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  1. flysurfer

    Fuji Incredible India

    I recently spent two weeks in Delhi and Rajasthan. During the short periods when I wasn't sick, I managed to take a variety of pics with the GFX. While I brought all GF lenses, I was mostly using the 32-64mm zoom.
  2. flysurfer

    Fuji Taj Mahal with X-T2 and 18-55mm Kit

    Spending a morning in Agra, I was able to take several snaps of the Taj Mahal (among the fog, the smog, and the clouds). As usual, click on the images for all-size versions with EXIFs.
  3. flysurfer

    Fuji Melbourne with the GFX

    I'm down under in Melbourne for a few days, and I brought along my GFX. Heading to India tomorrow, but want to take the opportunity to share a few cityscape shots I managed to capture with the GFX, mostly using the 32-64mm zoom.
  4. flysurfer

    Fuji XF80mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro has some interesting properties

    Here's a bokeh comparison of the XF80mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro with the XF90mmF2 R LM WR @ f/2.8: Yes, there is a difference in OOF zone rendering, and some readers quickly commented on the Macro's tendency to produce swirly bokeh.
  5. flysurfer

    Fuji Showcase X10 Sample Images

    I have been revisiting X10 images from the past with today's RAW processing technology. DSCF0507 by Rico Pfirstinger, on Flickr
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    Fuji Finally: My new book on the X-T2 is here!

    The Fujifilm X-T2: 120 X-Pert Tips is now available in eBook form. The print edition will follow in January. To get with a 40% discount, order here and enter coupon XPERT40 when you check out. Enjoy! :)
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    Fuji Fuji X Secrets Ultimate in Phuket (Thailand) from Nov. 12 – Nov. 19, 2016

    Fuji X Secrets Ultimate in Phuket (Thailand) from Nov. 12 – Nov. 19, 2016 Fuji X Secrets Ultimate is a unique workshop experience for Fujifilm X-series enthusiasts from all around the world. This workshop will be conducted by Fuji „X-Pert“ Rico Pfirstinger in English and takes place from Nov...
  8. flysurfer

    Fuji My huge X-T2 Review is now online

    My X-T2 Review is online. More than 12,000 words illustrated with hundreds of sample images, animated GIFs and videos, so here it is: the most comprehensive First Look Review you might ever read. The Complete Camera by Rico Pfirstinger First Look Review: Fujifilm X-T2 - Fuji Rumors or First...
  9. flysurfer

    Fuji The Fujifilm X-Pro2: 115 X-Pert Tips is finally available

    The wait is over: "The Fujifilm X-Pro2: 115 X-Pert Tips" is now available in eBook format. And the printed version isn't far away, either. Please click the link below to get it in three DRM-free formats (PDF, iBooks/ePub, Kindle/MOBI), all for the price of one book. Then add coupon code XPERT40...
  10. flysurfer

    Fuji My X-Pro2 book manuscript is ready

    Yesterday, I've submitted the German and English manuscripts for my X-Pro2 book to my publishers in Germany and the U.S. If you want to be kept in the loop about the publishing date of the English edition (ebook and print), please sign-up here. Also, my publisher rocky nook is moving offices...
  11. flysurfer

    Fuji Limited Earth Day Special: 45% off all rocky nook eBooks

    Since I have already received several requests about discounted eBooks, I'd like to point you to a sale that's going on until Tuesday. You can currently get a 45% discount on the entire rocky nook ebook library. This obviously also includes all my books on Fuji X cameras. Just click here and...
  12. flysurfer

    Fuji X-E2 vs. X-E2S: Ending the Confusion

    There has been some confusion about the differences between the X-E2v4 and the new X-E2S. So here's what it's all about: X-E2 vs. X-E2S: Ending the Confusion
  13. flysurfer

    Fuji "The Fujifilm X-T10 – 115 X-Pert Tips" is ready for download

    The wait is over, as my new book on the X-T10 is finally available for download in all formats. By buying directly from Rocky Nook, you'll get three versions for the price of one: PDF, iBook and Kindle, all DRM-free for your convenience. Plus, you'll get 50% off the regular price if you use...
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    Fuji Now available: 2nd edition of "The Fujifilm X-T1 – 111 X-Pert Tips"

