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    Expired Nikon Lenses/Photoshop/Think Tank/Lensbaby | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling</br> Nikon Lenses/Photoshop/Think Tank/Lensbaby </br>Prices</br> Nikon 28mm F1.8G $400 SOLD Nikon 50mm F1.4G $200 SOLD Nikon 35mm F1.4G $800 SOLD Nikon 50mm F1.4D $175 Nikon 35mm f2.0D $165 Sigma 70mm F2.8 $300 Nikon 85mm F1.8D $250 SOLD...
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    Fuji Another X100S review

    Nice images. A Coming of Age | The Fujifilm X100S. — laROQUE - photographe.photographer.montreal
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    Completed FS: Fuji X100 | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling</br> FS: Fuji X100 </br>Prices</br> $500 if paid by check or Money Order $525 if paid by Paypal </br>Location</br> USA </br>Ships to</br> USA </br>Description</br> Fuji X100. Original owner. Includes camera + knock off lens hood + one...
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    Expired Nikon zooms + Nikon macro | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling</br> Nikon zooms + Nikon macro </br>Prices</br> 24-70mm= $900 SOLD 80-200mm= $700 SOLD 200mm= $850 </br>Location</br> USA </br>Ships to</br> USA </br>Description</br> Nikon 200mm F4 Macro $850 Nikon 80-200mm $700 SOLD Nikon 24-70mm $900...
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    Fuji More X100S info

    See: Thoughts From My Camera: Fujifilm X100s - First Look This guy works for Fuji so take it for what it's worth. However there are some good shots of the camera and some info on it's new features. I know a lot of people are interested in Auto ISO (something I don't use). He has a images...
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    Fuji Fuji 14mm F2.8

    Anyone here getting this lens?
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    The "new" dog.....

    This little guy jumped in my car at the park today at 5:30 AM when we got there to go walking. He was really scared. I think he was dumped there last night. Why me.............. I'm not kidding. I was half asleep and taking the dogs out for their morning walk. I opened my door to get out and he...
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    Fuji X100S hands on with samples

    See: Hands on with the Fujifilm X100s
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    Fuji X100S samples + X20

    From Fuji's site. So that maybe be a big caveat. Fotogalerie : X100S | FUJIFILM If you click on the image on the lower right from Shinichi Hanawa there is a nice ISO 3200 sample. X20 here: Fotogalerie : X20 | FUJIFILM
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    News Fuji 14mm Sample Shots

    Here: Thoughts From My Camera: Fujifilm XF14mm 2.8 Lens Hits the Street
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    Christi/Luke- The New Kitten

    Well here is the new kitten Stanley, Hugo, and Ruby found Thursday AM on our morning walk. Of course I had to climb yet another tree at 5:30 AM. At least I didn't fall out this time. :smile: I had just found a home for the last one the previous weekend so I'm back in the same dilemma. She...
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    Anyone need a kitten?

    If we have any members in the state of Texas who need a kitten, I'm your man! Stanley found this little guy today at 5 AM in the local park. I had to walk carrying it with the dogs for over an hour. Of course that was a minor inconvenience compared to driving home with a 3 dogs and a kitten in...
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    Fuji Fuji 14mm Info

    The first part of this video has some good info on the upcoming 14mm Fujinon 2012 XF Lens Review | Fuji Guys
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    Film Nice interview with Michael Kenna

    I guess a Hasselblad is about as far as you can get from a compact camera besides a view camera. However he does use Holgas which are kind of compact. Anyway it's a nice film based interview. I'm very interested because we have a full darkroom set up with the fancy revolving door to the...
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    Fuji Really nice looking X Pro case

    Waaaaaayyyyy to fancy for me since I'm usually in the middle of the woods and mud chasing misbehaving dogs. However, it is quite beautiful. See: fuji x-pro1 half case TESTA DI MORO - angelo pelle
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    Fuji Nice X100 Monograph

    10X100: 10 Australian Photographers. See: 10X100: 10 Australian Photographers | Showcasing elite photographic art from acclaimed photographers | T&G Publishing The shot of the twins in front of the trailer/caravan is really good. A nice homage to Diane Arubus/Stanley Kubrick's The...
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    Fuji Fuji considering FF?

    from: Fuji manager admits that they may go Full Frame! | Fuji Rumors Amateur Photographer interviewed Mr. Hiroshi Kawahara from Fuji. And he confirmed that “Fujifilm technicians are seriously investigating the possible launch of a full-frame compact system camera (CSC) and are focusing on...
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    Fuji Nice site for X Pro users

    See: Fuji X-Pro1 |
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    Fuji Nice street photography video

    See: Shots Fired: Zack Arias and the Fuji X-Pro1 | Complex Of course where I live street photography is shooting cows in the middle of a field but I found this pretty interesting.
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    Fuji Photos of new Fuji lenses 10-24, 23, ect.

    Here are some actual photos of the new Fuji lenses including the pancake, 10-24, 56.ść-Prototypowe_obiektywy_dla_systemu_Fujifilm_X.html
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    Fuji X Pro handgrip ?

    Does anyone here have this? If so do you like it? I'm sure I have some loose coins lodged between the sofa cushions Fuji has gotten yet....... The caveats that I've seen written about it wouldn't bother me. I've never needed to change the battery or card while I'm using the camera. Even...
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    Expired 4 Nikon Manual Focus lenses

    Nikon AI 28mm F2.8, 85mm F2.0, 200mm F4 and a 50mm F 1.8 E. All in good condition, fully functional. Each one has a 52mm Nikon VC multi-coated clear filter + Nikon snap cap. I'm not a reviewer. These are very good lenses. I thought I might use them on the X Pro but to be honest the X Pro...
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    Fuji Anyone know anything about baby ducks???!!

