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    Nikon I seem to have lost the focus on my Nikon 1?

    The title pretty much covers it... For some unknown reason, it's like I am shooting thru frosted glass. I love the camera because it's quick and easier than my big Canon. I have fiddled with settings and cannot come up with a camera fix ..and photoshop is not much help. Is there a very...
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    Nikon Single photo output required—don't know how?

    When I take a shot I get a whole bunch of them? I get like 5ea. I cannot find a setting where I only get a single image output. I am afraid of taking 10-12 shots... A new board I just got from Hawaii. Thanks. Jim
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    Nikon New issue with v1 ...ghost bars

    My Canon 7D collects dust as this v1 has become my favorite camera. About a week ago, I noticed there were alternating light/dark, horizontal areas in my images that divide the visible image into about five zones ..from the top: light/dark/light/dark/light? I went to shoot some product today...
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    Nikon Setting brightness on V1

    .. I am unable to adjust it for a custom setting? I can get the + side to highlight in yellow.. but the yellow arrow remains on the - side ..and the number in the center (0) is unaffected by no matter what I touch? * ...'maybe in aperture priority mode it locks you out? I am always late to...
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    Nikon How do you save ..then access custom settings..

    .. for sharpness, saturation, etc. I have found it in the menu 'Custom Picture Control' ..made some tweaks, now saved in something called Standard C1 ...but do not know how to access C1?! I got David Busch's Field Guide, but it's more an expanded brochure rather than a fast path to quality...
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