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  1. jssaraiva

    Film What FILM (!) photography related item did you buy this week?

    Nominated for stupidest purchase ever: a body cap for my Bronica RF645 for c. 120 Eur. I was long looking to buy such cap, so I could carry the camera (that without lens is pretty thin, unlike the Mamiya 7) on a slim sling bag together with my laptop (Peak Design 10L v2) and on a daily basis. I...
  2. jssaraiva

    Completed For Sale: Amedeo adapter Nikon S RF mount lenses to Leica M bodies | Location: EU | Ships: EU

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price 295 Eur Item Amedeo Nikon S RF Mount to Leica M My Location EU Picture File(s) attached Description In very good condition. Posting to most of Western Europe. Please contact me. UK and Ireland (due to transit via UK) currently too complicated and so excluded...
  3. jssaraiva

    Peak Design call out Amazon

    I haven’t even noticed I got the email :) I have too many PD bags, today I carried two to work (a 20L backpack with a 6L sling inside to take out e.g. on lunch time).... For me they do offer a great overall solution, but I feel always a bit short on the actual delivery on details like pockets...
  4. jssaraiva

    Greetings from Norway.

    Welcome! I’ve been to Norway a few times, lovely country and culture! Those ME Super are great and still a bit of hidden gems: excellent viewfinder, huge variety of affordable lenses, nice size,...
  5. jssaraiva

    Film What FILM (!) photography related item did you buy this week?

    Corrected a few errors above, written on the phone... Also, the screen has a more matte side. I’m not sure how to say which side is up as I also flip it on the process, but the reference should be the old screen and just apply it to the new being installed.
  6. jssaraiva

    Film What FILM (!) photography related item did you buy this week?

    I’m not a skillful person for this sort of stuff, but this requires just a bit of skill. The problem could be that you might need some specific tools and that can increase the cost. Then there are actually only two tricky points: 1) to put back in place the two springs that hold the screen...
  7. jssaraiva

    Film What FILM (!) photography related item did you buy this week?

    Great purchase! The K4B / 3.5B / MX-EVS has been my favorite Rollei (flex/cord), even if I can’t say I have a very broad experience. I have a type 2 that has been CLA’d last month by coincidence. It is significantly lighter and smaller than my 3.5F. I did however change the focus screen for...
  8. jssaraiva

    My commitment for 2021, sort of...

    COVID-19 numbers in Portugal are extremely bad, a strict lockdown is in place, but still managed to conclude an additional video. With limitations...
  9. jssaraiva

    Fuji Fuji XF 27 MkII

    Nice! I’ll probably go the same route shortly. I do have and love the Mk1, but on an XPro makes sense for the WR alone, with the aperture ring a big nice to have.
  10. jssaraiva

    For Sale For Sale: Olympus E-PL7 body silver | Location: EU | Ships: EU

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price 95 Item Olympus E-PL7 body silver My Location EU Picture File(s) attached Description Selling as I’ve not been using. Body only, boxed. Never gave me issues. Payment Methods Bank transfer (no buyer/seller protection) Shipping Locations EU...
  11. jssaraiva

    Completed For Sale: Minolta Autocord (RG3?) | Location: EU | Ships: EU

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price 345 Eur Item Minolta Autocord (RG3?) My Location EU Picture File(s) attached Description Selling as currently I use mostly rangefinders. The camera is in great condition and totally operational. Was fully CLA’d in 2018. Focus is smooth and lever is moving...
  12. jssaraiva

    My commitment for 2021, sort of...

    By the way a question/poll for all that would like to share, as this is subjective and I'm not sure if my personal preference suits the best for the majority: do you prefer the letter-by-letter animation or the word-by-word one? Which is more pleasant to follow?
  13. jssaraiva

    My commitment for 2021, sort of...

    Hi, Thank you , appreciated! Took me about 8 to 10 hours between learning and actually doing it... As it was a first for me, I used what I was more familiar with: Microsoft Power Point... Used transitions and then set times and the sequence I wanted for each. There is an automation for the...
  14. jssaraiva

    Film What FILM (!) photography related item did you buy this week?

    I wish I had some funds for a good gaffer tape, but I spent all on a camera and lens! :) Just received a cheapish Caruba but leaves residue and has a weird texture. Apparently the best , both as lack of residue and finish match, for the black M6 and M7 is Permacel P-743 / Shurtape CP-743 Matte...
  15. jssaraiva

    Film What FILM (!) photography related item did you buy this week?

    I’ve decided to anticipate my midlife crisis ;) Waiting for some gaffer tape to make it all black.
  16. jssaraiva

    My commitment for 2021, sort of...

    And here is my first video, "Bronica RF645 as an Hasselblad XPan?":
  17. jssaraiva

    My commitment for 2021, sort of...