    This is my latest rescue. My car is in the shop so I'm having to use the city park. On our way back this AM this little thing was running down the middle of a residential street getting chased by a cat. It was quacking away at the top of it's lungs. I was several blocks from the city park...
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    Fuji X Pro Raw question

    Is anyone here using shooting RAW with their X Pro? If so what software are you using? I'm trying to decide whether to upgrade to Lightroom 4. Does anyone know if it uses the same Raw Converter as Photoshop? I've seen some complaining on DPR (yeah, I know no one on that site ever kvetches...
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    Completed Camera bags free for donation

    Free to the first person who donates $25 or more to Serious Compacts (let your conscious be your guide......:smile:). I'll throw in this miscellaneous box of filters. I pay the shipping. Lower US 48 only. Shipping has to be parcel post. The earliest I can get it to the Post Office is Friday...
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    Fuji Anyone using Raw Photo Processor w/ X Pro

    Here is the site: Raw Photo Processor (RPP) This forum has a rather long discussion and the gist seems to be it is much better than Lightroom 4. raw photo processor (RPP) +Fuji X PRO 1 - Fuji X Forum - Page 11 I'm not very good with computers so I'm naturally leery of downloading...
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    Fuji X Pro review after 8000 shots

    Fujifilm X-Pro 1 ~ 8000 frame user review | Creative and business resources for photographers - ProPhotoNut
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    Fuji X100 Wide Angle adapter

    Since I struck out selling the camera I bought the wide angle adapter. I'm sure that sound completely rational...... Anyway, it arrived today. I only got to take 10 photos with it tonight because the sun only came out right at 8 PM. It's very well built and fits perfectly. Here are a couple...
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    Completed Olympus 45mm

    I thought I had sold this lens last year when I sold my MFT gear. But no...there it was in the Vanguard case with the Nikon manual focus lenses which I'm about to sell. (If anyone is interested in some Nikon AI and AI-S lenses shoot me a PM). Olympus 45mm El Cheapo Lens Hood B+W clear...
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    Completed DP 1X and DP 2X

    DP 1X and DP 2X Sigma hoods for both OVF's for both Sigma branded flash 2 extra batteries Sigma AML-1 Close Up Lens (I can't find the little faux leather case for it but I may have something that will work) Original lens caps, plus I added two multi coated clear filters and Lumix snap on...
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    Completed Ricoh GXR 28/50mm Modules + 2 EVF's + Cable Release

    Ricoh GXR 28mm and 50mm modules. Two EVF's + Ricoh branded cable release + Ricoh branded leather case + 2 neutral density filters + Ricoh branded 28mm lens hood. Each lens unit has a 40.5mm clear multi coated filter. 50mm had sensor cleaned by Cris Cam two weeks ago. I will include the...
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    Expired Panasonic 25mm/45mm/14mm + Lens Lot

    No longer using MFT. Continental US only. Full refund if unhappy. I'd prefer check payment but will accept Paypal. It will be Friday this week before I can ship anything. THANKS!!! Panasonic 25mm + BW clear MC filter= $375 + $15 Priority Shipping SOLD Panasonic 45mm + BW clear MC...
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    Fuji Two X Pro articles

    Some really nice photos on both that demonstrate what the camera is capable of: Fujifilm X100 and X-Pro1 on assignment (in China) &lsaquo; Warning there is a nude in this one: Google Übersetzer
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    Fuji Interesting X Pro Review

    After using for a month, see: Fujifilm X-Pro1 First findings | Creative and business resources for photographers - ProPhotoNut There's a bunch stuff about flashes, ect. If you don't want to read the whole thing here's the conclusion: "How good is the X-Pro1? I expect the reports that...
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    Fuji Interesting X Pro article

    This is a Google translate from the original French. Google Translate The original French here: L'œil du photographe : Eric Bouvet et le Fujifilm X-Pro 1 (1/2)
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    Expired Panasonic G3

    Panasonic G3. Lightly used. $320 shipped priority with tracking Continental US. Full refund if not satisfied. If outside the US, email me and we can discuss the shipping. Any questions just let me know. THANKS!!!
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    Fuji X10 first shots dogs

    I took the X10 out this AM for the first time. I am very pleased with this camera. I just wish they had made a standard size filter for it. I was seriously considering sell my K5 to get a NEX 7. But after using this and the X100, I'm going to wait to see what Fuji comes out with next. This...
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    Expired Voigtlander 58mm F1.4/Kiron 105 Macro K mount

    Both Items Sold[/SIZE][/SIZE]Both items SOLDVoigtlander 58mm $350 shipped Kiron 105mm $250 + $15 Shipping Continental US Only Please email me if you have any questions. Thanks! Steve Boykin
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    Expired Tilt Transformer w/Composer + Nikon 50mm F1.4

    Lensbaby Tilt Transformer with Composer + a Nikon 50mm F1.4 for Micro Four Thirds. $225 + $15 Priority Shipping. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
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    Expired Novoflex K mount Adapter

    SOLDNovoflex K mount adapter $125 + $10 Priority Shipping Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
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    Expired EPL2+VF2 & Oly 9-18+Hood, Oly 40-150+Hood

    SOLD Lightly used EPL2 + VF2 with rubber eye piece $350 + $15 Priority shipping SOLD Olympus 9-18mm + Hood $400 + $15 Priority Shipping SOLD Olympus 40-150mm + Hood $150 + $15 Priority Shipping $800 + $20 Priority Shipping for the entire lot. Please let me know if you have any questions or...
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    Expired Two Oly 14-42 (I /II), Macro Adapter, Hood

    $165 shipped Priority Mail to US only.SOLD I lost the original lens cap the II version. I have a Lens Baby cap on it. Let me know if you have any questions or need other photos. Thanks!
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