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  1. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 406

    Insightful ... And not irrelevant for visually inclined people. M.
  2. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 405

    A propos of nothing very much (I had misheared the lyrics: "10:05", not "4:05", but, well ...) M.
  3. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 404

    Page Not Found! :) M.
  4. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 403

    Sorry, void again for a change - I fell asleep yesterday evening, so "forgot" to set up the thread ... M.
  5. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 402

    A slightly older of his videos - well worth a recommendation! M.
  6. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 401

    Fitting after today's turmoil - it's all good now, though (well, mostly - but it should settle soon). (N.B. It's well possible that I don't use this for the first time - but I really do like the song, so bear with me; it's what I was humming when out and about shooting "yesterday", anyway ...) M.
  7. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 400

    20x20 So I looked for "20 by 20 song" and found ... A Story (yes, one with a capital "S"). And for all of those who don't know me enough, no, I'm not being cynical here. This is one of millions...
  8. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 399

    Contrast his enthusiasm for wildlife with the human behaviour going on around it all ... It's pretty revealing, but still uplifting. M.
  9. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 398 M.
  10. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 397

    This is a bit longer than my usual choices ... Film photography put into a lot of worthwhile (and personal) context, and informative as well - a rare treat :) M.
  11. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 396

    Simple discovery, huge opportunity ... M.
  12. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 395

    Just for laughs ... Sorry, I'll try to get in a little more variation soon ;) M.
  13. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 394

    I'll go with a bit of empty space for the initial post today (busy, busy ...). M.
  14. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 393

    Quirky, still quite beautiful: M.
  15. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 392

    Not to put too fine a point on it ... M.
  16. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 391

    K-391, another find ... (yes, I know I'm out of touch). And here's another version, Wyclef Jean on his own ... Essential, I'd say ... M.
  17. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 390

    Did a little music surfing on YouTube ... started to wonder what they were up to. Turns out: This ... Still themselves ... M. (P.S. This come up by way of finding out there's an extremely prolific - and musically diverse - Japanese hip hop/r&b artist named Ken the 390 - not my style, though...
  18. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 389

    An old favourite of mine ... (I personally think their early stuff is more convincing ... still worth following, though.) M.
  19. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 388

    Random find I enjoyed quite a bit ... M.
  20. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 387

    Completely unrelated to just about anything ... ;) M.
  21. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 386

    Revisting an old passion ... At university, I immersed myself in the nature, the perception and, above all, the linguistics of time (of which the tense, mode and aspect system of any given language is an expression). M.
  22. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 385

    Succinct, I thought ... M.
  23. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 384

    Here's just something with a bit of grim humour to it ... We have to get back to "normal" once more, i.e. the last term will start tomorrow, amidst rising numbers and accumulating risks through irresponsible political decisions and general sloppiness - I'm really "looking forward to it". But...
  24. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 383

    Something "fitting" for a change ... M.
  25. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 382

    Just for the fun of it: M.
  26. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 381

    Sort of a follow-up from day 379 ... A lot is applicable for any of our own challenges (starting in earnest at 8:00 or so ... and for those with stamina: 9:00!). M. P.S. I have the strange feeling that I've already used this video recently - but I can't find it, so ...
  27. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 380

    This is just awesome ... I don't have access to any beach, but I'll certainly take a page out of that book if opportunity presents itself ... N.B. I'm not sure how long this content...
  28. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 379

    Simple and inspiring ... M.
  29. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 378

    I can't seem to come up with anything meaningful today - so here's the thread, bare as anything ... M.
  30. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 377

    I'm sure many can relate ... M.
  31. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 376

    In the wake of the recent "compact film camera" discussion, I remembered George (NegativeFeedback on YouTube): He's a true film nerd and knows his stuff; his dry style is complemented by lots of tongue-in-cheek stuff. This one's spot on, too. M.
  32. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 375

    The day's journey has needed more energy than I anticipated - so I think I'll leave it to you to fill the void (I'll join in tomorrow). M.
  33. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 374

    Even though it may seem a bit hard to believe after my previous post today, this is actually tongue-in-cheek (most people don't remember the Beatles ever did such things): A bloody great way of venting one's anguish and anger. M.
  34. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 373

    Kind of a "classic": M.
  35. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 372

    Stumbled upon this almost by accident ... M.
  36. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 371

  37. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 370

    Just reminiscing - I'm actually okay with them ;) M.
  38. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 369

    So ... I'm actually having a bit of hard time letting this happen, but ... Here's the thread. Just like that. :p EDIT: Foolish me (re. the title) - well, old habits die slowly ... M.
  39. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 368

    A follow-up to yesterday's video tip: N.B. Sean Tucker and Jamie Windsor will be featured (among a few others) quite frequently in the near future - they add depth of thought, concept and analysis to really solid advice. Should you object to that, just tell me in time. Also note that...
  40. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today 367

    Zero! And ... Take-off! With this, we start a new era. Share a series of daily shots - for as long as you like. You can start today or join in later - just keep going for an unbroken chain of days and post a shot taken the same day. No other restrictions or obligations apply. The number "367"...
  41. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 305

    One ... The leap year is ours! Bono and his boys will be seeing us off: This is the last thread in the Day to Day series - not because we need to stop, but because we really should restart the whole experience ... Let's finish this in style! M.
  42. MoonMind

    Challenge! Today Challenge

    This is just a short notice to announce a new "rolling" challenge. To give a little background: Last year, we did two consecutive monthly challenges - and then just kept rolling; on March 31, we will complete a full year, and on April 1, we will even tick of the leap year (remember that 2020...
  43. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 304

    Two ... The full year secured! 365 days of continued posting completed ... ... once you've posted today, of course ;) However, we're not done yet: 2020 was a leap year, so, to make it whole, we have one more day to go ... And who better to pat us on the back than - the Spin Doctors! M.
  44. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 303

    Three ... On the 30th, too; I was looking forward to this ever since I found out ... So, this'll be "two for one" ... First: Second, 303 is three times 101, so ... This is not new, but definitely worth a look (or a recommendation or three)...
  45. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 302

    Four ... I saw this the first time last Thursday - this one's for Steve (as well as for the rest of us): Other than that, let's just say that researching the "four elements" for a non-esoterically minded person like me is a real trial ... If you like beatboxing, you might want to research...
  46. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 301

    Five ... I found this quite enlightening - and thought-provoking (if a bit frivolous - but many desirable things are, as a rule): M.
  47. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 300

    Six ... And here's where it turns a little self-indulgent ... I actually own two(!) of them - one nicely overhauled, one mostly functional, but a tad capricious. Anyhow, it's a really enjoyable camera to shoot with - provided it's not faulty and/or acting up (you can work around most common...
  48. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 299

    Seven ... I honestly don't remember if I've used this before, but it was a seminal success in its day, and I quite like the song ... M.
  49. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 298

    Eight ... (I've hit kind of a rich seem there - it can and will serve as a quite satisfactory fallback for the remainder of the full year countdown; I'm actually a day late to use it all up, too.) ((Disclaimer: I'm actually not into any of...
  50. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 297

    Nine ... Two very different films from 2009(!), both called "Nine" or "9", respectively ... ... and very differently laid out: Make of it what you will - but above all, happy shooting! M.
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