    Hello all, 2020 has been a very difficult year for me. I really shouldn’t complaint much, as I actually haven’t been very affected, but it has been a nerve wrecking year due to several difficult decisions and actions that this pandemic situation required. Anyway and avoid having to go through...
  18. jssaraiva

    Film Fat 120 rolls

    I only today saw the negatives and I confirm the leak only occurred on the last two frames. I was not fully sure of the sequence. So it is happening when opening the camera and it being a bit loose. Today I used a Lomo CN400 on my Pentax 67ii and the result is similar, maybe slightly better:
  19. jssaraiva

    Film Fat 120 rolls

    Got the results back today, unfortunately the last two frames still had some light leaking. Looks like Lomo CN400 is a no go for this camera. It is a shame as I quite enjoy the results (example below without light leak) but getting just 6 pictures without issues out of a 120 roll is not nice....
  20. jssaraiva

    Film Fat 120 rolls

    Finally got an acceptably rolled Lomo CN 400 on the Agfa. Two things were different: i) the take up spool was also a Lomo and I had no problem making the lead and the initial part of the paper being fully flat; ii) I’ve added a strip of foam on the take up side with significant additional...
  21. jssaraiva

    Film Fat 120 rolls

    Hello all, An update on this. I've adjusted the spring steel plates and been extra careful when loading, but got another fat roll of Lomo CN40 with the Agfa Record III. In the meantime I've also shot a Lomo CN 400 on my Fuji GSW690 (wanted to make one more roll before putting it for sale) and...
  22. jssaraiva

    Film Fat 120 rolls

    Regarding foam or felt, would we be talking about sticking it on the area marked red? Probably felt, option 1, at lest on a first try. Still the foam marked as 2 is pretty open and compressed nicely, it is for mirror damping, so could also do the job.
  23. jssaraiva

    Film Fat 120 rolls

    Hi Matt, non taken, it must be myself to apologize if my reply sounded on the defensive. It was not at all my intention, sorry.
  24. jssaraiva

    Film Fat 120 rolls

    Hi, thanks! I've read about this, but couldn't find any pictures. Maybe even with the foam or felt of some light seal kits, but not sure where to stick it....
  25. jssaraiva

    Film Fat 120 rolls

    Hi Barrie, Thanks for the tip! I've slightly adjusted this on one of the cameras, will comment back.
  26. jssaraiva

    Film Fat 120 rolls

    Hope here is visible what I mean with the slippery backing, you can see the Portra is much shinier than the 400H.
  27. jssaraiva

    Film Fat 120 rolls

    Hi Matt, Thanks for the input! In my experience, yes, it is a combination of camera/film, but pending a bit more for the film side. There are some cameras like the Holgas that are very prone to this (I did find several reports when looking for a solution for my issue), but I'm now feeling it...
  28. jssaraiva

    Film Fat 120 rolls

    I'm getting fat rolls with a couple of medium format cameras, i.e., after being exposed, the roll is not tightly rolled back. Consequence of this is light leaks on the last few pictures. I know this happens more on some brands, like Lomography that has a very shinny yet slippery backing, but I...
  29. jssaraiva

    Film What FILM (!) photography related item did you buy this week?

    Bought myself an Agfa Record III with Solinar lens and Syncro-Compur shutter in pretty amazing condition. I’ve had for a while an Isolete III with the same lens and shutter combination. Results were great but square is not my favorite format and it had a bit of smoke smell. The Record was the...
  30. jssaraiva

    Film One backup roll with a Fujifilm Silvi 24-50mm f/2.8 Zoom Date

    Hi, I recently sold a Fujifilm Zoom Date 2.8, aka Silvi. I've used this camera as a backup, only taking a few snaps every now and then. As a result, when I finally developed the Ektar it was loaded with, I was surprised to find a great variety of places this single roll visited: Andalucia...
  31. jssaraiva

    Documentary Helsinki National Stadium - Renovation of national symbol

    I’ve visited it about 20 years ago, nice to see that it remains faithfully to its original design whenever possible. Naturally being now fully covered makes a big difference, but the interiors look great. Nice reportage!
  32. jssaraiva

    Film Showcase Kodak Ektar 100

    Douro river valley, with one of the historical trains just passing by. Pentax 67 ii + 55mm f/4.
  33. jssaraiva

    Fuji How to hood a 27mm...?

    I'm pretty happy with the results of the 23/2, but it is a bit on the long side and also makes even an X-Pro front heavy. So I've just bought a 27/2.8 and since I also care about the aesthetics of the overall package, the squarehood Squarehood for XF 27mm f/2.8, but used. Here are a few pics...
  34. jssaraiva

    B&W: Words/No Words

    Great images (beautiful tones and composition) and great car. Is this Matosinhos (my hometown) ?
  35. jssaraiva

    Film What FILM (!) photography related item did you buy this week?

