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    Sony More RCubed Automotive shoots! - 2011 STi Sedan (Dirt and Gravel)

    I had an opportunity to shoot a friend's 2011 STi in World Rally Blue. The forecast called for rain but we pushed for the photoshoot anyways. We decided to go for a dirty gravel road for the STi's rally heritage. He's sitting on KW V3's and Advan RS 18x8. This was shot using my Sony...
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    Sony NEX- Automotive STROBING attempt!

    Swapped back my summer rims and gave her a nice wash. Click for higher res + Shot Setup! Click for higher res!+ Shot Setup! SOOO much better than the ugly curbed up stockers I used for winters. Vancouver had a mild winter and im hoping that its the end of the cold here. Looks like...
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    Sony RCubed's Celica GT-Four Photoshoot.

    Had an opportunity to shoot my friend's JDM Celica GT-Four WRC Spec today. All shot with a Sony NEX-5 with either a Takumar 135mm, Canon 50mm, or the Sony kit 16mm with wide angle adapter. Location: New Westminister waterfront. Click for Higher res! Click for Higher res! ]Click...
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    Sony Finn Slough - in Infrared! Photowalk!

    Had a photowalk with a group of people on a local forum today. Shooting with NEX-5/ NEX-5 ir. Click for Higher res Click for Higher res Click for Higher res Enjoy!
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    Sony Game night: NEX-5 vs Vancouver Canucks.

    Took the NEX to a hockey game last night. For whatever reason, I was not allowed to use a lens longer than 50mm. "Our goalie Roberto Luongo right before making the save" Click for Higher res This was shot with a Canon FD 50mm ƒ1.4. The shot itself was pretty boring so I went ahead...
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    Sony Sony NEX Infrared- Vancouver Night.

    Girlfriend suggested I try using the IR camera today. Bought it so long ago, but just havent really used it. NEX-5 720nm Infrared Conversion. 16mm ƒ2.8 w/ Fisheye adapter w/ equiv length of 9.92mm I wanna try it out during the daytime. Enjoy!
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    Sony Testing Olympus G.Zuiko 50mm ƒ1.4 w/ NEX-5

    Its my dog's 4th birthday (shes 28 in dog years!) so I wanted to take a picture. Testing the Olympus G.Zuiko 50mm ƒ1.4 wide open with the NEX-5. Pretty awesome. Used a $14USD eBay adapter.. the distance to the sensor off, it focuses WAYY past infinity.
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    Sony Automotive Photography with the NEX

    Thawing her out in the morning. Trying a winter rolling shot' (Higher Res available by clicking the images.) When I first got this camera, I wasnt so sure I could still use the automotive rigs because of the lack of a RF or wired remote trigger. I attempted this on the weekend and the...
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