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  1. medroller

    Film The old and new railway stations Townsville Australia.

    The old station. Tmax400. The new station. hp5 400 pushed to 800.
  2. medroller

    Film Canon Sure Shot Owl ,model shoot.

    I was invited to an amateur photo shoot on the weekend . Obviously there was the usual high end DSLR's. I turned up with my old Canon Sure Shot Owl loaded with HP5. I developed and showed a few pics to the group. They where amazed how well the little Canon performed .Here's a couple of pics .
  3. medroller

    Film Repair technicians for Olympus OM cameras.

    I recently purchased an OM2 in very good condition through ebay. The light meter was said to be accurate , but it is underexposing by around 3 stops. I want to keep the camera. Would anyone know of a good repair gent in Australia. If I can't find one here I'll ship it to John Hermanson in New...
  4. medroller

    Film medroller here.

    Finally got off the lounge and signed up for the proper photography genre ( just having a stir ). A long story short, I've done film since the 70's and really only got into digital about 4 years ago. I dragged out the developing gear and started shooting film 90% of the time a few months . I...
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