    I was actually after a Mamiya 6 :) But it is a scarce camera around here and the two that were in the market were not in a nice shape. I don’t mind the 6x4.5 format, but for a daily carry camera, the Mamiya is more compact with the recessed lens. I bought the Bronica as a second choice, but I’m...
  36. jssaraiva

    Film What FILM (!) photography related item did you buy this week?

    I’ve not been as active as when we had the film exclusive forum, this new format boosts my GAS. Local shops also have nice things, I couldn’t let go on this Bronica RF645:
  37. jssaraiva

    Coronavirus 2020 🤧

    Here in Portugal all school levels are closed until early April. A significant part of companies started with home office (myself and wife included). Shoppingwise, pretty much the same as previously described. The odd thing here, for such a small country, is that in the South, beaches (we had...
  38. jssaraiva

    Film If you could only have one (film) camera for the rest of your life?

    That is a nice question, makes us think about our gear. Assuming OPs question spirit allows me to still keep a digital system like Fujifilm X-Pro that replaces 35mm for convenience, I'd keep a medium format mechanical camera. From what I currently own: The Pentax 6x7 that I love and use...
  39. jssaraiva


    This is unbelievable... in 2017 about half of my country was heavily affected by wildfires in a single day (due to combination of extreme and severe drought and hurricane winds) and the burned area in Australia is already over 12 times what we had in that year. Can’t even imagine it. People here...
  40. jssaraiva

    Completed For Sale: Sigma DP2 Merrill | Location: EU | Ships: World

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price (see description)EUR 375 Item Sigma DP2 Merrill My Location EU Picture File(s) attached Description Selling my DP2 Merrill due to lack of use. I've been mainly into film lately. Not easy to put this up for sale, but hope to ease the pain if going to someone...
  41. jssaraiva

    Film Buying a Nikon SP

    Thank you! I actually ended up looking for that exactly SP, would not be aware about the titanium shutter only for the serial, so a very good tip. The issue is that I don’t really need another 50/1.4 and if I buy the kit and then try to sell the lens, this one would not be a good sell due to the...
  42. jssaraiva

    Film Buying a Nikon SP

    Thank you! I have never noticed Leicashop had Nikon gear, certainly looks like a good option.
  43. jssaraiva

    Film Buying a Nikon SP

    Been struggling to buy a Nikon SP. Impossible to find locally and the ones I’ve been seeing on eBay either have issues or are way to expensive. Is there any other alternative in Europe, knowing that I’m based in Portugal? It is easier to be on the Leica team :) but I really like my S2 and...
  44. jssaraiva

    Street Street photography (Image thread)

    Autumn again by José Saraiva, on Flickr
  45. jssaraiva

    Salzburg with my trusty Sigma DP2M

    Nice photos, I especially like the one from the castle. I‘ve also been there this summer, took my DP1M and DP2M and found it a nice kit for the city and mountains in northern Austria. However, the camera was a bit too slow for the kangaroos.
  46. jssaraiva

    Completed For Sale: Olympus M. Zuiko 45mm f/1.8 | Location: EU | Ships: EU

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price (see description) Item Olympus M. Zuiko 45mm f/1.8 My Location EU Picture File(s) attached Description Reducing my m43 gear, since been using mainly Fujifilm lately. Lens has small surface marks on the front element (apparently just on the...
  47. jssaraiva

    Completed For Sale: Link to Ebay | Samyang 7.5mm Fisheye and Nissin i40 both for Micro 4/3 | Location: EU | Ships: EU

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price 135 GBP and 115 GBP and open to offers. Item Link to Ebay | Samyang 7.5mm Fisheye and Nissin i40 both for Micro 4/3 My Location EU Description Lens: Samyang 7.5 mm F3.5 UMC Fish-eye MFT lens for Panasonic Lumix / Olympus m43 | eBay Flash: Nissin i40...
  48. jssaraiva

    Film Just lost an old friend ...

    I'm sorry to hear about the accident with the Minox, but I do like the Rollei 35 much more, so maybe it was an opportunity for you! Actually, the SE versions I don't enjoy as much, since the meter inside the viewfinder is against the original goal of the camera: make all the settings at waist...
  49. jssaraiva

    Leica Heads-Up, Amedeo is putting his Adapters up on Ebay again-

    Hi, Customs control here appears to be very tight, I'm always "unlucky"! I still haven't received the adapter, but got the bill already: 61,24 Eur VAT + 5,72 Eur duties + 12,00 Eur service fee = 78,96 Eur. So, about 335 Eur in total. I was probably thinking in GBP while I was actually paying...
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