | 9to5Google
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    News Yahoo Finance puts Olympus on a list of companies scheduled to disappear in 2014

    :frown: Ten Brands That Will Disappear in 2014 - Yahoo! Finance
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    News Panasonic to revive the L1

    This was the Leica Digilux 2 of yore Big rumor: Panasonic revives the L1 and makes a hell of a MFT camera out of it! | Mirrorless Rumors
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    1200$ PC for a photographer

    I've been toying around with the idea of getting a Nikon D800E, the downside to which would be that I would need to change my desktop at home. I also have a MBP which isn't as good at handling large files that the Nikon spits out, plus I don't like editing on a laptop (even though it has a...
  41. Boid

    Hired a big bad camera for the day

    I hired a Nikon D800 for a couple of days to try and figure out for myself what the fuss was about. It was everything I expected it would be. Big, ungainly, and frankly not something I see myself lugging around at all. But then it did something that I didn't quite expect. Here's...
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    Fuji Zeiss launches Touit autofocus lenses for Fuji X mount
  43. Boid

    News Aptina develops 14 mp 1" sensor capable of 4K video

    Its good seeing someone apart from Sony coming up with new sensor tech. 14 mp, 4K video at 60fps Aptina Combines Stunning DSLR Picture Quality and 4K Digital Cinema Video in New Ultra-High Speed 14-Megapixel Camera Sensor -
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    News Pictures and specs- Panasonic GF6

    Panasonic Lumix GF6 Photos and Specs Leaked by Review Site
  45. Boid

    Sigma Leica lenses on a Sigma DPM

    Not sure if this is an April fool prank (looks way too elaborate for it to be one though) but this is certainly interesting. Warning: Google Translate SIGMA DPx¸ÄEFM-∞Ò¼ÛçÌúµç×Ó¿ìÃÅ°æÖ®Leica M½ðÊôºìľEX°æ£¡-ÌÔ±¦Íø Plus it looks really cool to boot.
  46. Boid

    David Hobby on the X100s

    "As someone who used many different Leica M film rangefinders, this thing is more Leica M than any digital camera Leica has made yet. By a long shot." Rather strange statement that, given that the X100s is not a rangefinder camera. Nice glowing review of the new X100s follows - Strobist...
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    Fuji Shooting some street with the X100

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