    The brand new second edition eBook version of "The Fujifilm X-T1 – 111 X-Pert Tips" is now available for download! Using discount code RPXT1, you can get it for only $4. This offer is limited until August 30. Click here to read sample pages or to download the new ebook in three different...
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    Fuji eBook "The Fujifilm X-T1 – 111 X-Pert Tips" is now available

    I'm happy to report that the eBook version of my new book "The Fujifilm X-T1 – 111 X-Pert Tips" is now available for download at Rocky Nook. You can get the PDF, the iBook and the Kindle versions (yes, all three of them together) DRM-free by clicking here. You'll also get a discount of 40% by...
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    Fuji X100T SOOC JPEG Sample Images

    As I am concluding my pre-production testing of the Fujifilm X100T (I'm expecting one last firmware update before production units start shipping in a few weeks), I'd like to take this opportunity to show unedited strait-out-of-camera JPEG samples that I have taken with a pre-production camera...
  17. flysurfer

    Fuji X100T Improvements

    I am finally able to evaluate my own pre-production copy of the X100T. After a few hours of testing, here's my initial list of improvements / changes vs. the X100S: improved JPEG engine with Classic Chrome, ISO 51200 improved user interface showing mire information while obscuring less of the...
  18. flysurfer

    Fuji Showcase XF18-135mmF3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR

    I finally got my hands on a production sample. My first SOOC snaps from yesterday: RP020688 – SOOC JPEG (full-size) by ricopress, on Flickr RP020696 – SOOC JPEG (full-size) by ricopress, on Flickr RP020699 – SOOC JPEG (full-size) by ricopress, on Flickr RP020728 – SOOC JPEG...
  19. flysurfer

    Fuji Fuji's ISOless sensor

    As you may know, Fuji's APS-C cameras are using sensors that are actually made at Sony (Fuji of course disputes this, which is quite laughable) using Sony's "ISOless" sensor design. This modern design means that ISO settings are becoming more and more irrelevant. Instead, exposure can be...
  20. flysurfer

    Fuji XF10-24mmF4 R OIS (pre-production) on X-T1 Samples

    A dozen full-size samples with a pre-production copy of the new XF10-24mmF4 R OIS wide-angle zoom: DSCF0362 – SOOC JPEG by ricopress, on Flickr DSCF0361 – SOOC JPEG by ricopress, on Flickr DSCF0367 – SOOC JPEG by ricopress, on Flickr DSCF0393 – SOOC JPEG by ricopress, on...
  21. flysurfer

    Fuji Fuji XF 56mm F1.2 R Pre-Production Samples

    I finally got a brand-new pre-production sample of the XF56mmF1.2 R lens. I couldn't resist to step out into the dark for about an hour and perform a little wide aperture test. The following was all shot at f/1.2, click on the images for larger views: DSCF1077 – SOOC JPEG, f/1.2 by ricopress...
  22. flysurfer

    Fuji New firmware for X-A1, X-M1, X-E1, X-Pro1, X-E2, X100S, XF27mm, XF18mm

    Click these links to get firmware updates for: X-A1 (1.01): X-M1 (1.01): XF18mm (3.10)...
  23. flysurfer

    Bali Temple Woman

  24. flysurfer

    Fuji Fujifilm X-E2 sample images

    DSCF0752 – SOOC JPEG by ricopress, on Flickr DSCF0813 – SOOC JPEG (ISO 6400) by ricopress, on Flickr DSCF0762 – SOOC JPEG by ricopress, on Flickr DSCF0772 – SOOC JPEG by ricopress, on Flickr DSCF0685 – SOOC JPEG by ricopress, on Flickr DSCF0790 – SOOC JPEG by ricopress...
  25. flysurfer

    Fuji X-E2 sample images

    DSCF0752 – SOOC JPEG by ricopress, on Flickr DSCF0813 – SOOC JPEG (ISO 6400) by ricopress, on Flickr DSCF0762 – SOOC JPEG by ricopress, on Flickr DSCF0772 – SOOC JPEG by ricopress, on Flickr DSCF0685 – SOOC JPEG by ricopress, on Flickr DSCF0790 – SOOC JPEG by ricopress, on Flickr...
  26. flysurfer

    Fuji XQ1 arrived today and...

    ...I took it out for a quick spin, catching the only sun I'm going to see in the next 7-10 days, if the forecast is correct. Here's the set: And here's an appetizer... DSCF0041 – Iridient by ricopress, on Flickr
  27. flysurfer

    Fuji The XQ1 is here!

    No love for the XQ1? I guess you are all happy with your brand-new XF1s, hm? Well, my silver XQ1 production sample arrived this morning, and I took it out for a quick spin, catching the only sun I'm going to see in the next 7-10 days, if the forecast is correct. Here's the set...
  28. flysurfer

    Fuji Photo Ninja for X-Trans

    Photo Ninja appears to gain some traction these days (thanks to its pretty good preliminary X-Trand support), here are 3 samples I processed through it:
  29. flysurfer

    Fuji X-A1 Lightroom Samples

    A few X-A1 RAW samples processed with Lightroom/Aperture: DSCF0204 – Lightroom 5.2 by ricopress, on Flickr DSCF0455 – Lightroom 5.2 by ricopress, on Flickr DSCF0715 – Lightroom 5.2 by ricopress, on Flickr DSCF1208 – Lightroom 5.2 by ricopress, on Flickr DSCF0790 –...
  30. flysurfer

    Fuji The truth about high-ISO dynamic range. Yes, really!

    Don't believe the "experts", better trust the "X-Pert". ;) I mean it! I recently had the "pleasure" of browsing through a few photography/camera guide books, and I almost lost my lunch digesting the misinformation I encountered doing so. :doh: A particular annoying false "fact" that keeps...
  31. flysurfer

    Fuji RAW converter comparison

    This guest pass link leads to a comparison of 4 popular, state-of-the-art RAW converters (latest versions): Over there, you will also find a link to download the RAW file and create your own comparisons.
  32. flysurfer

    Fuji Showcase XF27mmF2.8 Samples

  33. flysurfer

    Sigma My first DP1M samples

    DP1M0012 by ricopress, on Flickr DP1M0017 by ricopress, on Flickr DP1M0019 by ricopress, on Flickr DP1M0021 by ricopress, on Flickr DP1M0023 by ricopress, on Flickr DP1M0030 by ricopress, on Flickr DP1M0032 by ricopress, on Flickr DP1M0033 by ricopress, on Flickr DP1M0035 by...
  34. flysurfer

    Fuji X-M1 and new lenses samples

    I managed to leave the house for about two hours this afternoon to shoot some samples with the X-M1 and the two new lenses. Obviously, it's all pre-production and the weather was rather dull, but hey, the new JPEG engine did a pretty decent job. It's all SOOC JPEGs w/o any post-processing (not...
  35. flysurfer

    Fuji Zeiss Touit vs. Fujinon XF

    Let's Touit? Or rather not? That's the question these days, isn't it? After testing the Touits 12mmF2.8 and 32mmF1.8 and directly comparing them to Fuji's 14mmF2.8 and 35mmF1.4 lenses, I have found the answer (at least as far as I'm concerned). You can read all about in Monday's X-Pert Corner...
  36. flysurfer

    Fuji Silkypix offers improved X-Trans support (and fixes a color profile bug)

    Earlier today, ISL has released a new version (5.0.39) of their Silkypix software with improved X-Trans sensor support. As you can see in ISL's official news release, the improvements should be visible in areas that are prone to moiré. I have compared the new version with the previous one and...
  37. flysurfer

    Fuji X10 works really well with LR 4.4

    Adobe really did a good job improving EXR sensor support in Lightroom/ACR. It's now at a level that beats the internal converter in sharpness and detail. DSCF6626 by ricopress, on Flickr
  38. flysurfer

    Fuji Showcase X-S1 sample images

    Being lazy, I recently often carry just a X-S1 instead of a system camera backpack around, and I doubt I'd be able to find and change lenses quickly enough (not to mention that I do not have a 600mm equivalent lens for my X-E1) to take snapshots like these: DSCF7057 by ricopress, on Flickr...
  39. flysurfer

    Fuji See here why the X20 is a "RAW machine"

    A commonly known and occasionally discussed quality of the X10/X20/XF1/X-S1 are certain limits of their built-in RAW converters. For example, there's no Pull processing at ISO 100. A very richly exposed shot would hence lead to overexposed JPEG results from the camera. Here's an example...
  40. flysurfer

    Fuji Shooting a Birthday Party with the X-S1

    Nobody seems to like the X-S1. It's widely ignored, it was initially plagued by issues ("orbs", "blue dot", "zoom creep"), it certainly doesn't look retro or stylish. And yet, the X-S1 is a very good superzoom bridge camera (arguably still the best superzoom bridge camera that currently exists)...
  41. flysurfer

    Fuji Apple Support for X-Trans Now Available

    I already mentioned that Fuji has been working with Apple to provide good X-Trans support. As of today, Apple Camera Raw (4.05) is supporting the X-Pro1, X-E1, X100S and X20. My initial tests have shown outstanding results. Of course, this needs quite some further testing to reach a definitive...
  42. flysurfer

    Fuji XF 55-200mm First Look

    My preview is now online: First Look: XF55-200mmF3.5-4.8 R LM OIS | Fuji Rumors Unlike dpreview, I had a copy of he new camera firmware, and I was able to take many test shots with the prototype lens. I was also able to show most of them publicly, see my Flickr set. If you have any further...
  43. flysurfer

    Fuji X100 at f/2 – unusable indeed

    F2 was just wonderful until Cnet told me that it's really bad and pretty much unusable below 10 ft. I remember using f/2 with my old X100 for close-ups, like this: Untitled by ricopress, on Flickr Untitled by ricopress, on Flickr That's pretty much macro distance, at least for the classic...
  44. flysurfer

    Fuji X-Pert Corner TOC

    Here's a compilation of my growing archive of X-Pert Corner articles. I will link to some of these articles often in response to user questions or remarks, as they very much help with answering frequently asked questions. PDAF & LMO Lens Firmware Updates Coming in November First Look...
  45. flysurfer

    Fuji Image Clinic

    Unhappy how your shot turned out? Don't exactly know why or what to do better next time? Help might be just around the corner! This is the Image Clinic, a place where we can post and can get advice on images from our Fuji X-series cameras that, well, didn't exactly turn out like we expected...
  46. flysurfer

    Fuji General X-Chat

    Just wanna "talk"? Have no big issue that merits its own thread? This is the thread where we can simply chat about what's on your mind.
  47. flysurfer

    Fuji EXR Corner – what you always wanted to know about EXR...

    ...but never dared to ask. Here's your chance! ;) Even though the new X20 has an X-Trans sensor, EXR sensor cameras are still quite popular. Fuji's X series includes three models featuring an EXR sensor: the X10, the XF1 and the X-S1 superzoom bridge camera. However, there are also plenty of...
  48. flysurfer

    Fuji What this sub-forum is about

    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About X, But Were Afraid to Ask Dear all, as you may already know, I am writing books and eBooks on Fujifilm's X-series cameras and also a regular column named X-Pert Corner over at the infamous Fujirumors site. As you can imagine, I get plenty of mails...
  49. flysurfer

    Fuji Featured Forum Thread: 'X20 Samples'

    Note from Amin: Click on any image to visit flysurfer's Flickr pages where you can view the full-resolution version. Finally got mine this evening, so here are a few samples I made earlier today, each with internal and external RAW processing: DSCF0117 - DR200, Pro Neg. Hi by ricopress, on...
  50. flysurfer

    Fuji Showcase XF14mmF2.8 R samples

    I made a bunch of samples when testing the XF14mmF2.8 R. Click here for the full set. And here for tips using the lens.
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